Top 5 Best Electric Kettles In India By Best Brands [March 2024] Buying Guide Included

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Best Electric Kettles In India

Best Electric Kettles In India: In this guide, we will explore India’s top 10 electric kettles, offering cutting-edge features and cost-effectiveness to simplify your boiling needs and enhance your kitchen experience.

Electric kettles have developed into essential kitchen gadgets. They are an absolute necessity for anyone looking for a quick and hassle-free solution to boil water due to their speed, efficiency, and variety. 

Electric kettles come in a plethora of styles and varieties, each with its features and aesthetic components. We’ve put up an extensive selection of the greatest options to assist you in making an informed choice and locating the ideal electric kettle for your requirements. We’ve thought of a wide selection of possibilities, from sleek, minimalist designs that fit any kitchen decor to temperature settings that are adjustable for connoisseurs of tea.

So without any future ado, let us help you find the best one as per your requirements and needs.

Key factors to consider when choosing an electric kettle


Determine how much water you typically need to boil. Electric kettles come in various capacities, from compact 1-litre models to larger ones that can hold up to 1.7 litres or more. Choose a size that suits your daily usage.

Heating Speed:

Look for a kettle with rapid heating capabilities. Most electric kettles can boil water in just a few minutes, but some may be quicker than others.


Electric kettles are typically made of stainless steel, glass, or plastic. Stainless steel and glass are preferred for their durability and ease of cleaning, while plastic kettles are lightweight and may be more affordable.

Temperature Control:

Some electric kettles offer adjustable temperature settings, which is essential if you enjoy brewing specific types of tea or coffee that require precise water temperatures.

Boil-Dry Protection:

Ensure the kettle has a boil-dry protection feature. This safety measure automatically turns off the kettle when it’s empty or when the water level is too low, preventing damage to the heating element. Cordless


A cordless base allows for easy pouring and serving. Check if the kettle has a 360-degree swivel base for convenient handling. Noise Level: Some kettles can be noisy when heating water. If noise is a concern, consider models with quieter heating elements.

Auto Shut-Off:

An automatic shut-off feature ensures the kettle switches off once the water has boiled, enhancing safety and energy efficiency.

Handle Comfort and Grip:

The handle design and grip should be comfortable to hold and pour without straining your hand. How we picked them for you

Price and Value:

We examined the pricing of each kettle to determine whether it offers good value for the features and quality it provides.

Brand Reputation:

We took into account the reputation of the brands, considering their track record for producing reliable and long-lasting kitchen appliances.

Aesthetic Appeal:

We understand that your kitchen’s aesthetics matter. Therefore, we ensured that the kettles on our list come in a variety of designs and colors to suit your personal style.

Safety Features:

Your safety is paramount. We scrutinized each kettle for essential safety features such as boil-dry protection, automatic shut-off, and stable, non-slip bases.

User Feedback:

We scoured user reviews and ratings to gauge the real-world performance of these kettles. This valuable insight helped us understand the pros and cons of each model from the perspective of everyday users like you.

Read below to find some of the best electric kettles that are making waves among the netizens

1. Pigeon by Stovekraft Amaze Plus Electric Kettle

A 1.5-litre powerhouse for boiling water, preparing tea, coffee, instant noodles, soup, and more, the Pigeon by Stovekraft Amaze Plus Electric Kettle. It is quick and effective with a 1500-watt capacity. The timeless charm of your kitchen is complemented by the stainless steel body and traditional mirror polish. The 360-degree swivel base offers a secure and practical use.  

  • CLASSIC DESIGN: The classical mirror polish of the appearance makes your electric kettle unique and aesthetic, which can…
  • CORDLESS POURING: The electric kettle can be easily lifts from its swivel base for easy filling at the sink and graceful…
  • CONVENIENT: The cordless & BPA-Free electric electric kettle makes a striking presence on any kitchen counter or buffet …
549.00 INR
Is prime

Additionally, it is cordless and ideal for both right- and left-handed users, making pouring and serving simple. This BPA-free, simple-to-clean kettle gives your kitchen a touch of class. This device is covered by a one-year warranty from Pigeon by Stovekraft, offering dependability and peace of mind. With the help of this outstanding electric kettle, improve your daily activities. 

Pigeon by Stovekraft Amaze Plus Electric Kettle

Pigeon by Stovekraft Amaze Plus Electric Kettle


  • Price: Cheap and Best
  • Capacity: 1.5 litres 
  • Material: Stainless steel, plastic 
  • Voltage: 240V 
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts 
  • Dimensions: 7.3L x 7.3W x 8.3H cm 
  • Warranty: 1 year 


  • Fast boiling time (5-7 minutes) 
  • Cordless, swivel base for convenience 
  • Elegant stainless steel design 
  • Easy to clean and BPA-free 
  • 360° swivel base for safety 
  • Suitable for left-handed users 


  • No water level indicator.
  • Small cord length.

User feedback: I had this before and bought it again, it’s one of the best items I bought on Amazon. Auto cut, Heat a full jug of water in a few minutes, if you have warm water to drink quickly then in a few seconds. One full jug full of hot water can warm one bucket to bathe in winter. The only thing is the cord length is shorter, but it’s ok we all have extenders. 

Why it’s worth buying: Its Worth buying due to its rapid boiling, cordless design, and sleek appearance. Recent popularity with 50K purchases in the last month underscores its reliability and appeal. 

2. Prestige 1.5 Litres Electric Kettle 

Stylish and functional, the Prestige 1.5 1.5-litre electric Kettle (PKOSS 1.5) is a great addition to your kitchen. With its 1500W output, this kettle ensures quick boiling for your convenience. It is made of dependable stainless steel and has a sleek, contemporary appearance.  

  • Max 3 differentiators Great Features – i)Automatic Cutoff ii) 360 Degree Swivel Base iii)Single Touch lid locking
  • Voltage: 230V; Wattage: 1500W. Heating Element:Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year, BSNL/MTNL
649.00 INR
Is prime

Automatic cutoff, a 360-degree swivel base, and a single-touch lid-locking system are notable features that improve safety and usability. Cleaning is made simple by the big opening, and you are kept informed by the power indicator light. The excellent brand Prestige provides a one-year warranty. With this dependable, fashionable electric kettle, upgrade your regular activities. 

Prestige 1.5 Litres Electric Kettle 

Prestige 1.5 Litres Electric Kettle


  • Capacity: 1.5 litres 
  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Voltage: 230 Volts (AC) 
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts 
  • Warranty: 1 Year, BSNL/MTNL 
  • Key Features: Automatic cutoff and single-touch lid locking 


  • Quick boiling 
  • Sturdy stainless steel build 
  • Convenient automatic cutoff 
  • User-friendly swivel base 
  • Easy-to-clean large opening 
  • 360 swivel base 
  • Power indicator for monitoring 


  • Single-touch lid may be less secure 
  • Lower wattage for some 
  • Smaller capacity. 
  • No temperature control 

User feedback: It is a reliable and efficient appliance for everyday use. Its fast boiling time, safety features, and easy-to-clean design make it a practical choice for anyone in need of a quick and convenient hot water solution. Despite the minor heat issue, this kettle has proven its worth and has become an indispensable part of my kitchen. 

Why it’s worth buying: Efficient and durable, this kettle offers rapid boiling and easy maintenance, making it a reliable and stylish addition to any kitchen. Its safety features and sleek design make it a worthwhile investment. 

3. Havells AQUA PLUS Electric Kettle 

Your kitchen will never be the same with the Havells AQUA PLUS Electric Kettle. This kettle has a 1500W power rating and quickly warms 1.2 litres of water. It has an auto shut-off feature for your protection. No plastic will come into contact with your water thanks to the interior’s 304 stainless steel, which encourages a healthier experience.  

  • Auto shut off function
  • Integrated stainless steel function. 360° Cordless Kettle
  • 304 stainless steel interior with no plastic
1,499.00 INR
Is prime

The broader opening makes filling, pouring, and cleaning easier, and its double-layered cool-touch outer body safeguards against scalding. With a 2-year warranty, this device is backed by the high-quality brand Havells, giving you further security and convenience in your daily life. With Havells, you may experience efficiency and safety. 

Havells AQUA PLUS Electric Kettle

Havells AQUA PLUS Electric Kettle


  • Capacity: 1.2 litres 
  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Voltage: 230 Volts 
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts 
  • Safety: Auto shut-off function 
  • Design: 360° cordless kettle 
  • Inner Body: 304 stainless steel, no plastic 
  • Warranty: 2 years 


  • Energy-efficient and rapid heating 
  • No plastic, ensuring safe water 
  • 2-year warranty for reliability 
  • Wide mouth for easy use 
  • Cool-touch exterior for added safety 
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel interior 
  • Outer body, no scalding hazard 


  • Careful handling is necessary 
  • Expensive 

User feedback: I purchased this kettle in 2021 and still using it. It’s a good quality and sturdy kettle. The endurance of this product is really good. Since this is used almost every day in Bangalore. Kudos to Havells for bringing this quality product which lasts longer. Have used many kettles in the past which have lasted only for a year or so. 

Why it’s worth buying: It is Worth buying for its safety features, durable stainless steel construction, and wide-mouth design. Highly rated by over 25,000 satisfied customers on Amazon, reflecting its quality and performance. 

4. KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle 

The KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle is a sophisticated and reliable addition to your kitchen. With a generous 1.8-litre capacity and a powerful 2000W heating plate, it’s perfect for serving 5-6 people. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this kettle resists breakage, scuffing, and scratching, ensuring longevity.  

  • Power – 2000 W
  • Capacity – 1.8 L
  • Durable and Long-lasting
1,349.00 INR
Is prime

Its 360° swivel technology allows for effortless pouring, and the auto shut-off feature guarantees safety by preventing overheating or dry-boiling. With LED illumination and superior quality, this kettle is designed for ultimate safety and convenience. Upgrade your daily routine with KENT’s commitment to quality and innovation. 

KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle

KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle


  • Capacity: 1.8 litres 
  • Material: Borosilicate glass 
  • Voltage: 230 Volts 
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts 
  • Features: 360° rotation base, LED illumination 
  • Safety: Auto shut-off, boil-dry protection 
  • Construction: Stainless steel heating plate 


  • Fast heating (2000W) 
  • Large 1.8L capacity 
  • Durable borosilicate glass 
  • 360° swivel base for easy pouring 
  • Auto shut-off for safety 
  • LED illumination adds a touch of elegance 
  • Resists scuffing and scratching 


  • No specific colour options are available 
  • A larger capacity may not be necessary for all users 

User feedback: This electric kettle is a real gem! It boils water quickly and efficiently, saving both time and energy. The build quality feels solid, and the sleek design adds a touch of elegance to my kitchen. What’s even better is that it comes at a reasonable price, making it an excellent value for money. I’m truly delighted with this purchase! 

Why it’s worth buying: It stands out for its 1.8L capacity, rapid heating, and durable borosilicate glass, offering both convenience and longevity, making it a smart purchase for your kitchen. 

5. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle  

The Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle works as  a necessary piece of kitchen equipment that combines safety and convenience. It’s your go-to for hot water demands with a 1.5-liter capacity and strong 1500W output. This kettle is long-lasting and simple to clean thanks to its sturdy stainless steel construction.  

  • Filter Type : Spout
  • Auto cut off facility, Dry Boil Protection: Yes
  • 360 degree swirl base. Power: 1500 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 230 volts, 50-60Hz
599.00 INR
Is prime

Flexibility is provided by the 360-degree swirl base, and safety is guaranteed by the auto cut-off and dry boil prevention. It is made for your comfort and safety with a handy handle, locking lid, and illuminated power indication. This product exhibits the quality that Butterfly is known for, and it comes with a 1-year warranty. With the help of this trustworthy electric kettle, improve your everyday routine. 

Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle

Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle


  • Capacity: 1.5 litres 
  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Voltage: 230 Volts 
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts 
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Has Auto cut-off for safety 
  • Comes with a swivel Base 
  • Easily recognizable illuminated power indicator 
  • Quick boiling 
  • Durable stainless steel build 
  • Locking lid prevents spills 


  • Capacity may be small for some. 
  • Stainless steel may get hot. 
  • Cord length could be longer. 
  • No temperature control. 
  • No water level indicator. 

User feedback: Butterfly has not compromised on quality. The water heats fast, and the cord length is sufficient. Bought a product from another company but returned it twice due to the same issues. Thank you Butterfly for manufacturing such sturdy products. 

Why it’s worth buying: It is Worth buying for its durability and safety features. Backed by over 39,000 Amazon ratings, it’s a trusted choice. 

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs ) 

Can I leave water in the kettle overnight? 

It’s best not to leave water in the kettle for extended periods, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Minerals can accumulate in the kettle, affecting its efficiency and longevity. Emptying the kettle after use is a good practice. 

What is the purpose of a concealed heating element? 

A concealed heating element is positioned beneath a metal or ceramic plate at the bottom of the kettle. It’s hidden to prevent direct contact with water and minimize scale buildup. This design makes cleaning easier and enhances safety. 

Is it safe to touch the exterior of an electric kettle while it’s operating? 

Electric kettles often have cool-touch or heat-resistant exteriors that are safe to touch while the kettle is in use. However, it’s advisable to exercise caution and avoid direct contact to prevent burns. 

How can I describe my electric kettle? 

Descaling helps remove mineral deposits that may accumulate in your kettle over time. You can use a mixture of white vinegar and water or specialised descaling solutions. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. 

Are electric kettles with variable temperature settings worth it? 

Electric kettles with variable temperature settings are beneficial if you want to prepare specific beverages like green tea or coffee, which require different water temperatures. They offer more control over the brewing process, but they may come at a higher price. 

What is the best material for an electric kettle?

Stainless steel and glass are popular choices for electric kettle bodies as they are durable and easy to clean. Plastic is also a popular choice as it is lightweight and affordable, but it may not be as durable as stainless steel or glass.

Are electric kettles safe to use?

Yes, electric kettles are generally safe to use as long as they are used properly. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and safety precautions, such as ensuring that the kettle is filled with enough water before use and not touching the kettle while it is in operation.

Can electric kettles be used for purposes other than boiling water?

Some electric kettles come with additional features, such as a built-in tea infuser or a keep-warm function, that allow them to be used for purposes other than boiling water. However, it is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the kettle is suitable for your intended use.

In Conclusion 

Our carefully curated list of recommended electric kettles offers a diverse range of options, each tailored to meet various needs and preferences. 

These electric kettles have been handpicked to enhance your daily routine, making boiling water or preparing hot beverages a breeze. With a focus on quality, performance, and user satisfaction, our recommendations guarantee a seamless and efficient experience. 

In conclusion, electric kettles are a must-have appliance in every household in India. They are convenient, efficient, and easy to use. The above-mentioned electric kettles are some of the best electric kettles available in India. They come in different sizes and designs, so you can choose the one that suits your needs the best. Whether you are a tea or coffee lover, these electric kettles will make your life easier and more convenient.

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