5 Best Yoga Mats in India for 2022

For all those looking to get back to fitness during the lockdown, having a good-quality yoga mat is quite necessary. However, purchasing one couldn’t be any simple owing to the variety of options out there in the market. Hence, today we will review the Best Yoga Mats in India to help you find your home workout companion. In this review, we will touch on several important yoga mat features such as length, material, thickness, etc. so that you can make a well-informed choice.

With the introduction of World Yoga Day, the popularity of yoga mats has increased quite considerably all over the globe. As a result, we have experienced an overflow of various yoga mats with different features and prices. With the Yoga Mat Buying Guide in the later sections of this product review, you will come across all the aspects that you need to understand before purchasing a Yoga Mat for Home Workout.

So, with all that said, let’s move on to the comprehensive product reviews to find out the best picks available on the online market.

Types of Yoga Mats

There are several kinds of Yoga Mats you can choose from in the market. They are found in a variety of shapes, materials, thicknesses, and sizes. But, to find the one that suits your kind of workout, you need to know the Types of Yoga Mats in the market:

1- Basic Yoga Mats

The most exciting fact about these yoga mats is their sticky texture, which helps offer a decent grip during the workout. The basic yoga mats are available in diverse thicknesses and are the most reasonably-priced type of yoga mats.

2- Cotton Yoga Mats

These yoga mats are known for their softness owing to the quality of delicate cotton. Cotton has the tendency to absorb the sweat when you perspire and helps evade sliding and slipping. The cotton yoga mats can be washed easily and dry quite rapidly. Moreover, they aren’t expensive and prove to be valuable for people who don’t want to spend a lot on a yoga mat.

3- Plastic Elastomer Mats

Crafted out of a polymer and free from PVC and other hazardous materials, the Plastic Elastomer Mats are quite simple in their design and can be cleaned without much effort. The sole drawback of buying these yoga mats is that they can’t be utilized for lengthy workout sessions under the sun.

4- Jute Yoga Mats

Next, we have the yoga mats that are made out of Jute, which has become quite popular in the recent past owing to the corresponding development in the jute industry. The Jut Yoga Mats are environment-friendly and biodegradable in nature. However, the Jute Mats might not be long-lasting as they tend to lose their shape over time. They tend to absorb a lot of water and their color fades when it is kept under the sun for an extended period.

5- Lightweight Travel Mats

The working individuals tend to have a hectic lifestyle and may not get the time to get back home to take their yoga mat for workouts. Hence, choosing a lightweight travel mat would be a decent choice. These yoga mats are portable and can be rolled to take a compact shape to become a travel-friendly choice. However, these mats are appropriate for daily usage owing to the lower thickness of the yoga mat material.

Top 5 Yoga Mats in India for 2022

1- Ozoy 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat

Ozoy 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat

When you need to keep your body, soul, and mind healthy, choosing the all-new Ozoy Foam Yoga Mat would be a decent choice. This yoga mat can be used to perform yoga every day be it a pre-class warm, home workout, or the conventional body stretching drill! For the people who are constantly on the go, this yoga mat comes with a convenient carrying strap for a travel-friendly experience. Hence, you can transport this mat to your yoga classes, stretching, Pilates, and toning workout quite effortlessly. Being an extra-thick yoga mat, this unit is quite durable and suits people who have knee injuries.

 Top Highlights:

  • An ideal yoga mat for floor exercises and home workouts.
  • Helps you perform a variety of yoga asana quite comfortably.
  • Comes with a non-slip bottom to keep the mat aptly stable.
  • Comprises the integrated carrying strap for added suitability.
  • Available in a variety of colors & shades to suit your preference.


2- Dazling Bazaar 4mm Fitness Non Slip Yoga Mat

Dazling Bazaar 4mm Fitness Non Slip Yoga Mat

Next, we have an easy-to-carry and travel-friendly yoga mat from the house of Dazzling Bazaar. This yoga mat is lightweight and comprises an easy strap to facilitate easier storage and transport. This yoga mat will surely help you get the most out of the asana. Since, performing the home workouts on the bare floor can be quite hurtful for the knees, hands, and back, going for a yoga mat would prove to be a smart option. Irrespective of your fitness routine and workout space, this 4mm yoga mat will provide the necessary comfort for sure.

 Top Highlights:

  • An ultra-affordable yoga mat option for beginners.
  • Completely washable yoga mat to ensure max hygiene.
  • Appropriate for daily yoga, floor exercise, and Pilates.
  • Comes with a 4mm thickness to offer max comfort.
  • Available in different shades and colors to offer variety.


3- VIFITKIT 3mm Anti-Skid EVA Yoga Mat

VIFITKIT 3mm Anti-Skid EVA Yoga Mat

Finding a top-rated yoga mat to suit your home workout could sometimes be quite tricky when you have ample options available. To get the most comfortable experience whilst performing yoga, choose the brand-new VIFITKIT Yoga Mat available online. Providing a decent thickness, this yoga mat proves to be a decent choice for people with knee problems and injuries. Moreover, this yoga mat is completely sweat-resilient and comes with moisture-resistant technology. Hence, this yoga mat can be washed easily with water and soap at home. This anti-skid yoga mat has been crafted using EVA material, which can last nearly 5-times more when compared to the standard plastic yoga mats!

Top Highlights:

  • Crafted using high-density foam material for added comfort.
  • Completely sweat-resistant to facilitate effortless washing.
  • Offers anti-skid properties to keep the mat totally stable.
  • Manufactured with biodegradable & durable EVA material.
  • Comes with a carrying bag to make it a travel-friendly mat.


4- Fitness Mantra 6mm High-Density Yoga Mat

Fitness Mantra 6mm High Density Yoga Mat

For the people looking for a premium-quality yoga mat, choosing the Fitness Mantra Yoga Mat would be a decent choice. This yoga mat comes with anti-skid properties to avoid any injuries during exercise. Moreover, you can keep the body properly balanced when performing yoga, Pilates, and floor exercises. Coming with anti-moisture technology, this yoga mat can be washed effortlessly using soapy water. Further, this lightweight yoga mat features an easy strap to deliver portability for added convenience. Boasting the high-density material and the 6mm thickness, this premium-quality mat offers ample cushioning to your hips, spine, elbows, and knees.

 Top Highlights:

  • Comes with a lightweight design to allow for easier transport.
  • 100% non-toxic yoga mat crafted using biodegradable materials.
  • Offers decent moisture resistance to deliver effortless cleaning.
  • Provides sufficient 6mm thickness for a comfortable workout.
  • Available in several shades and colors to match your preference.


5- brandvilla 4mm Anti-Skid Yoga Mat

brandvilla 4mm Anti-Skid Yoga Mat

If all you are searching for is the best-rated yoga mat crafted from quality materials, then you should go with the Brandvilla Yoga Mat. This yoga mat from Brandvilla proves to be a top-rated fitness gear on the market being designed quite meticulously. You can roll this cotton yoga mat quite effortlessly and store it inside the carrying bag for a travel-friendly experience. Being a lightweight yoga mat, it can be utilized both indoors and outdoors without any sort of a problem. With the organic rubber bottom, this yoga mat boasts anti-skid properties to keep your body properly throughout the workout. Hence, you won’t acquire any injuries due to accidental slipping and falling.

 Top Highlights:

  • An affordable cotton yoga mat perfect for yoga beginners.
  • Comes with a 6 by 2 feet size to match any type of physique.
  • Boasts the double-sided anti-skid surface to deliver stability.
  • Comprises a carrying bag to help you take the yoga mat along.
  • Completely sweat-resistant yoga mat to facilitate easy cleaning.


Yoga Mats Buying Guide

In this section, we will discuss the aspects to consider when buying a yoga mat for working out at home:

1- Body Type

Before buying a yoga mat, you have to consider the type of body you have to get the required comfort. If you understand the type of body you have, it will surely help you make a perfect choice. The customary yoga mats won’t be appropriate for taller individuals owing to their default length. Hence, people who are tall should choose lengthy or extra-large yoga mats. In case you have a knee injury, go with the yoga mat that boasts a decent thickness for comfort.

2- Thickness

A yoga mat’s thickness plays a vital role when you have to purchase one for your home workout. The thick yoga mats offer decent balance and comfort, which is important for performing yoga and other exercises. You can find a variety of yoga mats offering different thicknesses. The thickness of yoga mats starts from 3mm and can go up to 20mm for the high-end options. The perfect yoga mat thickness is considered to be 6mm, which can allow for extended home workout sessions. The extra-thick yoga mats are valuable for people that have a sore knee or knee injury.

3- Size

Coming to the yoga mat’s size, you choose any option according to your body type. The customary yoga mat size proves to be perfect for people who are less than 6-feet tall. The lengthy yoga mats can be bought solely if you are above 6-feet tall and have a bulky physique.

4- Shape

You can find yoga mats in a variety of sizes and shapes like rectangular, square, oval, and circular. The yoga mats that are shaped like an hourglass are quite prevalent these days. The most widely used yoga mats are the ones that are rectangular in shape since they are appropriate for performing different kinds of asana.

5- Floor Surface

Previous to buying a mat for a home workout, you should have a look at the surface or floor where you often exercise. If you perform yoga at home, you will have to consider the mat’s weight. However, if you teach yoga and perform it outside your house, then choosing a lightweight yoga mat would be a decent choice as they offer the much-needed portability.

6- Durability

Relying on the usage pattern, the yoga mat’s durability is going to differ accordingly. When the yoga mat is used on daily basis, it will wear out quite quickly. However, if the yoga mat’s material is of good quality, the durability tends to get increased even with regular use. The cotton and jute yoga mats are considered to be quite durable but may not offer great comfort.

7- Traction

To provide the much-needed balance and comfort, the traction of a yoga mat needs to be considered first. The yoga mats with good traction offer decent gripping owing to the anti-slip feature, which is important when you perform yoga. As yoga involves a wide diversity of asana with plenty of turns and twists, the gripping proves to be an important consideration.

8- Budget

In the market, you can find a variety of yoga mats coming from different price points. Hence, you need to choose the yoga mat according to your requirement and frequency of use. The beginners should choose the basic yoga mats, whilst the fitness enthusiast can select the high-end yoga mats that are a touch expensive but highly durable.

9- Maintenance

When you use a yoga mat regularly, it gives rise to the formation of oil, sweat, and dirt deposits. Hence, you need to wash the yoga mats after a while to keep them in proper shape and ensure hygiene. Generally, the yoga mats might take longer to dry; thus, choosing a washable yoga mat becomes important. The cotton mats and Jute mats can be washed and dried easily.

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