5 Best Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor in India for 2022

Hypertension is a common problem these days. Many people do face lots of anxiety, stress, and disappointment due to several reasons daily. It is a serious concern. Hypertension is considered a silent killer, leading to strokes, heart attack, kidney, and other incurable diseases. The wireless blood pressure monitors are the yardsticks to measure your blood pressure (B.P.). If your blood pressure keeps fluctuating to a low or high level, it can make you vulnerable to various fatal body ailments. It is a delicate state, and you need to measure your blood pressure again and again during the day to keep an eye on rising health hazards.

You can consult the doctors when you have hypertension, and they have blood pressure measuring devices to check your B.P. If you are suggested to check your B.P. several times during the day, you have to buy a wireless blood monitor for your comfort and easiness. It will help you track your B.P. daily so that if the B.P. is either high or low, the doctor’s assistance can be taken. If your B.P. is 140/90, it is considered to be high B.P., and when B.P. is less than 120/80, it is a low B.P. state. In both cases, regular B.P. monitoring is required through a blood pressure monitor at home.

The Important Features of Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

There are some essential features of home blood pressure monitors that you can determine before buying them. You can understand them in the following manner.

Correct Monitoring of Hypertension: Hypertension is a difficult stage, and that needs to be adequately addressed. There should be accurate monitoring of B.P., either high or low because many people are not good at remembering numbers.

Display Screen: The display screen of the blood pressure monitor should be more comprehensive, and it should clearly show the essential readings on the net. There should not be any ambiguity at all.

Bluetooth Connectivity: When you have a wireless blood pressure monitor, you should have Bluetooth connectivity with your phone device. You must install the application on your mobile to access the screen to start or stop the Machine. Even you can send emails to your doctor and keep track of your health.

The connectivity of USB: You can connect a wireless blood pressure monitor through the USB port to your computer or laptop for your convenience.

Memory: The advantage of such a B.P. monitor is to keep track of your readings by recording and storing the blood pressure information. Though, some B.P. monitors record the B.P. readings in-app for further examining blood pressure.

Reasons to Buy Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

There are plenty of reasons to compel you to buy home-based or wireless blood pressure monitors to measure your blood pressure. Some of them are as follows:

  1. If there is high stress in your life due to being busy in your daily routine and your health gets affected severely.
  2. A female member of your family is pregnant, and the doctor has recommended checking her B.P. at different intervals.
  3. Someone has diabetes in your family, and he/she needs to monitor B.P. every day under the doctor’s consultation.
  4. If a person has a long history of high or low hypertension and the doctors have advised him/her to check their blood pressure many times during the day.
  5. There may be other reasons, too where you are bound to measure your B.P. as per the directions of your family doctor to avoid any Mishappening.

Types of Blood Pressure Monitor

There are two types of blood pressure monitors available in the market. However, there are other blood pressure monitors where B.P. is checked through a finger, and they are less effective and not reliable. Let’s understand in detail.


Arm-Cuff blood pressure monitors are excellent, and they are always in demand. As the name suggests, the patient’s cuff is wrapped for measuring his/her blood pressure. During checking the blood pressure, it is essential to keep your arms and heart in the same direction aligned to each other. They are more accurate and are available in better design.


Wrist-Cuff blood pressure monitors are automatic, and they provide instant results. The wrist cuff is wrapped around the patient for monitoring the blood pressure. They are handy and can be carried easily in the bag.

Top 5 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor in India for 2022

1. Omron Smart Elite+ HEM 7600T Tubeless 360° Accurate Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron Smart Elite+ HEM 7600T Tubeless 360° Accurate Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The brand Omron doesn’t need an introduction, it offers us a smart way to measure and track our heart health. Omron offers a 360°accurate digital Blood Pressure machine giving us accurate readings. The Machine runs with IntelliSense technology.

No tubes, no wires, no hassle makes the device ultra-portable. The tubeless blood pressure machine is handy and can be carried along for regular monitoring. It’s the best product for Blood pressure patients who are advised to keep a record of their Blood pressure. The machine has features like Bluetooth, Intelli wrap cuff, irregular heartbeat detection, body movement detection.

Key Feature

  • The device has easy control with a button
  • Blood pressure is visible on the screen.
  • Comes with Omron App to keep a record of the readings
  • The machine is portable weighing 240 Gms
  • Convenient to use.
  • Product dimension 120 x 85 x 20 mm with 22-42 cm


  • High accurate
  • Easy to carry
  • App connectivity
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty


  • Battery issues are there.


2. QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (Apple iOS and Android) Arctic White

QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (Apple iOS and Android) Arctic White

The Blood pressure machine is used to track blood pressure. Qardioarm is clinically validated and medically accurate. The device comes with a smart upper arm blood pressure monitor and automatic multiple user functionality. The device is compatible to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels and heart rate with irregular heartbeat detection.

This compact, elegant monitor can be connected to your Smartphone and tablets. Easy to set up via Qardio app, the monitor measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels, heart rate with irregular heartbeat detection. This stylish, very light and portable. Battery life up to a year of frequent use. All health data is stored on your smart device to make it easy to keep track and monitor your blood pressure. Share your health trends with family or email to your doctor.

Key Features

  • The device is easy to use and portable.
  • The device is clinically proven to provide accurate results anytime and anywhere.
  • It integrates with multiple devices for easy health management.
  • App to set a reminder for regular measurements.
  • one-piece wide-range cuff fits standard to large adult upper arms 8.7-14.6 in circumference (22-42cm)
  • Advanced features: triple measurement averaging, reminders and add-notes, geo-tracking across locations, unique relaxation mode, and many more.


  • Easy to use
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable cuffs with 22-42 cm size
  • Accurate in the readings
  • Irregular Heartbeat detection
  • One-year warranty


  • None


3. A&D Medical Wireless Connected Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE

A&D Medical Wireless Connected Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE

A&D offers best quality wireless blood pressure monitoring machines. The device accurate readings of systolic, diastolic, and pulse rate information shows at once. It has latex and metal-free design of the cuff. You can track your health regularly and hassle-free. The device is highly economical.

The wireless monitor can be connected easily with your smartphones and also has an APP to restore your readings data which can be used for accessing your health. It provides blood pressure classifications of the patient as per the US JNC7 guidelines.

Key Features

  • Accurate readings with Pressure: ±3 mmHg and Pulse: ±5%
  • Memory recall up to 15 readings and unlimited online storage
  • Easy to carry with dimensions as 12.7 x 7 x 19 cm with a weight of 680 gm
  • 4 AA batteries that provide amazing battery life


  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty
  • Amazing battery life


  • Compatibility issues


4. iHealth BP5 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor 

iHealth BP5 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor 

The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor is a fully automatic arm cuff blood pressure monitor that measures your systolic, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate. The device comes with a smaller cuff at the wrist with easy on and off buttons. The inbuilt sensor technology ensures the most accurate readings. The device is compatible for Bluetooth connectivity and IHealth My Vital App for reminders. The app helps you to set goals and track your progress to manage your personal health.

The device uses motion sensor technology to ensure accurate readings. With the help of the iHealth app measure the systolic/diastolic numbers, heart rate, pulse wave and then shares the results instantly with friends, family and your doctor.  The monitor owns ESH Certification.

Key Features

  • FDA approved for accurate readings
  • Motion sensor technology helps in giving accurate readings of the blood pressure and heart rate
  • Our Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor makes it easy to check your own blood pressure
  • Check Your Blood Pressure anytime and anywhere
  • Then share your results instantly
  • Using our free iHealth My Vital mobile app, measure and track your systolic/diastolic numbers


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited reading storage in the app
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty


  • Fluctuation in readings


5. Nokia BPM – Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Nokia BPM – Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Nokia BPM wireless blood pressure monitor machine comes with a small cuff attached to the wrist and is a light weighted which can be carried anywhere. It adjusts the pressure automatically to provide you better comfort.The device helps you to track your health and also maintains the reading logs to access. The readings can be synchronised with the app very fast. The readings can be filled in a tabular for the future reference.

The wireless monitor follows 3-3 rule to provide accurate readings.  It is operational with Bluetooth and smartphones and Nokia Health mate APP.


Key Features

  • The device is small and comfortable to carry with the product dimension of 16.51 x 6.09 x 5.08 cm
  • Store the previous readings as much as you can on the cloud storage of the app
  • Accurate and instant readings
  • Easy synchronization
  • The machine has received clearance from the U.S Food and Drug Administration
  • Easy setting reminder on the APP


  • Easy to carry
  • Value for money
  • Easy settings reminders on App
  • One-year warranty


  • Face compatibility issues with iPhone devices.


How to Use The Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor?

The use of a wireless blood pressure monitor is quite simple and easy. The following steps will help you to use the B.P. monitor comfortably.

  1. The connectivity of your phone is essential to operate a blood pressure monitor correctly.
  2. Be cautious while wearing the cuff on your arm or wrist. Make your cuff tighten for correct reading.
  3. The positioning of your arm and heart should be in a relaxed position.
  4. You have to press the “Start” button for operating the B.P. monitor, and your blood pressure information will be showing on the display screen of your computer or mobile.



Buying a wireless blood pressure monitor is the right decision for recording multiple blood pressure readings during the day or several times a week. It also assists you in analyzing your blood pressure yourself. You can understand the different levels of hypertension so that the corrective measures can avoid any emergency. However, there are some limitations to wireless blood pressure monitors. Sometimes, you don’t get the correct blood pressure readings. If the cuff of the shirt is not placed rightly, it can affect the actual B.P. readings. The accuracy of the B.P. monitor varies from device to device.

The prices of wireless blood pressure are very economical. Everyone can afford them. The prices may vary based on quality, features, display screen, brands, and others. It is always recommended to measure your blood pressure under the supervision of any qualified doctor so that the right medical assistance can be accessed at the time of emergency. This buyer’s guide will undoubtedly help you to buy the best wireless blood pressure monitor for you.

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