5 Best WiFi Routers in India for 2022

In our everyday life, we need to stay connected to the internet for performing various tasks and actions. Since the usage of data is quite intense, you would be unable to spend a day without having access to the internet. As a result, you need to install the best WiFi router in your office or at home to get the best connectivity without experiencing any network drops, particularly if you have subscribed to a broadband connection. Thus, today we have come up with the Best WiFi Routers in India to help you keep away from the lagging speeds and connectivity issues.

The Wifi routers provide you with routing and packet forwarding on a wireless network and work as the access point for every device within the LAN. Straightforwardly, the Wifi Routers provide the freedom to utilize broadband on a variety of devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets wirelessly within a definite range or distance.

The router’s connectivity, speed, range, and several other aspects determine the quality of the wireless router. Hence, we have also given the WiFi Router Buying Guide describing the most important factors you need to consider when buying one! So, move on to the WiFi Router Reviews given below to take wireless connectivity to a whole new level.

Why Do You Need a Wireless Router?

You may come across a variety of aspects for investing in a top-rated wireless router. Discussed below are some of the common reasons why having the Best WiFi Router would be a good choice:

A majority of households and workplaces solely have a single internet connection, but many users require access to the internet on wireless devices.

If you subsist in a building with several apartments and multiple floors, the WiFi Routers will help you remain connected to the Internet located on any floor or inside any room.

Moreover, if you would like to share the monthly broadband bills with your friends or roommates, you can do so with a WiFi Router at home by providing access to your friends.

A WiFi Router also allows you to move from one room to another while staying connected to the internet. Hence, you won’t require sitting in one place and doing your work at home or office.

Top 5 WiFi Routers in India for 2022

1- D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router

D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router

In case you have been searching for a sophisticated yet high-quality wireless router for your office, prefer going with the D-Link Wireless N 300 Router. Weighing just about 64gm, this wireless router is quite lightweight and can be installed easily. Featuring an elegant black casing and just 198cm height, the sleek & smart design is guaranteed. Coming with the QoS bandwidth optimization, the user can easily examine and isolate the streams of data. Moreover, the D-Link Wireless Router proves to be an ideal solution to share plenty of data, files, images, videos, and music on the internet quite effortlessly. Further, the Wireless N Technology can be configured easily and would need some minutes to set up.

Top Highlights:

  • Offers rapid wireless speeds together with better coverage.
  • Features a repeater mode to enhance the reach in the office.
  • Comprises a setup wizard to allow for effortless configuration.
  • Delivers flexible connectivity to several devices wirelessly.
  • Provides 3-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


2- Reliance Jio Wi-Fi JMR540 Wireless Data Card

Reliance Jio Wi-Fi JMR540 Wireless Data Card

Now you can revel in the rapid internet speeds together with the download speeds of nearly 150Mbps with the Reliance Jio Wi-Fi Wireless Data Card. Inserting your Jio 4G SIM into the JioFi will help you experience high-speed 4G data even on the 2G and 3G-enabled mobile phones to enjoy HD video calls. This data card will let you connect with 10 wireless devices at once and comes with an expandable memory capacity of 32GB. Featuring an inbuilt rechargeable battery, you won’t require searching for a power source. Designed to have a compact and sleek body, the Jio Wi-Fi JMR540 can be carried anywhere you go to enjoy seamless internet connectivity.


Top Highlights:

  • Offers a remarkable 150Mbps download and 50Mbps upload.
  • Allows connecting 10 wireless devices at once for convenience.
  • Features a 2600mAh battery to offer seamless internet surfing.
  • Helps you make HD video calls even if you have a 3G or 2G device.
  • Provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


3- TP-Link TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router

TP-Link TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router

Are you looking for a WiFi router offering a decent speed and capacity, invest in the TP-Link WR841N, which ensures that any bandwidth-intensive apps function perfectly. This 300Mbps wireless router proves to be a decent purchase for offices and homes as it offers amazing control over the internet bandwidth. As soon as the router gets installed, a seamless Wi-Fi connection is guaranteed wherever and whenever you need it. Equipped with dual antennas, the users can enjoy a wider range of coverage for seamless surfing. Further, this wireless router has the ability to alleviate data loss through longer distances and over obstacles and concrete walls.

Top Highlights:

  • Features the RJ-45 type of input supported by major Indian ISPs.
  • Allows you to enjoy online HD video streaming at 300Mbps speed.
  • Offers remarkable wireless stability owing to the dual-antennas.
  • Comes with the traffic allocation feature to ensure lag-free usage.
  • Provides 3-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


4- Mi Smart Router 4C

Mi Smart Router 4C

The next WiFi router on our listing comes equipped with 4 high-quality omnidirectional antenna arrangements and provides around 300Mbps speed with 802.11n. The Mi Smart Router 4C allows every user to experience lag-free online video streaming and browsing. Further, the router can be securely updated employing the dual ROM partition arrangement, and hence, the firmware upgrade is quite safe. Additionally, you get the Mi Wi-Fi software application that will help the user command the network as per their requirement. Moreover, you can allocate and manage the bandwidth according to the requirement of your activities online.

Top Highlights:

  • An affordable 2.4 GHz WiFi router offering 300Mbps speed.
  • Equipped with 4 omnidirectional antennas for better coverage.
  • Helps you control and manage the network with the Mi Wi-Fi App.
  • Comes with the parental control feature to manage device usage.
  • Provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


5- Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router

Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router

For all those looking for a WiFi router that can be set up easily, choosing the Tenda N301 Wireless Easy Setup Router would be a decent choice for any home. Since the router complies with the IEEE802.11n standards, it can provide you with fast wireless speeds of around 300 Mbps. As a result, the Wireless-N300 Router from Tends proves to be an ideal choice for everyday online activities. Moreover, the Tends N301 might as well function as the client router for wirelessly connecting the ISP network or to uplink AP for sharing the Internet to every single corner of the space reducing the dead points. Coming with a compact design, this wireless counter can be installed anywhere you want.

Top Highlights:

  • Can be easily set up at home or even the office for added suitability.
  • Helps you access the intensive application with a 300Mbps speed.
  • Equipped with 2 omnidirectional antennas for superior coverage.
  • Comes with the parental control feature to regulate usage.
  • Provides 3-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


WiFi Router Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a wireless router for your home or office may be tough owing to the variety of options in the market. Hence, we have listed the important aspects below, which you need to consider:

1- Bandwidth

All of you need to understand the fact that with added bandwidth, additional data will be transferred at any instance. Talking about the wireless routers, the producers tend to advertise the bandwidth in numbers like AC1500, AC1200, AC900, etc. We would suggest you go with a router featuring no less than AC1200 to get the finest connectivity and results.

2- Single or Dual Band

The wireless routers generally tend to broadcast the signals in either of the 2 modes, which are namely single or dual-band. A majority of outdated WiFi routers solely came with the single 2.4GHz band, which used to follow the 802.11n protocol. This is relatively slower than the 5GHz band, which employs the latest 802.11ac protocol.

The individual drawback with the 5GHz band is that the coverage distance is smaller. The dual-band router signifies even though the totality of devices connected to the network is more, you won’t experience any sort of network congestion.

3- Antenna Gain

This feature is considered to be the measure of proficiency with which a router can turn the electrical signal into the required RF signal. For standard users, the antenna gain won’t be quite significant, but considering this would be a good choice.

4- Security

You require decent protection to keep the intruders at bay. Hence, you should check the level of security of your router features. The outdated WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) has become quite obsolete and hence, should be avoided now.

The WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) safety is considered to be the clumsiest of the cluster. It is definitely vulnerable to hacking, which can risk your important data. Therefore, you should avoid the wireless router coming with WEP protection. Prefer the ones that are equipped with the WPA2, which is a newer iteration of the standard WPA security protocol.

5- USB Ports

To enhance the usability of the router, you can go with the model that comprises a USB port. If you plug in any thumb drive with the documents or files, it would behave like the NAS (Network Assisted Storage) stick. With the USB ports or this function, the users will find viewing and sharing files quite effortless on the network. Moreover, wireless devices such as printers would be able to take advantage.

6- Quality of Service Scheduling

This feature allows the user to place definite functions in order as per the usage. This is going to favor the gamers as they will get a lag-free experience by prioritizing their game server connection. Quality of Service, for a regular Joe, may not be that significant as such.

7- Smartphone App

The Wireless Router configuration setup can be a cumbersome job for beginners. Previously, we needed to log in to the local router IP through the internet browser to make the required modifications to the router’s configuration. The contemporary routers are equipped with a smartphone app, which allows the user to control the WiFi router quite effortlessly.

Wi-Fi Router Software Features

In this section, we will discuss different software that facilitates better functioning of the WiFi Router:

1- NAT

The DHCP allows the private IP address of the system to permit the wireless router to better communicate with all the devices in connection. On the other hand, the devices aren’t going to be capable of communicating with external servers such as Yahoo or Google through the private IP address.

You would need the public IP address for communicating with servers on the internet. The Network Address Translation is switched on to alter the source IP address of every packet of data directed by the internal network on the way to the internet, to the internet-visible public IP address. The things similarly take place in the case of the incoming data.


Everyone would sooner or later think about how the wireless router identifies the device for communication? It employs a unique ID called the Internet Protocol Address, which is universally called the IP address. All the devices, counting the WiFi router, will bear the IP address.

The Device Host Configuration Protocol is going to allow the private IP address for every connected device within the network. In case the DHCP software is absent, the user will need to configure the IP Address of each device manually whichever has to connect to the network.

Personal Recommendation

As we have come to the end of our comprehensive review section and discussed the top wireless routers and their features in detail, we anticipate that choosing an appropriate WiFi Router for home or office won’t be tricky or cumbersome. Moreover, every Wi-Fi router we have reviewed above comes from a popular brand, and hence, buying anyone will surely help you enjoy seamless connectivity to the internet together with a much better range of coverage.

However, in case you still haven’t been able to make the final choice as far as the WiFi Routers are concerned, we would like you to go with the recommended product. The WiFi Router that we would suggest you buy is the TP-Link TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router, which is one of the most remarkable and highly-rated models out there in the market. Offering wider compatibility, perfect internet speed, stable operation, and IPV6 support, choosing this router would be a decent bet.

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