The Best 10 Water Purifiers in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Drinking pure quality water is one of the necessary elements that a human body requires to sustain life. However, drinking water’s quality is declining day after another in several cities, which has given rise to several deadly water-borne diseases. This is the reason why there is ample need to install a water purifier in your house to keep such infections and diseases away. Hence, today we have come up with the Best Water Purifiers on the market to keep you and your family safe from water-induced infections.


The water needs to be free from bacteria, viruses, chemicals, lead, microorganisms, and pesticides to turn the supplied water safe to drink. Hence, you need to ensure that the water purifier you choose is able to deliver pure water irrespective of the nature of water supplies. Since choosing the best-rated water purifier for your house could be cumbersome; we performed the necessary research and have come up with the final listing of the Top 10 Water Purifiers in India keeping an eye on a diversity of technical parameters.

Coming to the purification technology, there are generally 3 broad categories namely RO, UV, and UF that were chiefly utilized by several brands. Every single one of them has the capability to eliminate viruses and germs from the supplied water, but UV isn’t capable of discarding the dissolved salts. UV needs clear water to function and would not work if the water is muddy.

Therefore, you require being cautious as to which purification technology you need to select as it relies on the water source & the kind of water pollutants. In a majority of cases, the popular water purifier brands utilize an arrangement of any 2 purification technologies, al a few of them are equipped with RO + UV + UF in one single water purifier.

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers to Buy in India – Reviews

R. K. Aqua Fresh India 15-Liters RO+UV+UF+TDS Adjuster Water Purifier

In the world of increasing water-related diseases, Aquafresh has come up with a water purifier that would surely keep up with your water purification necessities. These days, as the water-borne diseases, have been increasing, a 15L water purifier assists in offering pure drinking water for keeping you and your family healthy. It has been equipped with Reverse Osmosis purification technology coupled up with UV, which helps in delivering water that is safe for drinking. Coming with an eye-catching and compact design, this water purifier is capable of storing around 15L purified water and can be mounted easily.

Coming with the water level indicator and the transparent cover, this water purifier allows you to check the water level so that you may switch it off when required. Moreover, this helps you distinguish when the system needs a refill by displaying a low water level.

best water purifierAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comes with an elegant design and water level indicator
  • Comprises the push-fit elements to deliver anti-leak working
  • Offers dual water purification with RO + UV technologies
  • Provides the user with UV fail and filter change alarm
  • The 15-liters storage capacity is ample for any household
  • Top-Quality Filtration
  • 15-Liter Storage Capacity
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Sub-standard customer service

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

The revolutionary range of water purifiers from the house of Eureka Forbes has now come up with the superior workmanship driven by Universal, RO+UV+MTDS water purification technology. The Aquasure collection of water purifiers have been intended to keep up with all your requirements together with affordability. The Aquasure assortment of best-rated water purifiers has been manufactured with the capability to decontaminate the water from any type of source.

Apart from the superior contemporary design, this water purifier is apt to treat the water supplied from manifold sources such as taps, borewells, and wells. The different colored smart indicators highlight the water purification procedure on or a tank full, no water supply, low incoming water pressure, etc. so that you may call for service. It has been equipped with the 6000L cartridge lifetime providing your family with stress-free safety throughout the year.

best water purifierAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Intended having a smart design along with LED indicators
  • Delivers safe drinking water irrespective of the water source
  • Provides you with yearlong water purification with 6000L cartridge
  • Offers tasty & safe drinking water with smart TDS regulator
  • The automatic shut-down feature is triggered once the tank is full
  • Multiple Stage Purification
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Long-Lasting Cartridge
  • Storage suits only smaller families

KENT New Grand 8-Litres RO +Double UV+ UF + TDS Water Purifier

Now, you can get the purest form of drinking water for your household using the brand-new KENT Grand water purifier. Offering the multi-stage water purification technology, this water purifier effortlessly eliminates the dissolved water impurities like chemicals, bacteria, salts, and viruses. Moreover, the Mineral RO Technology coupled up with the built-in TDS Controller helps hold the concentration of vital minerals in the water, thus making it the perfect piece of equipment for offices and homes. Coming with the 8L high storage capacity, the KENT Grand is appropriate for people with small to medium family size.

The extraordinary water purification ability at 20L per hour makes sure that you get an incessant supply of safe drinking water. Equipped with the innovative ‘Save Water Technology’, this water purifier makes sure that the wastage of water is curbed. Controlled by a computer, this exclusive feature assists in recovering the added quantity of water as decontaminated to decrease wastage.

best water purifierAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Elegantly intended top-quality wall-mounted water purifier
  • Advanced Safe Water Technology decreases the water wastage
  • Eliminates the dissolves impurities with the multi-stage purification
  • The TDS Controller helps in delivering purified yet tasty water
  • Appropriately disinfects water irrespective of the source of supply
  • Retains the Essential Minerals
  • Higher Purification Capacity
  • Water Level Indicator
  • No lights with storage indicator

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Looking for a top-quality water purifier with mineralizer technology? Bring home the Livpure Glo water purifier, which comprises a 7L storage capacity and has been filled with abundant features that guarantee safe drinking water every moment. This arrangement functions even when there is no electricity or water since it can stock pure water. Implanted with an innovative filtration arrangement, Livpure makes sure that you get safe drinking water every single time.

In addition, this water purifier comes with the water purification and tank-full LED indicator and has been intended elegantly to match the interior of your modular kitchen. Offering a 6-level water filtration arrangement, this water purifier is apt to eliminate the odor, bad taste, salts, hardness, bacteria, viruses, and other injurious constituents from water, turning it safe for drinking.

best water purifierAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Equipped with LED indicators for different types of processes
  • Eliminates every type of impurity from the supplied water
  • Offers an amazing water purification speed at 12L per hour
  • Provides a 7L water storage tank for incessant pure water supply
  • Comes with an elegant and sleek design to match your kitchen
  • Tank Full Indication
  • 20L/Hour Purification Capacity
  • Multiple Stage Purification
  • Doesn’t come with the UF Filter

Tata Swach Non-Electric Cristella Plus 18-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Want to buy a non-electric storage water purifier for your home or office? Here we present the Tata Swach Cristella Plus, which is a striking storage water purifier that would embellish the appearance of any type of kitchen. Equipped with the silver nanotechnology, this water purifier is capable of efficiently eliminating viruses and bacteria according to the USEPA recommendations. Moreover, for purifying water, this purifier doesn’t require electricity and instead works on the principle of gravity.

Coming with the 18L purified water storage capacity, you don’t need to stress on the availability of drinking water. Manufactured using the food-grade plastic, this water purifier would not tamper with the quality of purified drinking water. Moreover, the life indicator is present in the bulb to help you distinguish when you need to change it by purchasing a new one.

best water purifierAmazon

Top Highlights

  • A top-quality non-electric storage water purifier for home
  • Provides you with purified water using gravitation technology
  • Comes with 18-liters purified water storage for non-stop supply
  • Crafted using food-grade plastic to keep water safe for drinking
  • Offers a 6-months manufacturer’s warranty over the defects
  • Micro-Mesh Arrangement
  • 18-Liters Storage Capacity
  • Food-Grade Plastic Tank
  • Only 6-month’s product warranty

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 Stage 10L Water Purifier

Since water is essential for life, we would not sustain deprived of pure drinking water. But, the matter of concern is how do we guarantee that the drinking water at home is free from impurities? To make it certain, you need to install the HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier to get pure drinking water free from contaminants. It is an innovative water purifier that is capable of eliminating 10 million microorganisms present in 1L water. The supplied water is processed using technologies such as RO and UV to guarantee pure drinking water for your household.

Moreover, you don’t have to stress when the cartridge of the water purifier ends working since this RO+UV water purifier has been equipped with an alert system that allows you to distinguish when the GermKill cartridge stops functioning. In this manner, you get ample time to act and be prepares with the replacement cartridge. Coming with the 10L water storage capacity, this water purifier allows for non-stop pure water supply at home or office.

best water purifierAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comprises a digital display panel to display water quality
  • The purity indicator checks water quality 5000 times/second
  • Comes with a soft-touch button to start dispensing water
  • Every single drop of water is completely purified yet tasty
  • The 10L storage capacity ensures you never run out of pure water
  • Convenient Purity Indicator
  • Soft Touch Button
  • Digital Display Panel
  • The maintenance costs are higher

KENT Excell+ 7-liters Under the Counter RO + UV-UF + TDS Water Purifier

Kent has long been manufacturing top-quality water purifiers to help your family avoid any harmful infections and diseases. Similarly, the Kent Excell+ Under-the-Counter Water Purifier has been manufactured to keep all your drinking water issues at bay. Coming with a contemporary design, this water purifier can be installed easily in any kitchen. Additionally, this water purifier comes with the automatic shut-down & start feature to help you get pure drinking water every single time. Moreover, the Kent Excell+ with its dual purification technology helps in eliminating even the dissolved impurities whilst holding the vital minerals.

Comprising a storage capacity of 7L, this water purifier ensures that you never run out of purified water. Furthermore, the Kent Excell+ water purifier comes with a 1-year on-site service free of cost to keep all the after-purchase worries at bay. Moreover, it has been equipped with the UV fail and filter change alarm to make sure that you are well-prepared with the replacement.

best water purifierAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Offers dual purification technology with RO followed by UV
  • Upholds all the essential natural minerals with TDS control
  • Comes with 7L storage capacity to deliver pure water on demand
  • The filter change alarm helps you distinguish when to change it
  • Comes with the automatic on/off feature for added assistance
  • 15-Liters/Hour Purification
  • 4-Years Warranty Period
  • RO + UV Water Purification
  • Doesn’t come with a storage tank

Livpure Glo Touch RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer Water Purifier

Is your water purified not providing pure and tasty drinking water at home or office? Here comes the Livpure Glo Touch Water Purifier that comes with the taste enhancer technology, which helps provide purified yet tasty drinking water to your household. Manufactured using food-grade plastic, this water purifier would not tamper with the quality of purified water when it is stored. Owing to the 6-stage water purification, every single drop of water dispensed it completely safe to drink.

A majority of people don’t like drinking water dispensed from water purifiers owing to the bad taste; hence, installing the Livpure Glo Touch Water Purifier keeps this problem well-addressed. Moreover, this water purifier comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to help you keep away from every type of after purchase problem and service.

best water purifierAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comprises a compact and elegant design for easy installation
  • Appropriate to purify water irrespective of the type of supply
  • Offers 6-stage purification technology to cleanse every drop
  • Provides added convenience owing to the process indicators
  • Comes with one-year manufacturer’s warranty over defects
  • Intelligent Taste Enhancer
  • Membrane Life Enhancer
  • Advanced Purification System
  • The installation could be expensive

Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier

The festive season, present your family with a priceless gift in the form of the all-new Whirlpool Destroyer Water Purifier to provide them with clean purified water. Coming in the elegant white-grey color combination, this non-electric water purifier comes with the 5-stage water purification system to provide pure drinking water irrespective of the nature of supplied water. It has been equipped with the ground-breaking ‘EAT Filter’, which provides you with the authority & advantages of 4 distinct filters present in one single filter.

Moreover, the Whirlpool Destroyer water purifier has the capability to deliver water filtration that is equivalent to RO deprived of consuming electricity. So, now you would be able to get clean purified water even during power outages and in the area where power-cuts are quite frequent. Being easy to operate and compact water purifier, the unit from Whirlpool makes for a well-intentioned purchase.

best water purifierAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comes with an elegant & compact design suitable for any kitchen
  • Helps you save around 16,000L of water all throughout the year
  • Appropriate for any setting as it doesn’t need electricity for working
  • Equipped with the EAT filter that comprises 4 filters in a single filter
  • Assists in retaining the essential minerals with electro-absorption
  • 5-Stage Purification Process
  • EAT Filter Technology
  • Essential Mineral Retention
  • The storage is relatively smaller

TTK Prestige Tattva 1.0 Steel 16-Liter Water Purifier

Are you a fan of the traditional mode of purifying water? Here we have come up with the Prestige Tattva water purifier, which is an innovative water purifier, which is a combination of both convention and avant-gardism. This water purifier comes equipped with an all-natural, unconventional FACT Filter that eliminates injurious protozoa, bacteria, and lumps from the supplied water to turn it clean and well-purified for consumption at home or office.

In addition, Tattva conveys the heavens of the Indian tradition, comprising the stainless steel water container for storage. This water purifier is quite durable, easy to clean, and eliminates all the toxic elements present in the water supplied to your house. Therefore, this compact and unique water purifier keeps your household even happier and healthy.


Top Highlights

  • A durable and long-lasting water purifier apt for any setting
  • Comes with a modest and traditional design for easy maintenance
  • Comprises the dual-layer stainless steel water storage tank
  • Crafted using top-quality 304-grade stainless steel for durability
  • Provides you with one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects
  • 304-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Avoids Harmful Carcinogens
  • Copper Health Benefits
  • The nozzle might leak at times

Different Types of Methods Used for Water Purification

The water from any type of source is purified or disinfected through a single method or any combination of methods that have been given below:

Sediment Filtration

It makes use of the gravity principle for filtering the water. Whilst the water moves across the installed filter, the suspended atoms are confined over the filter’s surface and are not allowed to go ahead.

  • Utilized for pre-filtration in the RO water purifiers
  • Necessitates consistent replacement of the filter


Earlier than the primary filtration takes place, the water is passed across a pre-filter. Every single pre-filter’s design is intended in such a way that it helps in getting rid of the silt, dust, and sediments out of the supplied water. The pre-filters are graded in terms of the size of the particles (in microns), it might be able to remove.

  • Enhances the competence of the primary filter (UV/RO)
  • Keeps the primary filter away from any sort of damage
  • Helps in improving the life expectancy of the water purifier’s main filter

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Working: In this water purification technique, the pressure of water powers the water molecules across a Semi-Permeable Membrane (SPM), which comprises exceptionally small pores of just a few microns in size. Several membranes are moved together to take the shape of a cylinder. This is going to permit all the solutes that are smaller in comparison to the size of the pores on the membrane to move through and the bigger ones get trapped on the surface of the membrane.

  • The RO Water Purification doesn’t require electricity
  • RO Water Purification isn’t effective when the water pressure is low
  • These are unable to treat the water that is biologically unsafe.

Activated Carbon Filtration

The blocks or granules of carbon are charged through the molecules of silver.  Whilst the water moves through the Activated Carbon Filter, every single impurity in the water gets stuck inside the apertures of the filter.

  • The size of the particle that the Activated carbon Filter might be able to trap is stated inside the description of the filter.
  • This type of filter is also utilized for the pre-filtration process

Ultra Filtration (UF)

Working: This is a type of membrane filtration, which makes use of the size exclusion principle. Solely the water and the solutes with really low molecular weight are going to be allowed to move through.

  • This is commonly utilized as a Post/Pre-filtration method.
  • In the ultramodern purifiers, Nano-filtration, as well as microfiltration, is being utilized for pre-filtering the supplied water.

Ultraviolet Filtration (UV)

Working: It is a method used for disinfection. The water moves inside a cylindrical compartment, which comes with a UV lamp. When the pathogens are provided exposure to the UV rays at each and every side, they are either killed or deactivated.

  • This is going to eliminate those dangerous viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms
  • The consumption of energy is below even the 60W bulb

To get the drinking water of the finest quality, the contemporary purifiers filter the water by means of a few stages in which an arrangement of diverse filtration techniques is implemented.

Best Water Purifiers – Advanced Features

Automatic Shut-Down: As soon as the storage tank becomes full, the automatic cut-off valve is going to stop the inflow of water into the purifier.

Purity Indicators: These are going to display the purity of output and input water. This is going to help you ascertain as to when the filters of the water purifier require being replaced and moreover adds a touch of sophistication.

Voice Alerts:  A few water purifiers are equipped with the voice alert feature, which is going to tell you about the requirement of filter change and when the UV fails to occur. In case, you don’t change the apparatus that needs to be substituted with a new one, the water isn’t going to function appropriately and won’t be able to dispense pure and clean water.

Hot & Cold Water: The advanced or modern water purifiers come equipped with this feature that is facilitated through a program given on the touch panel.

Auto-Flushing System: The filter membrane is cleaned and flushed spontaneously. This is going to enhance the filter’s life expectancy.

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now come to the end of our comprehensive reviews section, we suppose that it would now become fairly easy for our users to choose the perfect water purifier for their home or office keeping the type of supplied water in mind. Since we had performed rigorous research on all the types of water purifiers available on the market, we assure you of the fact that every single unit on the top 10 listings would deliver the best performance.

Every single user has a different set of the budget in their mind when they make up their mind to purchase a water purifier; therefore, we have listed the best-rated water purifiers from every price point so that all the users find a unit that matches their budget.

best water purifierAmazon

On the other hand, even after going through the detailed reviews, if any user is finding it tough to choose a water purifier as per their requirements and budget, we would suggest them to go with our personal suggestion. The Water Purifier that we would recommend our users to purchase is the KENT New Grand 8-Litres RO +Double UV+ UF + TDS Water Purifier, which comes with a 3-years manufacturer warranty so as to keep all your after-purchase worries at bay and tells you heaps about the quality and superiority of the product.

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