7 Best Tower Fans in India for 2022

Whilst the hot scorching weather touches down on our territory, a majority of people scamper to the market to buy a product to turn the environment cold. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t possess the amenities required to centrally air condition to sustain an icy cool environment in their house. In the majority of homes as well as flats, cooling is performed with the help of the window components or the fans to circulate the air all over the place so as to help the inhabitants don’t feel uncomfortable.

As we mentioned above, not many people have the luxury of assembling the Centrally Air Conditioned unit in their houses nor do they have the amenities. So, today we are going to review an appliance that can provide the much-needed reprieve that you need this summer season to somewhat beat the heat. These appliances are not very expensive and nor do they take a lot of space within your place. Here, we will be reviewing the Best Tower Fans in India to help you beat the heat this summer season.

Tower Fan Advantages

The straight advantage of installing a tower fan is that in comparison to the ceiling fan is that it is completely portable. It is moreover easier to maintain owing to the informal access in comparison to the ceiling fan.

A majority of tower fans are light in weight, turning it easier to lug from one place to the other. The tower fans might be carried and they even comprise of extended cords that make it stress-free to place them anywhere. One more benefit is that you might barely hear it functioning.

The top-quality tower fan offers a rating of fewer than 60 decibels so that you would not experience any disturbance whilst you having a conversation with anyone. In addition, you would not require turning the volume of the television up to perceive the sound clearly.

Having so many advantages associated with the tower fan, there isn’t any reason why one should not opt to purchase a tower fan during the upcoming summer season.

Why Do You Need to Install a Tower Fan?

Before purchasing a tower fan for your house or office, at first, you need to know the reason as to why you need it:

1- Energy Efficiency

You require installing a tower fan for a diversity of reasons. These appliances are really energy-efficient. The energy that is saved is going to diminish the cost of electricity and hence allows you to save money on energy bills. Since the tower fans can be considered the most energy-efficient cooling equipment, it moreover makes them a really prevalent choice in the summers.

2- Natural Sleep & Breeze

One more significant advantage of tower fans is that it provides a natural sleep as well as a breeze to the user.

3- Design

In India, tower fans are manufactured with having a decent design that would allow them to offer a 90-degree angle whilst circulating air, an amazing shape, and an oscillating base.

4- Secondary Air purifier

Tower fans help in moreover purifying the indoor air. We distinguish how contaminated our environments are, both indoors and outdoors. Further, the air that we inhale whilst relaxing indoors is impure, which is the reason why installing a tower fan inside your house is important. The top-quality tower fans are crafted using cutting-edge technology, which assists in cleaning the air present indoors whilst powerfully circulating it.

Top 7 Tower Fans in India for 2022

1. iBELL CT AERO High-Speed Tower Fan

iBELL CT AERO High-Speed Tower Fan (Black)

Now you can thwart all the summer discomfort with the all-new iBELL Deluxe Tower Fan, which has been designed keeping international standards in mind to offer the best air delivery. This tower fan is appropriate for both office spaces and home and adds to the aesthetic value of the overall décor. The iBELL Tower Fan has been specially intended for the Indian market and comprises an anti-corrosive body for unmatched durability. Moreover, the dominant air throw rate of 25-feet along with the 2250m3/hour air delivery is provided with the high-quality motor. Further, this high-speed tower fan works silently and smartly to deliver a sound sleep every single time.

Top Highlights:

  • Designed to have a high-quality anti-corrosive body for durability.
  • Comes with a sleek and modish design to enhance the overall décor.
  • Offers the 3-speed control settings to provide added convenience.
  • Consumes relatively low power to take care of the electricity bills.
  • Provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


2. Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan (Black)

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

As a brand, Crompton has unceasingly attempted to drive innovation relying on the profound familiarity of the consumer requirements. In Indian households, the kitchen seems to be the hottest space owing to the limited ventilation. Keeping all these aspects in mind, we have come up with the Crompton Air Buddy, which has been intended to have adaptable louvers to deliver the preferred airflow. This kitchen cum tower fan is going to help the homemakers during the extreme summers whilst they are cooking. This kitchen fan from Crompton has a stylish and compact design that allows the user to position it anywhere inside the kitchen.

Top Highlights:

  • An affordable tower cum kitchen fan option for your household.
  • Designed to have a compact and lightweight design for convenience.
  • Comprises the removable filters to allow for easier maintenance.
  • Comes with a blade-free design, which is safe for a home with kids.
  • Provides a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


3. Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan with Remote (Black and White, 35 W)

Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan with Remote

Here comes another top-of-the-line tower fan from the house for Deco, which has been fortified with 3-speed setting and wind modes to deliver a natural and comfortable wind at home or office. To add to the overall functionality, this tower fan features a fully-functional remote control along with the 7-hour timer function. Moreover, there are also oscillation settings on offer to get the desired direction of airflow. Furthermore, the attractive and stylish design provides superior air delivery, which also helps in saving space. Coming to the life expectancy, this tower fan has been equipped with 100{de95aeaeed850f4a8a4e84b9fc990b632fe1f84bc9a86948cdf61d489c0ed8fe} copper motor that would help offer extended durability.

Top Highlights:

  • Comes with a 3-speed setting for offering personalized cooling.
  • Offers a multi-functional remote to deliver unmatched suitability.
  • The 7-hour programmed timer takes convenience to another level.
  • Comprises a sleek and stylish design to add an aesthetic value.
  • Provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


4. iBELL WINDY High-Speed Tower Fan (Black)

iBELL WINDY High-Speed Tower Fan

Next, we have another top-quality yet affordable tower fan option coming from the house of iBELL. The Windy Tower Fan from iBELL has a sleek and sophisticated design to match the interiors of both your home and office. Coming with a glossy anti-corrosive body, this tower fan has been destined to cater to your cooling requirements for a long time. There is a 3-speed control on offer, which would help you get a personalized cooling experience as per your needs. Owing to the higher air delivery coupled up with the superior air throw, the iBELL Windy provides ample breeze to every corner of the room. Coming with a low power consumption rating, this tower fan won’t upsurge the utility bills.

Top Highlights:

  • Comprises the air-swing function to deliver all-around cooling.
  • Consists of durable-quality dials on the control panel for support.
  • Designed using top-quality materials to offer supreme strength.
  • Comes with the 3-speed settings for appropriate cooling action.
  • Provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


5. Hans Lighting 48 inch 45W 3-Speed Air Tower Fan (Black & White)

Hans Lighting 48 inch 45W 3-Speed Air Tower Fan

Looking for a sleek and stylish tower fan for your office space? Invest in this all-new tower fan from Hans Lighting, which has been designed to deliver effortless installation irrespective of the amount of space you have in your household. This 45W tower fan provides 3-speed settings that make the cooling experience even more worthwhile and enjoyable. Further, you also get the oscillation functionality that can help deliver a decent airflow in every direction. Moreover, its space-saving and sophisticated design would suit and fit inside any type of interior décor.

Top Highlights:

  • Equipped with the 100{de95aeaeed850f4a8a4e84b9fc990b632fe1f84bc9a86948cdf61d489c0ed8fe} copper. motor for unmatched durability.
  • Comes with the 45W power rating for low energy consumption.
  • Offers smooth oscillations to help air reach every single corner.
  • Comprises 3-speed levels to deliver an auxiliary convenience.
  • Provides 3 different wind modes for natural cooling performance.


6. Russell Hobbs RTF-4200 42 Inch Tower Fan (White)

Russell Hobbs RTF-4200 42 Inch Tower Fan

If you have been searching for a high-end top-quality tower fan for your office or workplace, going with this Russell Hobbs Tower Fan would be a smart choice. To add to the overall convenience, this tower fan provides an 8-Hour Timer Function to set the time as to when you want to switch off or on the unit. Further, you have the 3-speed settings, which would allow you to select the air throw level. Moreover, with the fully-functional remote control and the 3 distinct fan modes, this tower fan from Russell Hobbs won’t disappoint you on any grounds. Additionally, there is an LED panel to display the temperature, which adds even more value to the product.

Top Highlights:

  • Comes with a sleek and sophisticated design to suit any setting.
  • Can be positioned anywhere you want with a space-saving design.
  • Low power consumption owing to the 60-Watts power rating.
  • Provides the oscillation function to cool every corner of the room.
  • Offers an 8-hour timer and remote control for added suitability.


7. Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan (Cool Grey)

Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

Finally, we have a long-lasting and top-rated tower fan from the house of Bajaj. This tower fan has a stylish yet string design that provides stability to the structure. The Snowvent has been crafted out of durable thermoplastic material, which makes the unit look appealing and imparts anti-corrosive properties. On top, there is an ergonomically designed control panel to allow for effortless regulation of swing and speed using 2 separate buttons. For added suitability, this Bajaj Tower fan has been fortified with 3 different speed settings for a personalized experience.

Top Highlights:

  • Comprises a tough blower to facilitate optimum air throw.
  • Provides 3-speed selections to allow for better cooling.
  • Easy-to-use control panel with speed & swing buttons.
  • Offers unmatched portability with a lightweight design.
  • Provides a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against defects.


What are The Features to Consider Before Purchasing a Tower Fan?

So as to ditch all the confusing factors associated with purchasing a tower fan, keeping the below-given factors in mind is necessary:

1- Adjustable Height & Angle

One more significant factor to search for in a tower fan is how modifiable are their angle and height. Having the adjustable height and angle feature would help the user to utilize a fan at diverse places inside your household. Adaptable angles are going to permit the user to produce an incidental breeze, which moreover assists in producing a dominant breeze.

2- Noise

The high-quality tower fans are generally quiet in operation or generate lesser noise. Particularly if the fan is set to a low speed or at a suitable speed late in the night, you would like your tower fan to make the least amount of noise. Hence, this is another significant aspect to keep in mind whilst buying a tower fan so as to make sure that you get a sound sleep.

3- Remote Control

The high-quality tower fan comprises a remote control, which makes it easier to control the unit by the user. The availability of a remote control moreover ensures that anyone might be able to change the fan settings from anywhere inside the room deprived of getting your comfort negotiated.

4- Fan Modes

A diversity of tower fans delivers different modes, customarily known as natural or sleep mode. A few tower fans have other dominant modes as well.

5- Display

At last, the tower fan’s display is one more significant feature that you need to search for in-unit you are eyeing to purchase. A few tower fans comprise an electronic indicator to display the fan settings being used.

6- Timer

A few tower fan models moreover comprise a timer function that helps in switching off the fan after a fixed time period, deprived of needing to get out of your bed.

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