5 Best Steam Irons for Home Use in India for 2022

Everybody knows “First Impression is the Last Impression”! Even if your dress is quite expensive, wearing it wrinkled would not make you look that impressive. Hence, ironing is considered to be an important daily task, but it might never be fun to perform. A majority of us would be spending several hours ironing every week to make sure that our clothes are up to the mark. Therefore, to make the process simple and effective, we have reviewed the Best Steam Irons on the market that would help you get that all done without putting in a lot of effort or taking plenty of time.

Steam irons are present in almost all households to ensure that your garments are never crumpled when you want to wear them. The wrinkled clothes would mark an impression of being lazy and shabby. Therefore, the steam irons can work wonders in making your clothes wrinkle-free. Moreover, you won’t require any ironing board since the steam iron has the capability to function in vertical mode too.

Since the steam irons make for a crucial tool to be used daily, it is essential that you choose something that reduces your efforts and delivers wrinkle-free clothes in no time. Further, you wouldn’t find yourself being bound to an ironing board and investing plenty of time and effort in making your clothes neat and tidy. Therefore, the sole purpose behind listing down the Top-rated Steam Irons is to help you find an ideal ironing companion for home usage.

What Are The Top Features in Steam Iron?

So as to verify if the steam iron you are purchasing is of good quality or not, it needs to have the below-mentioned features:

Surge Button or Burst of Steam: This feature is going to assist in offering an additional blast of steam to pacify the persistent wrinkles, particularly handy in case you frequently press heavy fabrics like denim or linen.

Auto Shut-Off: A majority of the latest irons come with this vital feature. It is going to shut down the power in case the iron isn’t being used for some time, whether propped up or laid flat. A few irons are also going to shut down whilst they have been left on the side. This feature is going to avoid fire, but the stored heat may even then burn the fabric in case the iron has been left unattended flat.

Retractable Cord: It is going to help in keeping the power cord out of the scene whilst you’re ironing the clothes or whilst you store it, but ensure that the power cord doesn’t lash when it draws in.

Convenient Controls: The listing of garment settings must be effortless to perceive. The temperature control that’s openly noticeable and simply accessible, preferably positioned on the handle would be an advantage. A majority of steam irons comprise a light indicator to display that the unit is working.

Adjustable Steam Settings: This feature is offered so as to help the user adjust the level of steam produced or even shut down the steam when required. The anti-drip feature, which is provided in a majority of irons, has been intended to avert leaks whilst you are using the steam-iron at the lower settings.

Self-Cleaning Arrangement: This feature helps in flushing out the mineral deposits out of the vents, but may not always be that operational with extended usage or with really hard water. You may try using the Surge Button or Burst of Steam to get the vents cleaned.

Vertical Steaming: You should utilize the iron in the vertical position to eliminate the wrinkles from the hung garments and freshen up the drapes.

Transparent Water Reservoir: A few reservoirs might come with a pretty small, vertical tube; the other units have a bigger chamber below the handle. If the steam iron has a transparent chamber, it would become easier for the user to perceive the level of water. You should also verify if the tank comes with the marked water level.

Water Fill-Hole Cover: A sliding or hinged above the water-fill hole is thought to stop the leakage, but it may not work effectively every so often.

Top 5 Steam Irons for Home Use in India for 2022

1. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron

If you have been searching for a steam iron that offers unmatched performance whilst you iron your wrinkled clothes, choosing this Philips GC1905 Steam Iron would be a decent choice. Coming with a fine spraying feature, this steam iron would moisten your clothes uniformly for wrinkle-free clothes. To deliver effortless gliding on every kind of fabric, this steam iron comes with an Aluminum soleplate.

Providing an incessant steam delivery at 13g/min, you won’t find any problem whilst you are ironing your clothes irrespective of the type of material. Moreover, the 1.8m lengthy power cord would allow you to iron the clothes by offering a decent reach and maneuverability. With the 180ml water tank capacity, this 1440W steam iron will surely turn every ironing session a breeze.


Top Highlights:

  • Allows for super-fast emptying and refilling of the water tank.
  • Equipped with an Aluminium soleplate for easier gliding.
  • Uniformly moistens the fabric with the fine spraying feature.
  • Offers a continuous steaming output of 13g/min for suitability.
  • Comes with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against defects.


  • Superior Ironing Results.
  • Convenient Precision Tip.
  • 1440W Rapid Heating.


  • Absence of steam burst function.


2. Usha Steam Pro SI 3713 1300-Watt Steam Iron

Usha Steam Pro SI 3713 1300-Watt Steam Iron

Steam iron is an indispensable part of every household as it helps you make your clothes tidy and wrinkle-free. The next steam iron on our listing is a budget model coming from the house of Usha, which manufactures the best-quality appliances and tools for home use. The Usha Steam Pro 3713 would help in keeping your clothes tidy with the wrinkle-free, laundry-ironed quality. Comprising a fine spray feature, this steam iron is capable of eliminating the hardest of creases and wrinkles.

Moreover, the self-cleaning feature of this steam iron is going to make the appliance cater to your requirements for a prolonged time. This steam iron’s non-stick soleplate allows for effortless gliding irrespective of the type of fabric you are ironing. The Usha 1300W Steam Iron is surely an essential appliance for any household.


Top Highlights:

  • Offers a dominant performance with the 1300W power.
  • Comes with a 180ml water tank volume for longer usage.
  • Delivers the overheat protection to evade any accidents.
  • Equipped with as many as 19 steaming holes for ironing.
  • Provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.


  • Overheating Protection.
  • Poly-Teflon Coated Soleplate.
  • Convenient Thermostat Disc.


  • Not suitable for vertical ironing.


3. Black+Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron

Black+Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron

Now you can get the extraordinary ironing performance with the 2200W Steam Iron from Black+Decker, which has been crafted to deliver added optimality, convenience, and durability. Comprising a sleek design together with cutting-edge technology, this steam iron offers the finest ironing on top of quality output. Equipped with the ceramic-coated soleplate makes sure that your clothes don’t get damaged and make the iron glide easily on the clothes.

The handle of this steam iron has been ergonomically intended to deliver an improved grip and the innate self-cleaning function keeps the scaling problem at bay. The spray function and steam bursting tend to bout the persistent creases and make the clothes wrinkle-free.

Top Highlights:

  • Equipped with the top-grade ceramic soleplate for easy gliding.
  • Smoothens the toughest of wrinkles with the spraying function.
  • Comes with an adjustable temperature and steam functionality.
  • The large 380ml water tank capacity to evade frequent refilling.
  • Provides a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


  • Anti-Drip Functionality.
  • Ceramic Coated Soleplate.
  • Automatic Shut-Off Feature.


  • Seems to be a costly steam iron.


4. Philips GC1920-28 1440-Watt Non-Stick Soleplate Steam Iron

Philips GC1920-28 1440-Watt Non-Stick Soleplate Steam Iron

Here comes another top-notch steam iron option from Philips, which has the capability to deliver superior ironing results with the powerful gush of steam. Equipped with the golden non-stick soleplate, this steam iron would not let you down by damaging your clothes and allowing for easy gliding. The spray function of this steam iron is going to get rid of the toughest of creases with uniform moisture delivery. Make the user easily refill and empty the water tank for added suitability and comfort.

This 1440W steam iron from Philips comprises a precision tip for comfortable ironing around the pockets and the fold lines. Moreover, you won’t require waiting for too long as the steam iron gets pre-heated quite rapidly owing to the 1440W powerful heating element.


Top Highlights:

  • Offers a dominant gush of steam for superior ironing results.
  • Equipped with a golden non-stick soleplate for easier gliding.
  • Comes with the spray function to evade the toughest creases.
  • Comprises a team control knob to deliver personalized results.
  • Provides a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


  • Non-Stick Soleplate.
  • Convenient Spray Function.
  • Steam Control Knob.


  • A slightly heavy steam iron.


5. Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron

At last, we have another budget-friendly steam iron model coming from Bajaj, which is one of the top manufacturers of home and kitchen appliances. The Bajaj Majesty MX 3 Steam Iron is going to help you perform the task of ironing without any sort of a problem. Unlike dry irons, the steam irons can help you get rid of the toughest wrinkles delivering 12g/min steam output for moistening the cloth material.

To evade dry-heating, this steam iron comprises a 150ml translucent water tank to help you check if the unit requires a refill. With a power rating of 1250W, this steam iron doesn’t make you wait for long as it gets pre-heated quite fast. Moreover, with the lengthy 1.8m power cord coupled up with the non-stick soleplate, it assures the user of an ideal ironing experience every single time.


Top Highlights:

  • Offers an adjustable steam control knob for the best results.
  • Comprises the non-stick coated soleplate for harmless usage.
  • Comes with a 1.8m cord length to deliver easy maneuverability.
  • Delivers pleasant aesthetics with a super-clean surface finish.
  • Provides a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


  • Non-Stick Coated Soleplate.
  • Water Spray Function.
  • Self-Cleaning Feature.


  • The steam output needs improvement.


How to Take Care of a Steam Iron for Longer Usage?

Keeping your steam iron well preserved is going to help you to use your device for a prolonged time. Below we have mentioned a few tips and tricks that would help in taking decent care of your steam iron:

First of all, you need to empty the water reservoir whilst you have completed ironing your clothes. The remaining heat is going to evaporate any excess moisture. This diminishes the probability of drips whilst you iron the clothes on the next occasion, and it stops water from exiting the deposits there on the unit’s soleplate.

You need to perform the cleaning of the iron as well as its soleplate. The user manual must instruct you well on how you can go about doing it. Getting the soleplate cleaned is pretty significant in case you utilize starch, which might leave some residue or filtrate. You might as well utilize the self-clean feature, in case your iron comes with one.

You should always iron the delicate clothes first. Leaking or spillage is in all probability to take place at the lower temperatures, so always get the delicate garments pressed initially, without using water. Subsequently, you may add some water to iron the woolens on the medium setting and conclude with linens and cotton on the higher setting, providing the steam iron a lot of time to get to the appropriate temperature.

Personal Suggestion

Since we have now come to the end of our comprehensive product review section and delivered the in-depth details about all the top steam iron options on our listing, it might now become quite easier for all our customers to choose the model that matches their set of requirements. Moreover, as we have made a decent attempt to deliver the products from every single price range to ensure every user finds a model that falls under their budget. Also, we had selected the final 5 steam iron options after screening a wide assortment of units so that you get nothing but value for money product.

On the other hand, if even after going through the detailed product reviews, some of the users haven’t been able to choose a steam iron owing to confusion or any other aspect; we would like you to go with our recommendation. The steam iron that we would suggest our user purchase is the Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron, which is a feature-loaded model that would help you iron your clothes without any sort of a problem. Moreover, this Philips Steam Iron has been covered with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty, which tells you about the quality of the product.

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