7 Best Steam Cleaner In India for 2022

COVID-19 made us realize how important cleanliness and sanitization can be in our lives. There can be various ways to keep your place all clean and tidy, but we Indians always compromise in getting the best when it comes to cleaning. It can be the best time to take things back on track, during these times of pandemics.

It is never a very safe option, especially when you are with kids at home to wipe and clean your floor using harsh chemicals. Steam Cleaners can be the best substitute you can have instead of wiping out with Phenols and chemicals.

What to Look for In A Steam Cleaner?

Size: Steam cleaners come in all sizes, from small to medium ones. Being ergonomically designed makes the product easy and hassle-free to move around. It gives high maneuverability.

Weight: Since cleaning is done every day, it’s essential that your cleaning device isn’t bulky, a lightweight cleaner will save a lot of energy and is ergonomically designed, it’s comfortable to use.

Accessories And Attachments: Generally, these cleaners come with accessories, including a brush, measuring cups, and a nozzle. They all come in handy while cleaning. These attachments make cleaning unique and hassle-free.

Temperature, Pressure & Power: Usually, more than 100°C temperature is supported by these steamers, it’s ideal for day-to-day use. Around 1000W- 1500W is good enough for a sturdy performance. Choosing a steam cleaner with average pressure would be ideal and safe. A lot of pressure reduce the efficiency of the device. At the same time, it makes it safe and durable for long-lasting use.

Steam Cleaners Types

1- Steam Mops:

Steam mops and vacuum cleaners are alike in look and function. Works ideal for floor cleaning precisely. The water tank is placed near the handle of the body.

2- Handheld Steam Cleaners:

Steam cleaners come in all sizes, and this one is the smallest, highly portable, and battery-operated. If you have a lot of upholstery for cleaning, this could be the ideal pick for your home.

3- Canister Steam Cleaners:

If you’re eyeing large-size steam cleaners, then canister steam cleaner is your product. This product is multipurpose, comes with the most massive tank, and can be used both inside out.

Top 7 Steam Cleaner In India for 2022

1. Black+Decker FSMH1321 1300-Watt 7-in-1 steam mop with Auto select- Bring home

Black+Decker FSMH1321 1300-Watt 7-in-1 steam mop with Auto select- Bring home

BLACK+DECKER  7-in-1 powerful cleaning mop, ergonomically designed, hands-free functioning, a modern cleaning solution. The Company has been delivering excellent products with sanitization and cleaning. It comes with some excellent Auto Select technology that can ensure the killing of harmful bacteria and germs on your floor amazingly. You don’t have to use any harsh chemicals and toxic materials to wipe your floor while using it.

It comes with easy maneuverability, ergonomically designed for easy support. The tank can be detached and be refilled easily with capacity of 350ml, lasting longer for hours. This powerful cleaner needs no chemicals and is environment friendly.

Key Features

  • You get an auto-select technology that can kill more than 99.9% of germs.
  • Powered by 1300W Powerful Motor.
  • 180° Pivoting Mop Head and Tank Capacity: 350 ml.
  • The company has a very established name in the Indian market and is a US-based brand.
  • It takes 15 seconds for the Steam Cleaner to start up cleaning.
  • There are super-heated steams which enable your floor to dry out easily.
  • You can get 180-degree movement available in the steam mop.


  • Delivers accurate steam.
  • Customer support is given.
  • Works with all types of water.


  • Not accurate.


2. Eureka Fobes Vapomop 0.56 L Stick Steam Cleaner (Black) 

Eureka Fobes Vapomop 0

It is a very rare chance that you have not heard of Eureka Fobes. It is a long known brand for its quality service and appliances. Now, during the times of pandemic, they are up with another amazing product. The steam cleaner has a huge water tank of 0.56 L, and it’s great to use it. Powered by 1600W this device can do anything for you. The water tank is easy to refill, it comes with onboard tap water filtration. It’s quite convenient to clean and store. It comes with electronic variable steam control.

Key Features

  • The Steam cleaner comes from a well-reputed Indian Brand.
  • The user instructions are very easy to follow.
  • You get ease in water filling and reusing it quickly after use.
  • The Cleaner has a feature of Spot- boost brush, which can easily clean the stains.
  • You always get a selection for the floor type to efficiently work out things.


  • Flexible and Large Swivel Head.
  • Smart Set Steam Control.
  • Sanitization.
  • Spring Breeze Fragrance Discs.
  • Compact and Portable Design.


  • Bulky.


3. KARCHER SC 3 Plastic Easy Fix Steam Cleaner

Karcher SC 1 Premium Watt Steam Cleaner

The Germany-based company can provide you with everything you need with pressure cleaning. It is a well-reputed brand in India and is known for its efficiency and varieties of products. Probably KARCHER is the only brand that provides you with so many different models and designs.

Key Features

  • The main focus of this steam cleaner is pressure cleaning. It can stick at one point and apply immense pressure on the stain.
  • The brand takes its origination from Germany.
  • You get a good nozzle alongside efficient, flexible joints.
  • It uses a lamellar technology for precise cleaning.
  • There are some excellent features, such as the descaling cartridge that help you in self-cleaning.


  • Cleans in just 30 seconds.
  • Lamella technology used.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Performance-oriented.


  • No Customer support.
  • No Warranty.


4. Karcher SC 1 Premium Watt Steam Cleaner

KARCHER SC 3 Plastic Easy Fix Steam Cleaner-

You cannot keep this brand out of this list. They are mainly focused on Steam Cleaners; hence, here is another brilliant product from them. This Steam Cleaner is already a favorite in Indian markets. The most attractive feature this one provides is its price.  Made with German Technology, it’s the best you can have as per standards.

Key Features

  • The Steam Cleaner supports the power of 1200W.
  • The design, as always expected from Karcher, is compact and ergonomic.
  • Price is the main attraction and is amazingly less as compared to any other in the market.
  • The disinfection becomes very easy using the Steam Mop.
  • It is very efficient in small rooms and provides quick and easy clean.


  • German technology used.
  • Good capacity, 200 ml.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Ready to use in 3 minutes.


  • No warranty.


5. Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S5003D)

Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S5003D)

The Shark Genius Steam Cleaner is a US product and easily available online. Though the product lack after-sales support, it is great in its operation. It comes to some exciting features that make it to our list. With super fast cleaning time (30 seconds), it’s the best cleaner ever, all you need is to click on the product and enjoy the amazing cleaning experience like none.

Key Features

  • The Mop Comes along with a washable dirt grip pad, which also is dual sides.
  • You can have a sleek design with a brand name from the US.
  • It provides you with options such as steam control.
  • The padlock uses touch-free technology.
  • It is a perfect Steam Cleaner for overall cleansing.


  • You can have a steam blast option for deep stains.
  • Adjust steam flow.
  • Easy to use.


  • Costly.


6. Dreema ZQ600 Multi-functional Steam Cleaner

Dreema ZQ600 Multi-functional Steam Cleaner

Welcome home, Deerma ZQ600 and dissolve and sorts of dirt and cover the entire house cleaning in no time. With 150°C steam and 99.99 percent sterilization, you need not worry about anything. It comes with five different interchangeable brush heads and a 230ml water capacity tank.

The most important thing while buying any appliance for your home is safe. And this is the best you can do for your home. This device comes with a thickened aluminum boiler which is resistant to corrosion along with high pressure; touch ground facility is also provided.

Key Features

  • The Product comes from the biggest brand in Malaysia.
  • It is very affordable and not that hard to use.
  • You get a set of brushes for different cleaning purposes.
  • You get options such as high pressure and high temperature in the steam section.
  • There are three sections in the machine which help you to clean more efficiently.


  • 3 tube sections for cleaning.
  •  Auto Power-Off.
  • Powered by 1600W
  •  Flexible moves in 270 degrees.


  • Average quality.
  • The service centers are limited.


7. Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop 1940A

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop 1940A

Another big brand name from the US, providing efficient Steam cleaner in India. It guarantees you a 99.99% germ-killing assurance and is very brilliant on hard surfaces. The mop works twice as fast as normal ones and comes with a smart digital panel.

Key Features

  • The brands assure you of complete disinfection.
  • The upper brushes are movable, which allows good sweeping.
  • There is a built-in scrubber in there.
  • You also get a fragrance disk fit in the steam cleaner.
  • The water tank is detachable, so you can refill it easily.


  • Fragrance tank available.
  • Easy refill.
  • Quality product.
  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.


  • Expensive.
  • No warranty.


Steam Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Steam Cleaners are among some of the new devices in India, and one can get easily confused with these many options in the market. You cannot risk going with any of these randomly because of two factors. The first thing is the cost. They often are very costly, so investing becomes hard. And the second factor is the type of surface on which the machine is used. Different Steam Cleaners could be used on different surfaces, and selecting one according to your need is a hard task. To make your selection easy and simple, we have this buyer guide for you:

1- Price

While buying this equipment, cost becomes a huge factor. The price range could be very high in India as most of the machines are manufactured abroad and imported in India. These machines are some of the most advanced machines and have an accuracy of more than 99% when it comes to disinfecting. This machine’s price can go as high as 50000, so it’s completely on your budget and selection to go for. Some Steam Cleaners are available in the Indian markets with prices ranging from 4500- 5000. Still, this range is too much for a cleaning device.

2- Designs

Speaking of designs, it’s not that important that your device looks attractive. It is a cleaning machine and probably will find its place at the corner of your storeroom. But design does matter as these machines are made in complicated ways. They use some modern engineering techniques; hence many people can find it hard to figure out the complicated design. This may cause you problems in cleaning the Steam cleaner and solving a problem that might require dismantling the mop.

3- Floor

There are several materials which nowadays are used to floor houses. Marbles, Tiles, and many other materials are in use. A Steam Cleaner uses steam flow to clean up the floor. Steam forms when the water is above 100 degrees Celsius, and such a temperature can be too much to handle. For efficient cleaning, one needs to ensure that the Steam cleaner’s mouth is well fixed and locked on the floor. Most of the Steam Cleaners can provide you with a feature that enables them to stick to any surface, but it’s always better to be precise and select the one you need.

4- Ease

Ease of Use is another important factor you cannot miss out on while buying a Steam Cleaner. Many of these cleaners are very heavy, and for a person who can’t take a lot of weight, you can’t expect him to clean with such heavy and delicate machinery. The fact here is, the heavier your Steam Cleaner gets, the more efficient and powerful it becomes. Even processes such as water tank refueling and leaning the parts can make things hard. It is always better to choose the one which has greater ease to use. Many of these machines come along with wheels at the bottom, so you can move them efficiently to places.

5- Water Tank

All the Steam Mops need water to generate Steam. For this purpose, they are attached to a Water Tank. The capacity of this water tank is a thing to look out for. In any case, if your water tank doesn’t have a huge capacity, you have to work a lot in refilling them as soon as it gets empty. On the other hand, if your device has a big water tank, your Steam Cleaner automatically gets heavier. The selection, in this case, is completely yours. If you don’t have large rooms, it’s always better to go with the small tank ones.

6- Warranty

This is a crucial point, and when it comes to Steam Cleaners, you have to be very selective regarding Warranty. Most big companies, usually those who export their products to India, don’t provide a warranty with their Steam Mops. This may be a cause of worry because these machines are very costly. Even if a technical error occurs, you will have to spend a good amount on repairing it without a proper warranty. It is like a gamble to play in this section. The companies with good products do deprive their customers of a long Warranty in India with Steam Cleaners. At last, it’s your choice, but it’s always better to go with a warranty.

How Does A Steam Cleaner Work?

  • The first and foremost requirement is to have clean water, which is to be placed in a tank.
  • Once water is poured, it will start to boil over 100°C and produces steam in the device.
  • The steam produced is then transferred into the nozzle, which cleans the floor.
  • Steam will be produced as long as the water is available in the tank.
  • You need to pour clean water into the device’s water tank.

Steam cleaning, no wonder, is the best way to clean your home, and it will clean the house most especially. It will kill 99% of germs, bacteria, grime, and dirt. Bring home the best cleaning device innovated ever.

Tips On Using A Steam Cleaner

Here are a few points to keep in mind while using a steam cleaner.

Steam is ideal for cleaning, but it could be as risky for you and your loved ones around. So, be aware and look for safety first. Choose appropriate clothes like long pants, all covered hands with minimum skin exposure. Ensure timely shutting off the device after use.

Kids should be away from the machine. Keep it out of reach. Move your kids and pets to a safe place before using a steam cleaner.

Don’t forget to turn off the machine after use.


In the article above, we tried to help you out by listing some of the best Steam Cleaners you can get in India. All of the mentioned products are quality products, and you can select any one of them. It will be more useful to select the one according to your use; this makes things simpler and easy for you.

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