7 Best Skate Shoes (Roller & Inline) in India for 2022

Roller skates have been one of the prime hobbies for the kids. Just wear those rollers and glide through the air to have fun. Sounds interesting. But while you are out to buy the roller blades or skates, it is essential to know about the features associated with ensuring that you get one with higher performance, comfort, and safety.

With the fun that the skates offer, there are additional health benefits like exercising and developing a more vigorous cardiovascular workout for kids; the skates are an uncanny match to improve a heartbeat and physical fitness.

As the market for roller skates has been rising, the number of manufacturers in the market is increasing. Here are the best skate shoes that are readily available for selection with varied varieties and models in the market.

Top 7 Skate Shoes (Roller & Inline) in India for 2022

1. Nivia Super Inline Skates

Nivia Super Inline Skates

A quality product with a sturdy body made of aluminium, these roller skates are one with the most pleasing design. With 4 inline rollers of 80mm made from polyurethane material and ABEC 5 carbon steel bearings, skates’ durability is higher.

The rear-side brakes make them comfortable and smooth to ride. Available in various colours and combinations, these are best to ensure the safety of the kids.

Top Highlights

  • Equipped with polyurethane wheels of size 80mm.
  • Delivers a superior performance with ABEC 5 carbon steel bearings.
  • Crafted with aluminium for a sturdy body.
  • Built-in brake system for a better experience.


  • Built-in brake system for smooth use.
  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • Sturdy body with durability.
  • Attractive build.


  • Comparatively bulky in weight.
  • Not appropriate for teens and adults.


2. Cosco Sprint Roller Skates

Cosco Sprint Roller Skates

A superior design in terms of comfort and quality, this is one with imported type inline rollers. With the comfortable shell, the performance it delivers is top-notch. The pristine design ensures higher speed with ease of turning, ensuring safety.

A perfect model for beginners to perfectionists, these skates are made of aluminium, which makes them suitable for extended run use. Accessible in several colours and sizes, these are best for all age groups.

Top Highlights

  • Comprises of imported quality inline skates.
  • Equipped with P.U.Wheels and ABEC-7 Bearing.
  • The aluminium base offers better stability and resistance.
  • Designed with a breathable shell for superior comfort.


  • Made with aluminium to ensure durability.
  • Quiet affordable price.
  • Imported quality inline roller skates with better resistance.
  • Significant wheels with breathable shells.
  • Multiple colours and sizes.


  • Darn heavy.
  • Inner sole lacks quality.


3. KAMACHI Aluminium Skate Scooter

KAMACHI Aluminium Skate Scooter

Designed by keeping the child’s security in mind, these skates come in the shoe shape with adjustable inline. With the high-quality bearings and wheels installed and safeguarded by an aluminium frame, these run quite smoothly.

The back brake stoppers will offer you the opportunity to manage your speed. With the adjustable grip and the vibrant colours, this is one of the finest skates to choose from.

Top Highlights

  • Made with the best quality material to offer comfort.
  • A lightweight model with adjustable inline skates.
  • Designed with the soft inner lining and adjustable length feature.
  • Crafted with high quality, printed, and vibrant graphics.


  • Tough aluminium body.
  • Adjustable with a lightweight design.
  • A classy look with a unique 3d design and colours.
  • Back brakes support ease of stopping.


  • Better for boys based on design.
  • Not suitable for uneven roads.


4. Dixon Adjustable Roller Skate

Dixon Adjustable Roller Skate

If you seek fun and entertainment, then this is one durable piece to buy. With the sturdy body of aluminium and the ultra-durable PU wheels, this model is one exquisite design that offers comfort.

A perfect package that offers sturdy skates with the double shocker absorber and a screw tightening gun is an excellent selection.

Top Highlights

  • Made with lightweight fibre chassis with size adjustment.
  • High precision Bearings for better speed.
  • Offers a smooth braking system.
  • A design is more suitable for the 12+ age group.


  • Offers higher durability and sturdiness.
  • Best for kids below 10.
  • Adjustable brake system and a double shocker absorber.
  • A complete package with additional equipment.


  • Shoelace quality is comparatively poor.
  • Bit heavy.


5. Jaspo Blue Derby Intact Adjustable Senior Roller Skates Combo

Jaspo Blue Derby Intact Adjustable Senior Roller Skates Combo

If you are looking for a set of skates that comes with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and baggage, this is one of the best roller skates to get for your kids. Keeping in mind the whole concept of safety, this is one with fantastic quality.

Offered in a bright blue colour and lightweight, this is the best match for superior performance, which comes with the tips and precautions listed.


Top Highlights

  • Designed with lightweight fibre chassis with size adjustment.
  • High precision Bearings and anti-skid wheels for better speed.
  • Offers a top braking system for enhanced control.
  • Equipped with a complete kit for the better safety of the kids.


  • Lightweight with quality wheels made of polyvinyl.
  • The toe brakes offer better control.
  • A complete package with the kit.
  • Comfortable inner lining.


  • Quite heavy.
  • Quality is comparatively low.


6. Klapp 100mm Wheel size Adjustable Inline Skates

Klapp 100mm Wheel size Adjustable Inline Skates

A new company in the field this is a made in India product with high-quality material. With the three inline wheels of 100mm made of rubber and the ABEC 5 bearings, it can quickly move on rugged surfaces as well with ease.

With the aluminium grade frame and the push button on the frame for adjustment, this is best for beginners, intermediate level, and advanced level skaters with a long life.


Top Highlights

  • Designed with high-quality material to ensure durability.
  • Delivers the user with better performance with 100mm wheels.
  • Made in India product with ABEC 5 bearings.
  • Designed to suit all, a unisex model.


  • A made in India product.
  • Skaters with adjustable push button.
  • Budget-friendly with various sizes.
  • Durable skates.
  • Unisex model.


  • Comparatively heavy.
  • Can cause discomfort around corners.


7. Jonex Fix Body Professional Senior Roller Skates

Jonex Fix Body Professional Senior Roller Skates

One of the strongest skates with the inline bearings made of carbon steel material for better support; these offer stability. With the four wheels at the corners made of polyurethane, it is a stylish product.

With the aluminium chassis frame, these skates offer higher performance, better smoothness, and a grip that supports the movement.


Top Highlights

  • Wheels are made of highly durable polyurethane.
  • Offered in various colours and sizes.
  • Provides aluminium chassis for smoothness.
  • Prime quality boots for comfortable gripping.


  • The quality material of the body as well as wheels.
  • Quite sturdy and durable.
  • Multiple colours and sizes.
  • The skates have no brakes.
  • Not appropriate for uneven surfaces.
  • Wheels are prone to damage.


Points to Consider While Buying Roller Skates

While there are various roller skates available in the market, it is essential to compare and contrast the features before considering the best to buy. Dispensing on the type and the weight and additional features associated with the skates, one can decide which will suit them best.

Additionally, a roller skate that is suitable for the professional might not be one that is appropriate for the beginner. So, it is essential to consider all the factors while you plan to buy one. The factors that one needs to consider are:

Types: It is the primary thing to consider. From beginners to professionals, the roller skates used include two major types. The Quad skates are one with four wheels, two at the front and two at the back, and is best for beginners. The inline skates are the next, with three to five wheels in the centre and used by intermediates and professionals.

Styles: Various styles and the place of use, the two factors are directly linked. The primary types include roller derby, artistic, outdoor, indoor, speed, and rink and rhythm.

Size: Anything performs the best when the size is perfect. While many roller skates come in different sizes, a few models come with the facility of size adjustment. So, choose one that offers you the comfort and convenience of adjustability.

Wheels: The performance of roller skates is based on the type of wheels. Depending on the size, hardness, and material, the durability of the wheels also varies. The low-quality wheels are prone to wear and tear. On the other hand, the high quality will ensure a better life and stability.

Frame: Acting as the base, roller skates with sturdy frames will offer better run even on uneven surfaces. It will help to move comfortably.

Boot: A perfectly sized boot will offer comfort and ease. The high boots will provide better balance and control, whereas soft boots provide flexibility and greater comfort. The best type of boots will be one to ensure ease of movement.

Bearings: Bearings made of high-quality material will ensure better sturdiness and not hinder performance. While the ABEC is the highest quality material, it also provides a sophisticated and smooth functioning.

Straps and Laces: These functions offer a better grip. So, while one checks the size and quality, it is essential to check the straps and laces’ adjustability and quality.

Sturdy and Attractive Design: With a sturdy and attractive design and bold and creative colours, the roller skates are built in various styles. The aluminium body is better than the fibre body as it offers long life.

Price and Warranty: Well, last but not least, price and warranty do play a crucial role. The roller skates offered at reasonable prices and even offer a warranty are the ones to select for better performance.

Final Verdict:

The fun that the roller skates offer is unmatched. With people from all age groups trying to learn skating, it is equally important to select the rollers which provide superior performance and are also durable.

With various products available in the market, depending on the need and the features, one can easily select the roller skates. So, ensure better health and fun for kids with fantastic roller skates.

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