The Best 10 Power Banks in India 2020 – Top Brands & Reviews


Nowadays, people can’t do without their smartphones or tablets! They tend to do a majority of things on their mobile phones or tablets like online shopping, browsing, social media, etc. Since they are hooked on to their mobile phone, the draining battery can be a serious matter of concern whilst they are on the go. To address this situation, today we would be reviewing the Best Power Banks for iPhone & Android smartphones out there in the market. Having one from our line-up of power banks would surely help you charge-up your smartphone even when you don’t keep its charger handy.

On the other hand, the most significant question is, which power bank should you buy? The solution to this query is turning even harder with time passing by as there are plenty of power bank brands entering the market on a regular basis. But we have you covered as we have done the required toiling for your and sifted past a wide-majority of power bank options available online to find nothing but the best! So, in our comprehensive review section, we would be discussing the Top 10 Power Banks from the Best Brands to help you find your necessary travel companion without stressing too much.

After your purchase a smartphone, the power banks would be the next product on your shopping list. These power supplies would surely be quite useful whilst you run errands or travel, or your smartphone’s battery has turned lousy. The power banks tend to save you from the distress you can experience without the mobile phone. Thus, you should purchase one for you to evade the battery issues whilst you are on the go, low on battery, power cuts, and in any other situation.

Top 10 Best Power Banks to Buy in India – Reviews 2020

Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (Sandstone Black)

Looking for a power bank that has an ample capacity coupled up with a fast charging feature? Get yourself the all-new Mi 20000mAh Power Bank 2i that is a portable dynamo, which delivers the 18W fast-charging capability to make sure that your smartphone or tablet charges pretty real fast even when you are on the go!

Coming with an innovative design, this power bank is now available in a metallic black finish and has been equipped with the twin USB ports with the 2-way fast-charging feature deprived of negotiating on the quality and size. Moreover, the intelligent output of this power bank ensures that the power bank holds the charge for a prolonged time.

best power bank in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Crafted having a lightweight and slim design for easy carrying
  • Offers 18W fast-charging feature to power your device quickly
  • Comes with 9-layers of circuit protection for added security
  • Provides dual-USB output to fast-charge two devices at once
  • Charges not just phones but tablet, speakers, and headsets

Ambrane PP-150 15000 mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank (Black)

Next, we have a budget power bank option coming from the house of Ambrane. This 15000mAh power bank is a compact unit equipped with a high-density polymer battery to deliver an easy operation. Coming with the Dual USB Input with a mutual rating of 5V / 2.1A – a Micro USB Port and another with the Type C Port coupled up with a twin USB A Port setup for combined 5V / 2.1A rating.

Designed having a modish U-shape, this power bank is lightweight and offers the rubberized matte texture, which protects the device from uninvited marks so that it looks tidy for a fairly long time. Its aesthetic exterior is suitably supplemented by its functional 15000mAh capacity as it may be used for charging your smartphone for two to three times without any problem.

Best Power Bank In IndiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • An affordable power bank with a quality appearance & design
  • Equipped with the top-grade high-density Lithium Polymer battery
  • Comes with the premium-quality rubberized scratch-less finish
  • Offers 9-layer of advanced protection to evade any type of issue
  • Provides 6-month manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (Blue)

Here comes another Mi power bank aimed at the people who solely need to charge a single device whilst they travel. The Mi 10000mAH Power Bank is a device that can help you evade situations like power failures and lousy or low battery issues. With the stylish aluminum casing and the trendy blue color, this power bank would catch the eyes of every person. Equipped with a Lithium Polymer battery, this power bank would hold the charge for a prolonged time and doesn’t drain quickly.

Offering a 9-layer of circuit chip protection, you won’t ever experience any current leakage or functional issues for sure. Moreover, the dual USB output along with the 2-way fast charging, the Mi Power Bank 2i is a must-have power bank for all those who are looking for a suitable smartphone charging solution.

Best Power Bank In IndiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Offers 18W fast-charging feature to power your device quickly
  • Comes with 9-layer of circuit chip protection for added safety
  • Provides the stylish Aluminium casing for prolonged durability
  • Comprises 2-way fast charging to help you charge 2 devices
  • The 6-month domestic manufacturer’s warranty for defects

Syska Power Port100 10000mAH Lithium-Ion Power Bank (Black)

Whenever your device needs the power, provide it with an instant dose with the Syska Power Port 100. This is a power bank that comes with a massive capacity of 10000mAh to offer manifold charges for your smartphone or tablet on a solo charge. Moreover, this power bank comes with 3 USB ports if require charging 3 devices in one fell swoop. In this power bank, safety has been kept as a top priority which is the reason why it provides detailed IC protection.

IC protection makes sure that your power bank is safe and evades situations such as over-discharging, over-charging, and short circuits. Also, this power bank has been protected by a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty to cover the users against any type of defects after the purchase.

best Power Bank In IndiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Equipped with a Li-Ion battery for a prolonged battery usage
  • Offers over-discharging and overcharging protection for safety
  • Comes with the triple USB charging arrangement for suitability
  • Comprises an LED torch to help your during the power failures
  • Provides the 6-month manufacturer’s warranty against defects

Samsung EB-P1100BSNGIN 10000mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank (Silver)

Searching for a sleek and stylish power bank to match your device’s appearance? Samsung has come up with a power bank that sports a 10000mAh capacity to charge your device on the go. It has a dual USB output on offer so that you may charge 2 different devices at once. Coming with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, the user has been covered against any sort of defects that surface after the purchase.

Moreover, the Samsung 1000mAH power bank has a sleek & stylish design so that it can be carried effortlessly inside the pocket whilst you are out or traveling. The metallic body of this power bank and the fast charging cable makes it both durable and potent gadget to have for daily usage.

Best Power Bank In IndiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • A top-quality power bank that offers two-way fast charging
  • Offers a dual USB A port arrangement for charging 2 devices
  • Sports a slim, sleek, and metallic design to carry it effortlessly
  • Compatible with every brand’s smartphone, speaker, and tablet
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects

iBall LPM10000 10000mAh Li-Polymer Metal Powerbank (Blue)

Power on-the-go is certainly quite fascinating! The iBall Li-Polymer Power Bank has a slim & sleek metallic body, which makes it a top amalgamation of both technology and style. The European metallic finish of this power bank is provided in 4 different colors namely Blue, Black, Rose Gold, and Champagne Gold. On top of the remarkable design, this power bank has a dedicated 10000mAh capacity; prepared to help in charging your devices with the 2.4A output along with the Fast Adaptive Charging feature.

This signifies that irrespective of the place, you can charge your devices as and when you like. The iBall LPM10000 has been fortified with the dual USB output so that it is perfect for charging multiple devices at once. Also, the power bank can be charged through the Type C or Micro USB to deliver unmatched convenience and the compact design allows you to carry it anywhere.

Best Power Bank In IndiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • A budget power bank to help you charge any device easily
  • Offers an ultra-slim and elegant metal housing for durability
  • Equipped with a high-efficiency 10000mAh Li-Polymer battery
  • Provides fast-adaptive charging with the 2.4A charge output
  • Comes with an LED charging indicator to show the level of charge

Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank (White)

You are never going to experience battery outages on your tablet or smartphone in case you keep the Intex IT-PB11K Power Bank handy. The compact and sleek design of this power bank along with a lightweight construction allows for effortless carrying inside your bag or even the pocket. The slim design provides this power bank a stronger grip so that you can avoid those accidental drops and slips.

Crafted from high-quality plastic, the Intex IT-PB11K is strong and durable to deliver extensive usage. Sporting a white body, this power bank from Intex is elegant and attractive whilst being easier to locate when kept inside the drawer. The LED light indicator will help you distinguish the battery level with ease.

Best Power Bank In IndiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comprises 3 USB A ports for charging 3 devices simultaneously
  • Can be conveniently charged using any micro USB travel charger
  • Equipped with a 10000mAH battery for an extended support
  • Offers a sleek and elegant design to deliver easy transportation
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects

URBN 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Heroes Power Bank (Camo)

The next power bank choice on out listing is one of the tiniest ones on the table that offers the power you need to endure an entire day. Irrespective of the situation, the URBN power bank would drive your gadgets so that you would not fall short of power before hitting the bed. Unlike, the customary power banks, URBN Heroes Power Bank comes with the fast charging feature to help you power your devices quickly. Equipped with the high-quality Li-Ion battery, this power bank is fairly compact to allow for easier transportation.

With the dual charging support, you may conveniently charge 2 devices at once without experiencing any type of lag. Moreover, URBN power banks come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to cover the defects that you encounter after the purchase.

Best Power Bank In IndiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Plan the next usage and charge with the sharp LED lighting
  • A perfect travel companion to power your device when needed
  • Comes with an ultra-compact body to offer superior gripping
  • Provides dual-charging output to power 2 devices at once
  • Offers 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Micromax PBAPB1041GRB 10400mAH Power Bank (Grey)

Here come another affordable power bank offering and this time it is from Micromax. Sporting a 10400mAH battery capacity, this power bank would help you do away with problems like power cuts, lousy battery, and quick discharging. Equipped with the high-capacity LG chem-cells, this power bank’s battery has been built to last and delivers a decent performance.

Offering the fast charging support, this power bank doesn’t allow you to hold it along with your device for long. With the anti-slip casing, you can always avoid those accidental drops and slips with this Micromax power bank. Moreover, the 6-month warranty with this power bank covers all types of manufacturing defects for peace of mind.

Best Power Bank In IndiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comprises an anti-slip rubberized finish to deliver a strong grip
  • Offers circuit protection to evade problems like short circuits
  • Provides the fast charging support to charge the devices quickly
  • Comes with the power-saving feature to ensure extended usage
  • The 6-month manufacturer’s warranty takes care of the defects

Lapguard LG514 10400mAH Power Bank (White)

A power bank helps you stay charged for the time when you need it desperately. Irrespective of the type of usage, at times we can surely run out of battery when it is required. Credits to the Lapguard power bank, it will help you keep the devices charged whenever you want. Equipped with a convenient LED indicator, you can surely plan when you need to charge the power bank as the lights indicate the battery and charging status.

Equipped with the Intelligent Power IC, this power bank can evade overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuit issues. Coming with the triple USB A output arrangement, charging multiple devices at once is ever so convenient. Also, this power bank comes with a torch to help you out when there is a power cut or failure at your place.

Best Power Bank In IndiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comprises the Intelligent Power IC to protect your devices
  • Compatible with all the Android and iOS tablets and phones
  • Comes with 4 LED indicators to display the battery status
  • Provides the user with triple-output ports for added suitability
  • Offers 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Personal Recommendation

So, these were all the power bank options that we would like our users to consider whilst purchasing a power bank from the market. As the comprehensive review section has been concluded, we suppose that our users would find it way easier to select the power bank that is going to conform to their requirements, type of usage, budget, and preferences. Also, we came to the final 10 power bank options after screening a wide variety of choices available both offline and online. Hence, we assure that irrespective of the choice you make from the power banks given above, value for money is guaranteed.

best power bank in indiaAmazon

On the other hand, if even after going through the detailed product reviews above, there are a few customers who haven’t been able to decide on the power bank they should go for, then they should opt to go without personal suggestions. The power bank that we would recommend our users to purchase is the Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i, which has a superior battery capacity of 20000mAH and two-way fast charging support for added convenience. Moreover, the 18W fast charging output of this power bank would help you to power your devices seamlessly and quickly.

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