Top 10 Best Pop up Toaster Brands Online in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Having bread in breakfast is always a good idea, and toasted one is even better. Toasted bread with liquid of your choice like juice, coffee or tea is anytime a satisfying meal to begin your day. Looking for a way to get that perfect toasted bread, your quest ends here, as we review top 10 popup toaster for our readers.

Kudos! To modern day technology, finding a popup toaster is easy. These popup toaster can save you a lot of time, energy and resources and leaves you with scrumptious breakfast every day. And, if you wish all day, every day.

Best Pop UP Toaster in India – Reviews

Russell Hobbs RPT209 

This is one of the best in class pop-up toaster with multiple different features which are exclusively by Russeel Hobbs. This is just an 800-watt device which can easily be used in any 5-ampere plug, which is very common.

This toaster has the capability to toast multiple slices [2] at the same time which ensures that the product is time efficient. Not only this much, this toaster have the ability to toast even the cold slices as it comes with a unique feature known as defrost. The cool touch body of this toaster ensures no effect even during the heating process. You can buy this hassle-free as it has 2 years warranty. So, you don’t need to pay any extra penny for the manufacturing defect for another 24 months. 

Best Popup Toaster


Top Highlights

  • Two Slice Cool Touch Toaster
  • New Modern Look
  • Seven Heat Settings
  • Bread Centering Facility
  • Powered by 800 Watts

Brayden Furo T10 750 W 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster

This toaster is the ultimate friend for your breakfast requirements. The power consumption of this exclusive toaster is 10-15% less as compared to other toasters in the market. Apart from that, you can toast 2 slices simultaneously which will save your precious time and fulfil your hunger demand with the utmost quality of slices. You’ll never lose your bread due to overheating issues because this comes with the auto pop-up option which will avoid dark slices and maintain its golden touch.

This toaster comes with an inbuilt crumb collecting tray which will minimize your cleaning. Your product comes with an ultimate 1-year warranty which means your product is ensured for any kind of manufacturing defect for another 12 months.   You’ll never lose your bread due to overheating issues because this comes with the auto pop-up option which will avoid dark slices and maintain its golden touch. It comes with an inbuilt crumb collecting tray which will minimize your cleaning. Your product comes with an ultimate 1-year warranty which means your product is ensured for any kind of manufacturing defect for another 12 months.   

Best Popup ToasterAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Toast as you wish
  • Extra wide slots
  • Fun to toast
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Automatic pop up feature
  • 6 variable browning setting control

Bosch TAT3A011 980 W Pop Up Toaster (White)

If you are looking for your anytime hunger partner then bosh’s TAT3A011 toaster would be the best choice. The ultimate 980W motor helps to process the slices much faster as compared to the regular toasters. The best feature is that you can accommodate almost any size of bread slice inside the toaster and it’ll work perfectly without any issues. The exclusive compact design of this toaster going to give your kitchen a premium look as well. You can also warm up your buns to make it taste fresh anytime. The ultimate feature of this toaster is automatic bread centering which performs even roasting unlike other cheap toasters.  Buy it confidently as it comes with 2 year manufacturing warranty. 

Best Popup Toaster OnlineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Faster Toasting
  • Automatic Bread Centering
  • Comes with an Integrated Warming Rack
  • High Lift for Easy Removal
  • Easy Automatic Shut-off

Black + Decker BXTO0203IN 870-Watt 2 Slice Stainless Steel Pop-up Toaster (Grey)

If you are fed up with your old toaster with traditional features then you should definitely try out this Black + Decker BXTO0203IN 870-Watt 2 Slice Stainless Steel Pop-up Toaster which have unbeatable features. 

It has browning control up to 6 levels to ensure the exact taste delivery you would like to have during your hunger moments. The ultimate defrost option helps to process even the frozen slice of bread to the crunchy bite. 

The ultimate metal design gives your kitchen a premium look as well as it increase the durability of your product. It has the ultimate option to re-heat the processed food which gives the fresh look of the crunchy bite.  This toaster comes with onsite 2 years warranty so you can buy this product without thinking much and wasting your precious time.   

Best Popup Toaster OnlineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • 7 levels of electronic Browning Control
  • Additional Bun Warmer Function
  • Automatic Safety shut off
  • Bun Warmer
  • Cancel, reheat and defrost function
  • Crumb tray for easy cleaning

Glen Toaster Auto Pop-Up – GL 3019

This toaster is the best choice if you are searching for a budget-friendly efficient toaster for your hunger needs. The power consumption is almost 10-15% less as compared to other roasters of the same category. You can roast 2 slices simultaneously within minutes and also it has an inbuilt browning control feature which ensures perfect taste you like the most. The best part is that you can cancel the roasting process anytime by just pressing the cancel button. This is the best feature to control the roasting process according to your taste buds. This glen toaster has the compact look and definitely it’ll take the interiors to another level. 

Best Popup Toaster OnlineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • 2 Slice Toaster
  • Suitable for all bread thicknesses
  • 6 levels of browning control
  • Dual Toasting Slots
  • Design
  • Defrost
  • Reheat and Cancel feature
  • Lift carriage

Havells Feasto 850-Watt Pop-up Toaster (White)

Havells is one of the most trusted brands and it arrived with another wonderful best in class product i.e. a pop up toaster with some unique features. The basic but useful feature is cord winder which enables easy assembling and disassembling of the toaster device. The ultimate auto-centering is one of the best features which enables the even roast of the whole slice. The product is equipped with high lift knob for an easy taking out process. Small Breads can easily be taken out because of this extra feature.

The product comes with 2 year warranty so that you don’t need to worry about any defect for a period of 24 month. 

Best Popup Toaster OnlineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comes with 7 heat settings
  • Features a cool touch body with two slots
  • Comes with a high lift lever
  • Ideal for the modern kitchen
  • LED illuminated defrost, reheat & cancel buttons

Wonderchef Regalia Monochrome 63152304 780-Watt Toaster (White)

In the era of effortless cooking, Wonderchef’s Regalia toaster is a blessing for the foodies. The ultra-modern design going to give your kitchen a best look. The additional feature is that it comes with a lid to avoid any insects entering into the toaster. This toaster promises the crispy delivery with its 3 functions which includes reheat defrost cancel.  Reheat helps to re-process the earlier roasted slices to regain its freshness, defrost helps to roast even the frozen slice of bread and cancel button is very helpful to interrupt during the heating process to avoid overheating. This could be the end of your search as it has almost every feature that somebody needs in a perfect roaster. Buy it now without thinking much. 

Best Popup Toaster OnlineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Reliable Thermostat
  • Powered by 780W
  • One year warranty
  • Ultra-Modern Deluxe Design
  • Effortless cooking

Morphy Richards AT-401 4-Slice Pop-Up Toaster (White) 

The exclusive product by Morphy Richards is ready to fulfil your crispy breakfast needs. All you need is a fraction of minutes to roast a perfect piece of bread and convert it into a crunchy meal. The special browning control feature helps you to roast the bread according to your taste. This feature keeps this product out of the crowd. Apart from that, easy lift up will even help you to take out a small piece of bread easily. This is another benefit of having this trendy toaster. You can roast up to 4 slices at a time which will help you to save your time at great extent. You don’t need to worry much as 2 years onsite warranty is available on this product.

Best Popup Toaster OnlineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Decent Capacity
  • Cancel function
  • Variable Browning
  • Hi-Lift Facility
  • Re-heat function
  • Defrost function

KENT 850-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster (White)

Here comes a perfect toaster from the most trusted brand. This toaster have countless different features which makes it the best in the segment. You can have scrumptious meal each day by preparing crunchy roasted bread by this toaster within minutes. The main advantage is that it comes with pre built 5 heating modes which delivers the food according to your taste. This feature makes it unique than any other toaster in this segment. The cleaning of this toaster is no more a headache because it comes with a removable crumb tray.In other words, it’s a perfect piece which your kitchen needs in an urgent manner. So, without thinking much buy it now. 

Best Popup Toaster OnlineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • High Lift Function
  • Stop Function
  • Re-heat essential function
  • 5 Heating Modes
  • Removable Crum Tray
  • Defrost Function

Prestige PPTPKY 850-Watt Pop-up Toaster

It’s hard to build trust but prestige done that perfectly with its best quality products. Just like any other product, this toaster is also the best in class product as compared to any other roaster of this segment. This toaster is an all in one device which does toasting, browning and warming of your slices in a fraction of time. So, it doesn’t matter how much late you are, you’ll never leave hungry again. The toaster comes with a protective cover which escapes entering dust or any insects in the toaster. This ensures the hygienic environment and perfect taste. 1 year on product warranty is available so you can purchase it without doubting much on the build quality of the product. 

Best Popup Toaster OnlineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Elegant finishing
  • Unique Protective Cover
  • 4 Toasting Options with indicators
  • Control set buttons
  • Cord Winder Storage
  • Crum Tray

What Are Pop-Up Toasters?

Pop-Up Toasters are minor electrical kitchen appliance utilized to prepare roasted bread. It functions by offering beaming heat in to bread, consequently converting it into a toast. The finest toaster functions commendably with numerous other types of bread, like the sliced rolls, bagels, crumpets, and more.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Pop-Up Toaster?

A decent toaster is a pretty nice appliance to get for your kitchen. It permits you to prepare a toast, which is a really pleasing snack and is further appropriate for cooking various other kinds of breads. In case you like relishing toasts at the time of breakfast – or at some other time – then it’s at all times suggested having a worthy toaster. It’s probable to roast the bread using other practices, but nothing can be as effective or speedy like the toasters.

How to Select the Best Pop-Up Toaster?

Selecting the finest toaster on the market isn’t that stress-free as many people might don. There is a large variety of toasting products obtainable and a variety of specifications worth having a look at, whilst inexpensive toasters are every so often undependable, thus we must make sure that we consider the following aspects before we actually buy one:


The toasters might be available having 2 or 4-slice capacities, with the second one normally being a bit costly owing to its amplified size. In case toasts are relished by you and your family members really often, then a 4-slice toaster might be an amazing choice, whist the people that munch toast occasionally are going to be acceptable being an inexpensive 2-slice toaster.


The finest feature in the toasters is the adjustable slot-widths that permit them to roast a diversity of bread. Every single toaster doesn’t possess this feature, and it’s an imperative feature in case you desire to toast diverse bread products like bagels and other kinds of bread.


Toasters possess diverse kinds of lift heights so it’s vital to think through this feature, or else slighter products like the muffins and crumpets are tough to take out from a toaster. In case you’re just making use of the normal bread, then the lift factors isn’t really that big a worry, but in case you require cooking other kinds of bread or foodstuff, make sure that you purchase a toaster that offers a high lift.

Additional Specifications

There is a diversity of supplementary features that you may get in a majority of toasters, so make sure to consider or think over which specifications are valuable. For example, a sandwich holder permits the toasties to be prepared within the toaster, whilst the settings to defrost are ideal for preparing those frozen breads.

Personal Recommendation

Best Popup Toaster OnlineAmazon

In all, these are best popup toaster available in the market listed on the product performance, quality, usability and stability. We would recommend Black + Decker BXTO0203IN 870-Watt 2 Slice Stainless Steel Pop-up Toaster if you’re eyeing for an effortlessly toasted breads for breakfast or any given  time of the day then this could be your toaster. In fact, all the models mentioned in the list won’t disappoint you at all.

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