The 5 Best Pedestal Fans for Homes in India 2020 – Reviews & Analysis

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The weather in the Indian subcontinent might become extreme from time to time in a majority of regions in the country, which is the sole reason why a comforting ventilation arrangement is necessary to deliver the coziness and calmness that is required by people at least at home. So as to have appropriate ventilation circulated inside your house, you might necessitate the precise number of windows in every room in addition to the installation of fans at various and imperative spots.

There are ceiling fans, which would solely offer air within a restricted range and the air which you might get would not be able to provide the level of comfort you would anticipate. Therefore, today we have lined up the Best pedestal fans on the market so as to mollify your principal and individual aeration requirements both at home or office. Further, owing to the variety of pedestal fan choices available from the market, our listing would also assist in keeping you away from all the rubbish stuff retailed in the market.

In addition, within the final segment, we would be discussing a diversity of factors that you would need to verify before purchasing a pedestal fan for your home or office by means of a Pedestal Fan Buyer’s Guide so as to facilitate smarter decision-making whilst you hit the market. Moreover, with the abundance of exclusive offers, everyday deals, and payment discounts, buying a pedestal fan online would surely be a worthwhile experience.

How Can You Keep the Fan Clean?

It is suggested that you keep inspecting the fan no less than once a year to ensure that its blades, support guards, and the motor is clean. However, you require preserving it and keeping the fan clean by yourself the rest of the times. Here are a few tips that could help you get your fan cleaned:

You may wipe the unit down every day with a soft cloth. You might as well spray any dust cleaner over the soft cloth to sanitize the pole and clean up the outer casing.

So as to clean-up the fan blades, first you have to unplug the fan and then cautiously detach the casing that guards them. They generally have clips you may effortlessly lift; as soon as the unit gets opened, wipe the blades down making use of warm water and let them dry; you might as well utilize a dust spray in case the fan blades are made up of plastic; utilize any non-abrasive cleaner to eliminate any accumulation of dirt over the blade guards.

To get the cleanup performed quickly, you might as well utilize the brush attachment of the vacuum to move over the fan blades and reach the smaller spaces.

These products must not be utilized by children. Administer young kids to ensure they don’t come close to have fun with the appliance so as to avoid any sort of mishap owing to which they may get hurt.

Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans in India to Buy Online – Reviews 2020

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

In case you have been searching for a top-rated pedestal fan in the market for a significant time, you search ends with the USHA Maxx Air Pedestal Fan. This pedestal fan from Usha would help your fin the much-needed comfort in any weather. Irrespective of the place where you install it inside your house, the sophisticated pedestal fan is going to get rid of the all the discomfort by providing a constant breeze. These pedestal fans have been intended to throw the breeze in the horizontal direction and circulate it effectively to offer instant relief from the hot and muggy conditions inside. The overall spread of air dispersed by this fan is further improved by the oscillation feature. Additionally, there is a convenient tilt-back setting together with height adjustment feature to help your customize the pedestal fan’s position to match your requirements.

best pedestal fans in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Offers the lag-free oscillation feature for better air circulation
  • Equipped with the 100% copper motor for superior durability
  • Comprises a fully-functional remote control for convenience
  • Comes with the thermal overload protection feature for safety
  • Provides 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

AmazonBasics 400mm High Speed Pedestal Fan

Searching for an affordable pedestal fan for your home or office? Here we present the international standard AmazonBasics Pedestal Fan to take care of all your aeration requirements. This pedestal fan is a powerful device that delivers air at a high-speed for max comfort. On top of the 1456 RPM rating, this pedestal fan provides the user with 3 speed setting and the smooth oscillation feature for unmatched ventilation and circulation. Coming with the 5.2-feet adjustable height, this pedestal fan can be easily installed as per your needs. Since the overall blade arrangement has been covered with a safety grill, you don’t need to worry about anything.

best pedestal fans in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Equipped with the durable aerodynamically intended blades
  • Comes with 3 different speed settings for personalized usage
  • Offers smooth oscillations without any jerk for better ventilation
  • Tested on various parameters to verify the safety and stability
  • Provides 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Crompton Hiflo 400 MM Pedestal Fan

Next, we have an ergonomically intended pedestal fan from the house of Crompton, which provides you with unmatched flexibility. The Crompton HiFlo Pedestal Fan can be tilted up to 90-degrees by undoing the rotating knob present at the neck, which helps you adjust the head of the fan to a required angle. This pedestal fan from Crompton also allows you to activate the oscillation feature that facilitates proper ventilation to every corner of the room. With the Crompton Hiflo, you can revel in the dominant cooling and enhanced airflow without any sort of a problem! Moreover, you can choose the desired breeze level with the 3-speed settings using the easy-push buttons given on the box.

best pedestal fans in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Offers the oscillation control feature to deliver superb aeration
  • The fan’s head can be moved vertically with the tilt mechanism
  • Comes with the powerful air delivery with aerodynamic blades
  • Delivers a completely silent operation for unmatched comfort
  • Provides 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

iBELL CHROME10 406mm Pedestal Fan

Do you want a pedestal fan that offers a decent combination of sophisticated design and power? Here we introduce the iBELL Chrome10 Pedestal Fan, which will help you evade the scorching summers with the dominant motor. This aesthetically appealing fan will keep your household properly ventilated and offer instantaneous cooling. Further, this pedestal fan can be moved conveniently from one place to the other without experiencing any sort of trouble. This iBELL Pedestal Fan comes equipped with the 5-blade arrangement, which helps to enhance the overall airflow inside your space. In addition, this pedestal fan provides the uniform oscillation feature to fill up the space with fresh air at any speed.

best pedestal fans in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Comes with the 55W power rating to lessen the energy consumption
  • Comprises a firm base stand and a strong body for better stability
  • Offers a higher air throw and delivery for instantaneous cooling
  • Equipped with the powder-coated metallic grills for added durability
  • Provides 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

American Micronic 400mm AMI-PFT-55WDx Imported Pedestal Fan

The next pedestal fan option on our listing comes from the house of American Micronic. This import-quality pedestal fan proves to be the ideal combination of functionality, design, and quality. The American Micronic 55W Pedestal Fan has been designed to match the overall décor of your office cabin or living room with the stylish & sophisticated appearance. Further, this pedestal fan can operate at 3 different speeds and has a 2-hour timer function to turn off the unit automatically after the set time. The height of this pedestal fan can also adjusted as per your requirements for better ventilation. Furthermore, there is a durable high-quality copper motor in place, which comes with the 3-year replacement guarantee.

best pedestal fans in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Offers the height adjustment feature for personalized cooling
  • Comes with the 2-hour timer function for added convenience
  • Delivers superior ventilation with the 400mm aerodynamic blades
  • Equipped with the 100% copper motor to deliver apt durability
  • Provides 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

What is the Difference in between Tower Fans and Pedestal Fans?

As there are several people who are really confused among the pedestal and tower fans, we should provide them with a closer look at their differences and similarities within the primary categories:


Considering this category, there might not be any match since the pedestal fans are equipped with bigger blades, is tougher, and might superiorly ventilate a bigger room. However, the tower fans are also capable of performing a decent job, but the enclosed blades, or for a few models, bladeless classes, merely can’t equal the power that a pedestal fan has on offer.


Generally, the tower fan is slim and tall comprising enclosed blades so that you might easily install or position it anywhere inside your room without it coming in your way. The pedestal fans, however, can be a touch tougher. The base is customarily in the form of an X and whilst the pole is pretty thin, the upper portion where the blades are positioned is commonly wide and circular.

According to the placement, it might be somewhat effortless to catch a place to install a tower fan, but this suitability comes with a price tag. Moreover, a majority of pedestal fans are lanky, so you might be able to slip them amid the low-lying stuff, such as the couch, without any sort of a problem.


This is one more aspect that would go to the pedestal fans. Having a tower fan installed at home or office, it might go backward and forward, but simply to a partial degree; you might not be able to regulate how far-off it moves. This facilitates abundant circulation of air but you might not sense the fan relying on your position of comfort. Conversely, a pedestal fan would not just move back & forth but it might also be tilted down and up too. This permits the user to modify precisely where it points in a manner which a tower fan might not be able to. The conclusion is that both the types of fans are decent, but in case you desire to get the best value for your money, purchasing a pedestal fan is going to be a good option.

Safety & Maintenance

Most importantly, take care your fan has been placed on an even floor. The hardwood floors, tiles, and similar surfaces are going to be a decent choice for making the fan stand stable. They aren’t crafted for desks or higher areas- you have desk fans for that purpose. Or else, it might fall, which might damage your fan and likely hurt the user as well.  They might be utilized on carpets, but it isn’t suggested.

Make sure that the appropriate power supply is provided to the fan as per the one specified on the manual. An unfitting power supply is perpetually going to mutilate the motor of your fan and could give rise to a short. You should check your fan prior to purchasing it to ensure that it is the precise one for your house or office.

Ensure that the fan is kept distant from any sort of sources of water. You should not plug it anywhere close to the sink or place any bucket or cup having liquid inside it nearby the fan since they might give rise to short-circuit and might as well catch fire if the water gets spilled. Furthermore, do should not store the fan at any place where it is moist or there is a possibility of becoming wet, such as a garage.

You should unplug the fan if you aren’t using it for an extended time period and ensure that the cord isn’t coming in the way. In case somebody trips not just can they get hurt, but it might damage your fan as well.

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