Best 7 Laser Distance Meters In India in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Haven’t you ever wondered if there can be a better way of measuring distance than using those boring and conventional methods for doing so? Don’t worry, as here in this article; we are up with some of the best Laser Distance Meters in India. Laser Distance Meter, or the LDM, is a modern tool to measure the distance between two points using laser beams. It uses some of the most modern techniques and has proven a boon for different industries. Not only the real state took advantage of this advanced technology, but many other sectors also found the technique useful.

The 7 Best Laser Distance Meters of India in 2021

Bosch Laser Distance Measurer(GLM 40)

Bosch and technology, is there a better combination available? The company has never let its quality down, and hence it has been among the favorites in the Indian markets. Even talking of the LDM this company has developed, the efficiency and the accuracy is surprising. It can give you results just in a quick span of 0.5 seconds. The measuring distance in itself is great, and this device can measure distance up to 40 meters. The accuracy is another great fact, and all you have is an error of just+/-2mm at a time. The device is pretty efficient and smart in working.


Key Features

  • Uses a class 2 Laser for measurement.
  • The build quality is smooth.
  • You can measure up to 40 meters.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Very fast in displaying results.

  • You get a class 2 laser.

  • Performance is decent.

  • Accuracy is mind-blowing.

  • A product worthy of its price.

  • Not any proofing from water available.

Stok Laser Distance Measuring 

If you are looking for a cheap option with the best possible features, then this Laser Distance Meter is the best option for you to go with. It can measure distance amazingly from a distance of 0.05 meters to 40 meters. There are many such attractive features that are present with this LDM, with excellent accuracy. It also provides an IP54 after resistance along with its other features. With a great build in quality, the Laser Distance Meter provides you with a warranty of 1 year long. It comes among the favorite products available in the Indian markets. 


Key Features

  • You get a one year warranty.
  • There are various modes to operate.
  • You also get wonderful features as accurate distance measuring.
  • The distance range is slightly longer than the others.
  • You get water resistance.
  • The build quality is great.

  • Very affordable.

  • Strong product.

  • Water resistance.

  • High accuracy.

  • The design could have been better.

Bosch GLM 50C Laser Distance Measurer – Bluetooth Enabled

Another product from Bosch and another brilliant choice to go for. This one is among the best Meters in India available at amazing price rates with a unique feature of Bluetooth connectivity. Can you imagine an LDM with Bluetooth? Well, Bosch thinks it is easily possible, and so here you have the result. It can offer you a precise length measurement, volume, area as well as some of the other functions. The integrated Bluetooth system gives you a wide range of accessibility. The brilliant backlit display gives you a wonderful experience.


Key Features

  • The device offers great precision.
  • You even get a backlit display making the experience better.
  • There is brilliant Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The design is great; hence you get a stylish experience.
  • Bosch never lets you down with its name.
  • It is a very great user interface making it a worth it product.

  • Light weighed

  • Very compact

  • Convenient to use

  • Vivid display.

  • High accuracy.

  • There can be a problem in operating the device.

Leica DISTO New 330ft D2 Laser Distance Measurer with 4.0 Bluetooth 

The Best Budget Pick!- We say the best budget pick as you won’t find a better device in the Indian markets with Bluetooth connectivity and class 2 laser providing such an efficient measurement. You also get clear labels and buttons on the main device; this makes the work easy for you, and hence you can use it without any problems. Leica is not a well-known brand in Indian markets, but they have provided all the features in their device to successfully emerge as a big brand. Even the device can easily translate distance into different units and types.


Key Features

  • One of the ideal devices to measure distance.
  • Introduces you to completely new technology.
  • You can have readings in different units.
  • There is an advanced version of Bluetooth4.0 available.
  • The range is quite impressive, 200 feet.

  • Bluetooth is brilliant.

  • The display is fancy.

  • Class 2 laser present.

  • Lightweight 

  • Easy unit translation.

  • Little costly, still worth it.

Litake Laser Distance

Isn’t it strange that these small companies are providing exciting deals and machines while the big ones are failing to provide products according to customer satisfaction. This brand has again proven this fact. They provide the LDM with an external plastic covering so as to give it extra protection from shock and water. You also get an IP54 water resistance in this LDM. The accuracy here is much greater than all the above mentioned, and the margin for error is as less as +/- 1.5 mm. the brand is not that big, but the product is amazingly very great to use on different occasions.


Key Features

  • The price is amazing.
  • The sensor attached to the laser can give you accurate readings.
  • You get an extra layer of protection.
  • The margin of error is minimized and ranges from +/- 1.5mm.
  • The model does look different from others.

  • New technology-based.

  • Efficient reading.

  • Low error margin.

  • Extra protection.

  • Great with its build-in quality.

  • Lacks warranty.

Freemans Laser Distance Meter

The Freemans Laser Distance Meter Pro L40 comes in the Indian market attracting a huge amount of crowd, thus making its name among the best LDM available in India. The company provides you with different features like measuring accuracy of +/- 1.5mm. You also get an extra rubber coating over the main machine protecting it from the hardest of the jerks. Not only this much, but there is also a one year warranty to avail, so you can always trust the company’s policies. Moreover, the range is good, and the overall rating of the product is amazing. 


Key Features

  • The accuracy is great to work out with.
  • You can have a warranty of one year.
  • The build-in quality.
  • It ranges from 0.15- 40 meters.
  • The accuracy of the device is +/- 1.5mm.
  • The device is brilliant with its efficiency.

  • Good build in quality.

  • Long life 

  • Comes with warranty 

  • Can perform high-level calculations.

  • It is an expensive product.

Bosch GLL 3-Line 3-15x Professional Laser

The product is named as a professional laser as there are a huge number of stuff this device can do. It completely looks different from the normal LDMs. The device provides excellent results with maximum security. Integrated circuits that the company provides are very precise and can work brilliantly. When it comes to the company name, you can trust the brand easily, as they have been providing the best of materials every time with their products. The laser displacement can tell you the required measurement in amazingly quick seconds. The designed basic outlook makes the work even easier for you. Everything from the build-in quality to the performance is great.


Key Features

  • The device is more than an LDM.
  • You can have a different alignment of the lasers.
  • The Intelligent Current Management service is great.
  • Easy to control.
  • It’s a very light weighed device, and one can carry it easily.

  • Affordable.

  • Light-weighted.

  • Offers excellent performance.

  • Amazing features.

  • The build-in quality sometimes lacks at a price.

Buyers Guide

There can be a number of things you should have a look at before buying a Laser Distance Meter in India. These points can help you to get the best one for your need. In the Indian markets, there are hundreds of companies with various models and products. One can get confused while buying and then he might land buying something less worthy or something which can’t satisfy all the needs of that individual. To cope with these points and help you to pick the best LDM, we present you with a complete buying guide. 

Accurate Measurement

This is all you are looking for when you buy a Laser Distance meter In India. The technology which these lasers work on is a new one. They can give you a result in less than a second, but you will never want this result to be inaccurate or with a huge error. The accurate measurement point can cost a lot for many people in real states or in the construction business; if you risk measurements, things can cost you a lot. The entire product has an accuracy of 1/8 and 1/16. 


Performance is a big factor when we buy an LDM. By performance, we mean the ability to function and calculate. This can range in different functions, such as the measurement of length, area, and volume. The more functions and choices you get, the better the performance sections get. So while choosing a Laser Distance Meter, one should always have a look at the performance. Even many of these devices have an excellent display and noticeable command options on the screen. Different buttons can increase the performance of the machine and further can make the functioning easy.


The weight of the LDM does matter a lot in some cases. If you are working in a busy location and you are taking a big and heavy device in your hand to places, then things can be very problematic. The Laser Distance Meter can be a very heavy device at times, and then you will have to carry it all through your working hours, eventually spoiling the complete day for you.


All these devices have a battery fit inside them to function. You will never want a device to have a short battery life as this can be a very irritating job. The main problem with this point is that refilling the battery to your device after short moments can be a very tiresome job. It’s always better to select a Laser Distance Meter with extended and long lasting battery life. Of course, you won’t get the same experience as you get in a smartphone, but you expect at least 3-4 hours of backup. 


The display to a Laser Distance Meter can be a very decisive factor in selection. Many times due to the weak or low contrast on the display screen, the reading is hard to read. Different companies provide color displays and special notations to the readings. Even backlights can help you a lot in taking the readings at night. Such factors are to be kept in mind while selecting your Laser Distance Meter. 


Laser Distance Meter is a device that is prone to damages easily, so it needs good protection. Even resistance to water is an important factor. It is better that you go for an LDM which has double protection. Many of the above devices have double protection with outer plastic protection. This can be a very good advantage over others. It is better to choose a strong and well-protected device rather than going for a random option.


Laser Distance Meters are very new for India, and there are very few companies providing good and efficient LDM in the country. Basically, this device is a complicated one, and you won’t need it until you are in a business or a workplace that needs constant measurements. On the contrary, this device takes the capacity to measure to a different level of ease and comfort. We tried to bring out the best of the options available in the Indian market, but you should go through a detailed analysis of each device. Further, select the one you will need. Thanks for reading. 

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