10 Best Immersion Water Heaters Rod in India for 2022

Hot water is one of the most basic daily requirements for anybody. We need hot water for both bathing and cooking. But often we come across a situation where heaters are not available or it takes a lot of time. For such a situation, we now have the immersion rod or immersion heater. It is an electrical appliance that is used to heat water. The immersion rod is compact and because of its high portability, it is one of the most must-have appliances for anyone. Moreover, it can heat water much faster than the regular traditional ways of heating water.  Immersion water heaters can also be light in weight and bear a Bakelite handle for heat protection. Also, most of the immersion rods are anti-corrosive resistant which means they can be used for a longer time. The immersion water heater is also much energy efficient and barely consumes 1.5 units of electricity approximately in one hour.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Immersion Water Heater Rod

The immersion rods or water heaters that are available in the Indian market comprise a power capacity of either 1000 or 1500 Watts. Even there are a few manufacturers that deliver 2000W immersion rods as well.

The 1000W immersion rods or water heaters are equipped with a 5A plug whilst 1500W or 2000W units comprise the 15A plug. A majority of households solely comprise the 5A socket. Thus, in case your household isn’t having the 15A socket, opt to purchase the 1000W immersion heater, or otherwise, you will have to call the electrician to substitute the 5A socket with the 15A one to make it well-attuned with the 1500 and 2000W immersion rods.

The Power, Voltage, and Current are calculated through the formula, which you should have studied at the school level that is P = V x I, where P denotes the Power, V denotes the Voltage, and I denotes the current.

Therefore, 1000W = 230V x 4.34A, hence; the 1000W model might be safely plugged into the 5A socket.

Correspondingly, the 1500W = 230V x 6.52A, thus, the 1500W immersion rod requires being plugged into the 15A socket as 6.52A surpass the current grade of the 5A socket.

Likewise, 2000W = 230V x 8.69A, therefore, the 2000W immersion rod has to be plugged inside the 15A socket as 8.69A goes beyond the current grade of the 5A socket.

Don’t utilize the 1500 or 2000 W immersion rod when your house isn’t having a 5A socket. If not, the socket is going to get burnt or damaged. All you require doing to use the 1500 or 2000W model is to install the 15A socket in your household.

Don’t purchase the converters that switch the 5A to 15A to use the 1500W or 2000W immersion rod water heaters. Such converters are going to get damaged as they are incapable to control the load and might harm the immersion heater in addition to the socket.

Top 10 Immersion Water Heaters Rod in India for 2022

1. Bajaj 1500-Watt Immersion Heater with 16A Plug Type

Bajaj 1500-Watt Immersion Heater with 16A Plug Type

The latest Bajaj immersion heater is your most dependable source of hot water. It is an extremely useful energy-efficient immersion heater that provides one of the most convenient ways for heating water. We can tell that this Bajaj immersion heater is a must-have product in your home due to its compact size and price. Moreover, it is powered with 1500 watts of power and is made up of anti-corrosive plastic material and copper which is further plated with nickel coating. This makes this immersion heater completely easy and safe to use.

Top Highlights

  • Anti-Corrosive Material.
  • Hairpin Tubular Elements.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Product Warranty.
  • Best Heating Option.


2. Crompton CG-IHL 152 1500-Watt Immersion Water Heater (Black), Compatible with 16A Socket only

Crompton CG-IHL 152 1500-Watt Immersion Water Heater

Immersion water heater essential in every household, Crompton comes with an LED indicator indicating the device has been powered. The anti-corrosive body makes long-lasting stay of the product. The availability of the holding pin keeps the rod intact. Also, this immersion water heater is powered with 1500 watts of power and is made up of anti-corrosive plastic material. Moreover, this immersion water heater has a lengthy cord to use it to maintain a safe near the water space and the plug body.

Top Highlights

  • Water Level Indicator.
  • LED Indicator.
  • 1500 Watts Power Consumption.
  • Anti-corrosive material.
  • Holding pin.
  • Lengthy cord.


3. V-Guard vih151 1500 w immersion water heater (multicolor)

V-Guard vih151 1500 w immersion water heater

Powered with 1500 watts of power and a requirement of 200 volts, this immersion water heater by V-Guard is one of the best available in the market. It comes with the normal plug size which is available in every home and is super energy efficient as it only consumes approximately 1.5 units of electricity per hour. Furthermore, it is made up of heating elements including a copper tube, nickel-plated to ensure it is safe to use. Also, its heating material is made up of copper material and has a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Top Highlights

  • Powered by 1500 W.
  • Copper is used as heating material.
  • Copper tube, nickel-plated.
  • Easy to maintain and simple to use.
  • LED Indicator.


4. Orient Electric Hotstar IRHS15 1500-Watt Immersion Rod (Black)

Orient Electric Hotstar IRHS15 1500-Watt

Orient brings one of the best immersion water heaters on which you always depend on heating water. It has a neon indicator light for denoting operation. Made up of copper and nickel heating elements this immersion water rod is also safe to use. Also, it has a Bakelite handle for heating protection and a bucket clip for easy usage. Its nickel-plated ensures that it has good corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it is ISI certified with 3 pins molded plug – 16A and is powered with 1500 watts of power.

Top Highlights

  • Neon indicator for detonating.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Bakelite handle for heat protection.
  • Straight heating element.
  • 3 Pin molded plug.


5. Usha IH2415 1500-Watt Immersion Heater (Silver)

Usha IH2415 1500-Watt Immersion Heater (Silver)

Heating water with an immersion heater is easy but getting it to balance so it does not dip beyond the maximum mark is more of a knack. Get yourself a Usha immersion heater and you don’t need to worry any longer. This has been specially designed for heating water quickly and consumes 1500W, thus proving to be energy-efficient. The metal hook on one side lets you clip the immersion heater to the side of the bucket while the opposite side has the water level indicator which makes sure you are well within the mark. So now you don’t need to stand while your water is heating.

Top Highlights

  • Fast heating.
  • Heat-proof handle.
  • Power on Indicator.
  • Powered by 1500W.
  • Copper tube with nickel plating.


6. Rico 1500-Watt Immersion Rod Water Heater (White)

Rico 1500-Watt Immersion Rod Water Heater (White)

This Rico immersion heating rod may be the best & cheapest heating option compared to all other heating options like geyser, gas, etc. This 1500W immersion water heater was made using advanced technology which makes them shockproof as well as waterproof. The Rico immersion rod has a convenient bucket handle for easy grip and easy usage. Since it is made from a quality, rust-resistant food-grade material and designed with the copper element with nickel plating, this water heater is durable and will function efficiently for a long. This electric water heater complies with all standards of quality and safety, thus proving to be safe for use at home and even outdoors.

Top Highlights  

  • Shockproof.
  • Safe & easy to use.
  • Convenient bucket handle.
  • Best heating option at low cost.


7. Singer IR-10 1500-Watt Immersion Water Heater (Blue)

Singer IR-10 1500-Watt Immersion Water Heater (Blue)

This immersion heater made by Singer is specially designed for faster heating and water level indicator. This elegant-looking immersion heater has a power consumption of 1500 Watts and is sealed with a plastic body and is made with superior copper elements to ensure heat conduction and rust prevention. It can be safely used by hooking it to the edge of a plastic bucket with the rod touching the side of the bucket. Just make sure the level of water is within the given range, then no need to worry about anything else. This immersion water heater is covered with a Bakelite body that prevents you from electric shock during use.

Top Highlights

  • Powered by 1500W.
  • Elegant.
  • One-year product warranty.
  • Unique heating element for faster heating.
  • Water level indicator.
  • Sealed plastic body.


8. Candes Shockproof 1000W Immersion Water Heater Copper Rod (Blue and Silver)

Candes Shockproof 1000W Immersion Water Heater Copper Rod (Blue and Silver)

If you are not looking for a big geyser or don’t want to purchase a big product for heating water and if you are looking for the lowest cost and reliable product, then this Candes immersion heater is the best to purchase, also it is a portable product which you can carry anywhere. It is India’s First Company of Tubular heating elements. This 1000W immersion heater gives you instant hot water and is very ideal for every household. Because of its compact size, this immersion heater can be easily accommodated in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. This is a fully shockproof immersion heater as it has a heating wire with kenthal resistance.

Top Highlights

  • Shockproof safety.
  • ISI marked.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • The heating wire used is Kenthal Resistance.


9. ZODIN 1000W Immersion Water Heater Rod (Black)

ZODIN 1000W Immersion Water Heater Rod (Black)

This immersion heating rod from Zodin is an ISI-certified product. This immersion rod is made of copper material with the finest quality and rests assured to get the best in terms of both durability and performance. This one-of-a-kind immersion heater rod has a power consumption of 1000W and is shockproof. So you don’t have to worry, just drop it into the bucket of water and your hot water is ready. This immersion water rod is an ideal option for heating water during winters. Ensure that the water level is kept between the specified minimum and maximum level on the heater plate only before turning on the rod.

Top Highlights

  • ISI marked.
  • Powered by 1000w.
  • Shockproof.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Copper, nickel-plated material used.
  • 15A 3pin Top.


10. ESN 999 High Quality 1500W Immersion Water Heater Rod (Black)

ESN 999 High Quality 1500W Immersion Water Heater Rod (Black)

This 1500W immersion heater rod works best for heating the water, consumes less electricity comparatively and gives you hot water within 8-10 minutes. This immersion heating rod has an elegant handle design and is made from the brass element with chrome plating. This immersion heater comes with a three-pin plug socket. Also, please check the compatibility of the power socket before use – earthing recommended. Switch off the power before taking the heater out of water.  If you are looking for a branded immersion water heater that consists of anti-corrosive materials and provides heating at the very lowest cost, then ESN 999 high-quality immersion heater is the right choice for you.

Top Highlights

  • 3 pin plug.
  • 1500W.
  • Anti-corrosive material.
  • Hairpin tubular elements.
  • The specially designed heating material element for quick heating.


Immersion Water Heaters Features, How to use, and Safety Precautions

Though India has a tropical setting, owing to its huge geography, most parts of the country have quite a cold climate for months. This brings us to the inevitable duty of heating water for taking bath. One common way of heating water for Indian homes is Immersion Water Heaters. An Immersion water heater is an electric appliance that heats a bucket of water in 10 to 15 minutes. It consists of a heating coil and contains a chord similar to an electric iron.


  • They are composed of a metallic base that is carefully wielded with electric heaters.
  • These heaters are flat or long, tubular or hairpin shaped depending on the design and manufacturing concept.
  • The heating rod is coated along with Magnesium Oxide is used for quick heating, prevention against rust and corrosion. The heating rods are coated with Nichrome wire, while magnesium oxide is an electric insulator.
  • The temperature controlling mechanism is also built-in within the contraption so you can adjust the heat as per requirement.
  • These heaters give you quick and instant hot water in the most energy-efficient and safest way.

How to use

To use this appliance, simply fill up a bucket with water and place the immersion rod into the bucket either directly or with an aid like a cloth hanger. Then connect the plug into the socket and switch it on. Some points to be noted about Immersion water heaters:

In the Immersion water heater, it is recommended that the unit ought to be used on the three-pin socket with proper earthing. This water heater is also connected with 3 core cables.

They do not have an auto-off system. This means, when the water is warm enough for one’s liking, the system has to be manually switched off.

Operating immersion heaters without adequate water or no water will burn the coil and render the device useless.

Make sure that you buy a good brand and quality product to avoid electric shock and another discomfort for you and your family. You should check the ISI mark on the immersion rod and avoid low-cost unbranded ones which can be dangerous.

Apart from this, the Immersion heater isn’t a complete solution for water heating. The biggest downfall is that one can only use the heated water from the bucket with a mug or external aid. Further, there are chances of water spillage or people getting scalded as they try to transfer this bucket of hot water from the place with an electric connection to the place where they intend to use it. So use prudently and cautiously.

Safety Precautions with Immersion Water Heaters

  • Keep them in a safe place and away from children.
  • Do not switch them on putting in water and avoid touching the water directly by hand without switching off the power.
  • Be careful of burns in case the water gets too hot.
  • Avoid using metal buckets, these can cause electric shocks.

Difference Between The Immersion Water Heater and Geyser

1- Price

The immersion water heater is quite cost-effective as compared to the geyser. The normal to average immersion water heater will cost you around Rs. 300 to 600. It is quite affordable and cost-effective.

On the flip side, geysers are quite expensive and can cost you within Rs. 3,000 to 20,000.

2- Safety

The immersion water heaters are not that not safe, and especially not for children, there is a chance of getting an electrical shock. While when it comes to geysers they are quite safe and there is zero to no chance of getting any sort of electrical shock.

3- Portable         

Immersion water heaters rods are quite helpful if you’re moving houses.

On the other hand, Geysers are not that portable.

4- Water heating time

Immersion water heater takes more time to heat water than geysers.

While, on the flip side, geysers take less time to heat the water

5- Convenience

It is difficult and takes some time to set up a bucket full of water and plug the rod. In geysers, it is quite easy all you need to do is to switch it on.

6- Water heating method

In an immersion water heater, water is not heated consistently.  In geysers, water is heated regularly.

What are The Benefits of Using an Immersion Rod Over Geysers?

After its usages, you will not expensive bills that you will get after using water heaters for long periods of time. When placed in water, it heats it up. Below are some benefits to using an immersion rod over a geyser’s rod.

1- Convenient

One of the main benefits of this heater is the convenience. It is extremely small, can be stored anywhere, when not required, as opposed to a storage tank and tankless heater, which required fixed installations and space. Whether you are heating a small bucket of water or even a large jug, you only need to place the immersion rod in the water and plug it on. Since it works on the simple physics of the joule heating, you only need to place it in a small amount of water and have it heated in no time at all. Once the temperature of the water has reached your required level, you can just turn off the immersion rod and use the water.

2- Portable

If you regularly shift your residence or travel a lot, this makes for a great addition to your household items. In this case, you need not be concerned about assigning space for a water heater, as it can be deposited anywhere and can be used anytime required. Additionally, it can also be used as a backup for overnight trips, in the event, there is no water heater available.

3- Economical

Immersion rods are economical as compared to geysers road, as well as pocket-friendly. You need not spend thousands to invest in this heater, as compared to other options. Additionally, since it uses only electricity to conduct heat, it uses a clean form of energy, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint. Also, since you would only need to use it when you want to heat water when required, your electricity bills will not be high, especially in the long run.

4- Use in industries

The main purpose of immersion heaters is to generate heat inside the tank, which is why they are considered a valuable tool in many industries that are dedicated to the manufacture of elements such as oils, chemicals, petroleum, and others. The correct way to install them is to submerge the complete spiral that is in fact the heating tool inside the liquid that is being heated.

Personal Recommendation

While there are many immersion rods or immersion heaters available for purchase, one can often get confused when it comes to one immersion rod out of the many. I would suggest buying a branded immersion rod than local ones. This is because local ones although they are cheaper than most branded ones, are rarely reliable and most of them turn out to be defective after a few days of use. And since it doesn’t provide any manufacturer warranty, your money is more likely to go to waste them be useful for you. Therefore, one must always look for buying a branded one even if they might be a little costly for your liking as they provide excellent value for money and are equipped with great inbuilt features.

One such immersion rod is the Orient Electric Hotstar IRHS15 1500 – Watt Immersion Rod. It is by far the best immersion rod available in the market. One on which you can depend on not just your hard money but also your daily hot water requirements. This immersion rod sports a neon indicator light for denoting operation. Also, it has a well-polished Bakelite handle which protects from overheating. Also, it is highly energy-efficient and it consumes extremely low electricity for heating a large amount of heating in just a few minutes. There is also a 2-year manufacturer warranty available with this immersion rod meaning you are not fooled for your money.


Immersion water heaters are ideal for every household. It is also packed with advanced features that ensure convenient and safe operation. It is the most popular heating option at the lowest cost. So, keep all in mind and get an immersion water heater that suits your needs.

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