10 Best Gaming Chairs in India for 2022

Gaming is the new trend, and India never lets you down on anything. You can see significant and professional gamers streaming and competing in this virtual world throughout the country. These days’ games are not just up to fun and joy, but people do it professionally.

Professional Gaming does need a lot of equipment and efficient technology. Efficient Gaming needs high graphics computer systems, consoles, and even brilliant sound support. Gaming Chairs are among these essential accessories, and here in this article, we will deal with some of the best gaming chairs in India.

Top 10 Gaming Chairs in India for 2022

1- Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

This here is one of the best gaming chairs available in the Indian markets. The soft and cozy fabrics give you a better experience than other gaming chairs. You have an extended rest for your foot, and there is a high-density sponge that supports your spine well.

Key Features

  • The primary material is High-density PU leather.
  • You get a backrest feature for your spine support.
  • SGS class 3 barometer gives you efficient and safe lifting of the chair.
  • The dimension of the product is 84*65*32 cm and weighs 25.82 Kg.
  • You get 360-degree rotation at the central axis.


  • You get a one-year-long warranty.
  • The chair is straightforward to assemble.
  • The head support provides an edge over others.


  • The central axis is a little weak.


2- Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair


The Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair is among the most famous Indian markets with comforting features for professional Gamers. It comes with a stiff Pneumatic rod that provides you with excellent durability than any other available in the market. The chair can complement your gaming room’s beauty with its cool appearance.

Key Features

  • The chair can turn up to 170 degrees and provide you comfort back resting.
  • You get a PU coating at the outer surface.
  • The central axis is strong and lets you lift the entire thing easily.
  • You get right alloy wheels attached to the rim.
  • It is designed so that you can sit and enjoy in any position.


  • The primary material is very impressive.
  • You get a good and robust axis.
  • The rotation is efficient without any hindrance.


  • The rotation at the axis is limited to 170 degrees.




For more than 65 years, the brand has provided excellent accessories to gamers. This gaming chair rates at the top of the list. You get genuine lumbar support with this chair, and a pillow rest at the top of the chair.

Key Features

  • You get excellent mobility with the gaming chair.
  • A full 360-degree rotation is available.
  • The dimension is 21*61*59 cm with a weight of 10.2 kg.
  • The chair provides solid backrest support.
  • It is a multipurpose chair and can be used for more than Gaming.


  • The main cushion is very soft and comforting.
  • The chair has good durability.
  • A multipurpose chair.


  • The upper cover easily shows wrinkles, which spoils the look.


4- Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional

Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional

Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Chair is an expensive chair and an up-gradation of the previous model. The new monster model is very luxurious and can provide the ultimate experience. Even there is a feature of providing you with excellent airflow while using the chair. The soft fabric and the perfect design is awesome to use.

Key Feature

  • The neck pillow is extremely soft and adjustable.
  • It helps you to maintain the proper posture for a longer period.
  • There is a Lumbar pillow that makes it look very attractive.
  • Dimensions of the chair are 50*71* 133 cm and weight 23 kg.
  • The product promises you with its material to be 100% animal skin free.


  • You get a three years warranty.
  • The enormous size is great to witness.
  • The wheels are very smooth with minimal friction.


  • The spine support can have been better.


5- Enrage Fabric Gaming Chair

Enrage Fabric Gaming Chair

Enrage Fabric Gaming Chair is mainly designed for people who have to spend hours sitting and working on computer systems. It is a Multi-functional chair and is great for people like freelancers and corporate people.  Even the appearance is cozy, and if you are a classic look lover, the color and the design will attract you magically.

Key Features

  • A strong base provides the gaming chair a stable posture.
  • The chair is a mode of quality material.
  • The appearance is attractive and eye-catching.
  • You get a proper external covering over the chair.
  • There is a presence of alloy wheels down on the metal base.


  • You get amazing built-in quality with the chair.
  • The complete frame gets its cover by nylon.
  • It comes along two years of Warranty.


  • The headrest is not very efficient.


6- CELLBELL C52 High Back Gaming Chair

CELLBELL C52 High Back Gaming Chair

You can have this chair for your office and other works. It is unique from all the other gaming chairs available in the market as it uses a Hydraulic lift with a Pneumatic support facility. You have padded seats for long sittings over the chair.  It can be easily modified for any use. The special underneath controls the rate and ease of recline.

Key Features

  • There is an Upholstery cover made up of synthetic Leatherette.
  • The company has mainly focused on shoulder and back support.
  • There is the presence of an extra layer of foam over the padded seat.
  • The special material gives you high durability.
  • It has a product dimension of 50*40*39 cm with a weight of 8.5 kg.
  • Sturdy material chrome base.


  • The pure black outlook looks so glaring.
  • You get extra cushions for high comfort.
  • It is excellent to use it for professional Gaming.
  • Capacity 110kgs.


  • The lubrication is not good with the main axis.


7- Savya Home by Apex Crusader XI

Savya Home by Apex Crusader XI

If you’re a pro gamer then this could be the best pick for you. It is the upgraded one of the version which came in 2009. The company has specially redesigned it for gamers. There are many additional features such as cushion support, lumbar pillow, and extra padded chair. The chair has smooth-rolling wheels at the base with a smooth PU layer over the chair’s upper surface. It is made with smooth PU leather, added seat cushion, and lumbar & headrest pillows offer added support and comfort. The design made is timeless!

Key Features

  • The chair has a removable headrest pillow.
  • You get an easy lock-tilt and angle adjustment feature.
  • The comfortable seating option is made in a way that every individual gets maximum comfort.
  • The chair offers a 360-degree rotation.
  • Dimensions of the chair are 83 x 69 x 28 cm and weigh 24.56 kg.


  • 170 degree tilt lever.
  • Class 4 gaslift for long life.
  • Heavy duty swivel mechanism.
  • 100kgs Capacity.


  • Average quality.


8- MISURAA Imported Xenon Gaming Chair

MISURAA Imported Xenon Gaming Chair

It is a complete chair with the best of its accessories. You won’t get a better chair with design and a sleek model. The best part about the chair is its compactness. You get a resting arm and a lot more along with the chair. This chair is crafted with Synchro mechanism. You can work in the utmost comfort zone, even working at home.

Key Features

  • It comes with great lumbar support.
  • Ergonomically designed, mesh seat with depth adjustment.
  • You get a complete 360-degree turn.
  • The armrest is very soft so you can enjoy using it.
  • The backseat is soft, cast aluminium base.
  • It comes with tile tension control.
  • The wheels are great with friction


  • The Warranty adds up to a great feature.
  •  The compact size is good.
  •  The axis is very strong.


  • You don’t get a completely stable chair.


9- Ant Esports WB-8077 Gaming Chair

Ant Esports WB-8077 Gaming Chair

Here comes a modern way to game up. The chair looks so classy and stylish that you cannot take your eye off the thing. The design supports overnight Gaming with its comfortable pillow at the head region. The angle adjustment is done in such a way that even in sitting position it was ideal. Bring home high quality and super stylish chair for relaxing time. Made with superior breathable polyester fibre. It’s filled with high density 40D foam.

Key Features

  • The chair gives you a completely new experience of Gaming.
  • Easy to remove cover base.
  • You get maximum comfort with the soft cushions.
  •  The backrest allows you to relax completely on it.
  • The height is very smoothly adjustable.
  • You don’t have to worry about the stability with its new features.


  • The main fabric is very efficient with sensitive skin.
  • You get complete resting on the pillows.
  • The Warranty is long and good.


  • The chair is very costly in India.


10- Uberlyfe 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair

Uberlyfe 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair

The company has tried to give the chair a sofa look. They have made it in a slanting position with great efforts, and hence you can have it over any place, even in your living room. The color is very attractive.

Key Features

  • There is a slant present over the chair.
  • It gives you a complete out of box view.
  • The chair is very comfortable to lie down and play with.
  • You get a sofa like feeling over a gaming chair.
  • The chair comes in some beautiful colors.


  • You can’t get a better one if you like relaxing a lot.
  • It is very attractive to look at.
  • The chair provides you a unique look.


  • The headrest gets compromised.


Buyer’s Guide

With these many options for Gaming Chairs in the Indian market, it becomes hard to select the best one for an individual. There are several points which you might have a look upon before deciding and buying a Gaming Chair for your use. Different body types and postures require different support while sitting; hence one should always opt for a chair according to his body type.

Here is a buyer’s guide that will help you to select the best Gaming Chair for your use:

Fabric: Fabric is one of the most important parts to look out for in a Gaming Chair. A typical professional gamer will sit for hours on a Gaming Chair. If the fabric is not good or inefficient to provide long-lasting comfort you the complete investment may go in vain. One should always look for PU covering and a fabric that can suit your skin properly. People also have allergies to certain fabrics. Many people are sensitive to leather, so be very precise in selecting your chair.

Axis: you will find the main axis or a rod in a Gaming Chair on which the entire thing is pivoted upon. This axis is the main support and can provide you tilt and rotation movement. Even the height of the chair depends on this axis. Many companies don’t give importance to the axis, which might land you in big problems. Be very selective about choosing this axis.

Footrest: People spend hours sitting on these chairs. If you keep sitting on the chair for long, the circulation can make your feet numb if you don’t have a stable footrest. For a gamer, he must get his perfect situation to relax. This increases the efficiency of gamers. The footrest also comes with soft cushions in many gaming chairs, so it’s better to select a comfortable one.

Spine Support: Spinal Cord is a very important part of the human body. It needs proper support. Being a gamer, you don’t need a chair that makes your back pain. You need materials and support to make your spine comfortable. Many chairs don’t even bother on this one. If you can’t see any support or specialization on your chair with this point, then it’s not worth investing in.

Cover: In this section, we have two points. The quality and looks are two main points to look u here. Many chairs compromise on the ways they look. If the look is compromised, you can’t expect it to go with your gaming room. On the other hand, if the quality is compromised, you can’t sit on it comfortably and play for a good time. The cover sometimes makes a complete impression, and it needs to be stylish.


Here in this article, we saw different gaming chairs in the Indian Market. You can have any one of these as they are the best in business. The quality is great, and you won’t get a chance to complain.

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