Best 10 Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machines in India – Reviews & Brands

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One of the most exhausting and cumbersome chores at home is washing clothes. In Indian households, apart from those located in the posh zones, people still tend to wash their clothes using detergent bars and aim to remove the stains using their hands. Moreover, even if you have a semi-automatic washing machine at home, you require doing many other tasks associated with laundry. Therefore, with plenty of top offers and deals online, bring home an advanced washing machine from our line-up of the Best Front Load Washing Machines in India, which are going to take care of each and every aspect associated with your laundry. So, all you require doing is to drop the filthy clothes inside and let your front-load washing machine do the rest for you.

In case it used to be the Semi-Automatic Washers that were prevalent earlier, the fully automatic washing machines are ruling the market at the moment. You have 2 types of fully automatic washing machines available on the market to choose from. They are namely the Front-Load Washing Machines and the Top-Load Washing Machines, which are differentiated in terms of the loading pattern. For quite some time, it is quite evident that the Front-Load Washing Machines have begun making their way into Indian households. Owing to their inherent advantages, the top-loaders are progressively becoming prevalent. From the outset, these washing machines might appear to be expensive but are quite apt to save plenty of money in the longer run.

Hence, if you are thinking about switching from your outdated washing machine, choose a best-rated top-loading washing machine from our comprehensive review section so as to make a smarter decision. Further, going through the detailed reviews and analysis would help you make a more informed choice after distinguishing the various significant aspects.

Best Front-Load Washing Machines in India – Reviews 

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Searching for a washing expert for your home? Invest in this expert wash care companion from Bosch deprived of negotiating on the quality of the wash. With this 7Kg front-loader at home, you can get the best washing performance with a single touch of the buttons given on the control panel. Coming with the biggest drum in this segment, this washing machine would surely help you get over the laundry in a whisker. The innovative water filter that has been incorporated with this washing machine fits any type of tap and offers soft water for washing the garments.

Moreover, there is a reload option on the control panel, which is going to help you stop the washing cycle for adding and removing laundry in an effortless manner. Owing to the VoltCheck feature, this washing machine aptly deals with the voltage fluctuations and power interruptions effectively.

Best Front Load washing Machine


Top Highlights

  • Equipped with Drum Clean Technology for removing lint
  • Functions at lower noise levels for a peaceful experience
  • Impeccably deals with low water pressure problems
  • Comes with the multiple load sensors for saving water
  • Comprises VarioDrum that remains gentle on your clothes

  • High-performance programme 

  • Start/Reload function 

  • Anti-Tangle feature

  • Greater stability 

  • None

IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

An affordable fully-automatic front-load option is tough to find on the market. But, IFB has some other plans for you with its ultra-affordable line-up of fully-automatic washers. Aimed at the smaller families, the IFB 6Kg Front-Load Washing machine provides you ample loading capacity to handle your laundry. Equipped with the Crescent Moon Drum, this washing machine generates a water cushion to avoid your garments from being damaged. This front loader ensures a cleaner wash and comprehensive soaking owing to the shower-enabled wash & rinse cycle.

Furthermore, with the Ball Valve Technology, this fully-automatic washing machine allows the water to move out but keeps the detergent inside for a better wash and avoiding any wastage. Owing to the automatic balancing system, the unbalanced load is redistributed to enable a uniform wash.

Best Front Load washing MachineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Offers an effectual washing quality being a water-efficient unit
  • Appropriate for smaller families and bachelors with 6Kg capacity
  • Comes with the 800rpm spinning speed for quicker fabric drying
  • Delivers 15 washing programs for a precise washing experience
  • Provides 4-years manufacturer’s warranty each on motor & product

  • Anti-allergen

  • 3D wash system

  • Aqua energie

  • Ball valve technology

  • Tub clean

  • Child lock

  • Average Quality

Bosch 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Are you searching for an advanced washing machine for your home to replace the outdated model? Bring home the Bosch 6Kg Front-Load Washing Machine, which has been intended to keep your washing woes at bay. This front-loader from Bosch comes with a smart feature that regulates the water level through sensing the garment load. Moreover, this advanced washing machine diminishes the usage of water, which would help diminish the electricity consumption.

Apart from that, it makes use of hot water to systematically eliminate the bacteria and detergent residue that is accumulated within the washing drum. This helps to enhance the washing machine’s life expectancy and to provide you an ideal washing familiarity.

Best Front Load washing MachineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comes with the Allergy Plus feature for hygienic washing
  • Comprises programs to deliver a faster washing experience
  • Offers a Daily Wash Program for the hassle-free laundry cycle
  • Senses the load and fabric to regulate the level of water
  • Keeps the drum disinfected with the Drum Clean Technology

  • Allergy Plus + ECARF

  • Pre-Activated SpeedPerfect

  • Time Delay 24 Hours

  • Super 15’/30′ Programme

  • None 

LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Here comes another top-loader with a loading capacity suitable for the bachelors and couples at 6Kg. The all-new LG 6.0 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine comes with the 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology to deliver a dominant washing experience. Equipped with an advanced motor, this washing machine functions silently as it is directly linked to the drum deprived of using a pulley or belt. Moreover, this fully-automatic washing machine comes with advanced features like Baby Care, Smart Diagnosis, etc. to deliver the best washing experience.

It comes with a seamlessly intended waterproof touch panel so that you don’t need to dry your hands before making the changes in the washing cycle. Framed using stainless steel, this washing machine from Bosch has been built to last with anti-corrosive properties.

Best Front Load washing MachineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Functions with lesser noise level with the Inverter Direct Drive
  • Comprises a water-proof touch panel for added suitability
  • Equipped with 6 Motion Control Technology to remove tough stains
  • Comes with automatic restart technology to resume washing cycle
  • Expediently eliminates any sort of stain with the inbuilt heater

  • 6 Motion Control Technology

  • Tough on Tough Stains 

  • Inverter direct drive 

  • No Belt & Pulley involved

  • None 

IFB 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The next option on our listing is the fully-automatic front-loading washing machine, which is going to provide you with an all-round professional performance at home. The IFB 8Kg Front-Load Washing Machine has been equipped with the advanced Air-Bubble Washing System, which primarily generates and then discharges the agitated air bubbles for an amazing laundry experience. This is going to helps the detergent to pierce the clothing fibers profoundly to eliminate the stubborn stains.

In case your locality is supplied with hard water, the IFB Senator Washing Machine would be a decent choice as it comes with the Aqua Energie System, which turns the hard water into soft water. Owing to the innovative Silk washing program, this washing machine takes care of all your favorite sarees.

Best Front Load washing MachineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Offers protection against voltage fluctuations for safe working
  • The laundry add feature allows you to add garments midway
  • Comes with the time-delay feature for a delayed washing cycle
  • Ball Valve Technology prevents wastage and enhances wash
  • Equipped with a crescent moon drum to avoid fabric damage

  • Child lock

  • Air Bubble Wash

  • Aqua Energie

  • User-Friendly LCD Display

  • Ensure you have required tap size for installing the machine

Samsung 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

With a majority of orthodox washing machines, the fabrics protruding from the holes in the drum and getting damaged are quite common. But, this Samsung Front-Load Washing Machine comes equipped with Diamond Drum, which has an innovative embossed design. The holes in this drum smaller as well as deeply positioned within every diamond-molded depression to avert fabrics from being spoiled. Moreover, the Digital Inverter Motor of this washing machine transports grander energy efficiency, negligible noise, and remarkably durable performance.

This front loader comes with the quick-wash program to help the users to choose from a selection ranging from 15-30 minutes. Owing to the ceramic heaters, this washing machine is capable of keeping the hard water scaling at bay. With the ergonomically intended dial, selecting the desired washing mode isn’t a problem.

Best Front Load washing MachineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Offers a wide user-friendly display to deliver intuitive information
  • Comes with the carefully designed touch buttons for suitability
  • The modest crystal gloss design offers a premium feel to the unit
  • Protects your clothes from any mutilation with Gentle Fabric Care
  • Equipped with advanced ceramic heaters to avert scale buildup

  • Hexa Storm pulsator

  • Magic filter 

  • Spin timer

  • Digital Inverter

  • No installation

BPL 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

A fully-automatic front-loading washing machine can’t get more affordable than this! Invest in the all-new BPL 6.5Kg Front-Load Washing Machine, which has been feature-loaded to deliver an amazing washing experience at the comfort of your home. Having a loading capacity of 6.5Kg, this front loader is appropriate for mid-sized families comprising 3-4 members. This washing machine has been fortified with a 1200RPM motor to allow for advanced drying performance owing to higher spinning speed.

There 8 different types of washing programs at your disposal, which would allow you to get a personalized washing cycle for different garments. Coming with a contemporary design and the digital LED, this washing machine would add to the laundry area’s charm. Moreover, the 180-degree door hinge makes loading and unloading of garments easier and convenient.

Best Front Load washing MachineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Offers a loading capacity of 6.5Kg suitable for mid-sized families
  • Provides an advanced spinning speed to allow for faster drying
  • Comes with 8 washing programs to launder different garments
  • Comprises a digital LED to provide an even grander experience
  • Delivers 1-year warranty on the product & 2-years on the motor

  • Ergonomically Designed drums

  • HG Drive Copper Motor 

  • 1200 RPM

  • 1800 Degree Hinge

  • Customer Care service isn’t good

Mitashi 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The next option on our listing is another affordable fully-automatic front-loader from the house of Mitashi. The Mitashi 6Kg Front Loading Washing Machine is one of the top models on the market as it has been equipped with the 1000 RPM motor, which is an optimal speed to cater to a decent washing experience irrespective of the type of load. Thus, this washing machine ensures supreme garment spinning and hence need lesser drying time. Coming with a rust-free metallic body, this washing machine has been destined to serve you for a really long time.

Equipped with the Universal Inverter Motor, this front-loading washing machine is quite energy-efficient and operates with negligible noise. Additionally, the Noise & Shock Proof Technology ensures a uniform washing performance deprived of the machine producing a profound noise.

Best Front Load washing MachineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comes with the magic lint filter to avert the pipe blockage
  • Equipped with a universal inverter motor for added durability
  • Delivers a spin speed of 1000rpm for optimal wash quality
  • Comprises 8 distinct washing programs for convenience
  • The rust-free metallic body allows for extended performance

  • Optimum spin speed

  • 1000 RPM

  • Universal Motor

  • Noise & Shockproof 

  • None


Lloyd 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Now you can pacify the encumbrance of washing clothes at home by investing in the LLOYD Fully Automatic Front-Load Washing Machine. This 6Kg front loader comes with top-notch features such as Intelligent Control for adjusting the washing conditions as per the load. Moreover, with the features like Over Heating Control and Over Flow Control, this washing machine allows for a convenient washing experience. Equipped with a stylish LED panel, you distinguish all the aspects associated with your washing cycle so that you make the changes if you want to.

Owing to the additional soaking capability, this fully automatic washer is going to activate and eliminate the deep-rooted stains effectively. This washing machine comes with an add-on feature, which enables the user to add more load or remove clothes midway into the washing cycle.

Best Front Load washing MachineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comprises 44L drum volume for enhanced garment soaking
  • Equipped with a 2000W heater for superior stain removal
  • Fortified with Intelligent Controls with manifold sensors
  • Allows you to add clothes in the middle of the washing cycle
  • The soak wash technology assist in eliminating tough stains 

  • Load imbalance sensor

  • Water level sensor

  • Laundry load sensor

  • Door Lid open sensor

  • None 

Godrej 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

The final top-loading washer on our listing comes from the house of Godrej, which has long been a manufacturing top-quality home appliance, particularly for Indian households. Similarly, it has come up with its Fully Automatic Front-Load Washing Machine with the 6Kg loading capacity appropriate for a smaller family and bachelors. Equipped with a 1000RPM motor, the high-spinning speed of the drum facilitates the rapid drying of the garments.

Owing to the Allergy Protect wash program, this washing machine has the capability to get rid of the 7 most common allergens and 4 sorts of bacteria from the garments. This washing machine’s Eco-Balance Technology spontaneously regulates the water and energy consumption as per the load.

Best Front Load washing MachineAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Facilitates easier ironing with the anti-crease feature
  • Comes with 15 distinct washing programs for comfort
  • Cleanses the mildly soiled clothes with a 15-minute program
  • Comprises a child lock feature to shield the washing cycle
  • Detects the unbalanced load and redistributes for washing

  • Allergy Protect

  • Unbalanced Load detection

  • Eco- Balance Technology

  • 15 Wash Program

  • Foam Protection

  • RPM could be better

Buyer’s Guide 

The international community prefers the front-loading machines as compared to the top-loading ones preferred by people in India. People in India usually prefer front-loading machines as compared to top-loading options. There is an immense difference in the way clothes are being washed in India and abroad. Plus, users prefer the same.

By tradition, Indians are accustomed to semi-automatic machines. Such machines are top-loading ones, and when people switch to fully automatic machines, they generally prefer the top-loading machines.

While on the flip side, in abroad, individuals have made this transition. Overall, you’ll find users adapting the front loading machines quickly. Plus, there are multiple benefits of owning front-loading machines, the biggest one is they use fewer resources, like most precious water in comparison to the front-loading machines. Nowadays, in washing machines, water is being heated before the washing cycle is initiated. Under this scenario, front-loaders come handy in saving electricity and eventually saving on utility bills and less water, and they offer long wash cycles for better results.

Generally, the drying of clothes is more prominent in front-loading washing machines. Enough bragging, let’s look at the benefits before getting into the top 10 best front loading options before making any purchasing decision.

Front-loading machines – Benefits

In all options, front-loading options always score very high on appealing quotient with high glass doors and chrome accents. Such machines are comparatively higher capacities, which allow you to wash clothing items like comforters and other bulky items.

These machines don’t come with impellers and agitators with washtub. In simple terms, it all means you have a much better space with a comparatively milder washing action.

It leaves with ample space on the top-loading machines, with a stack of dryers. Henceforth, you end up saving a lot of space in your homes. As compared to the top-loading types of machinery, these front-loaders use less water and cleaners. As far as performance and fabric care is alarmed, these machines are outstanding.

Front-loaders – Limitations

Like you have the benefits, it comes with few limitations as well. A homemaker will look into factors these limitations before choosing the right machine for their household. Let us help you find the best one by listing a couple of limitations.

  • They require higher maintenance, to avert any mildew and moulds. Such formations can give out nasty odours as well.
  • These machines can entail bending the backs for both unloading and loading activities.
  • This can be a challenging exercise form many people, especially as they grow older.
  • They’re expensive, which increases overall investment.
  • These machines are unquestionably larger. Henceforth, you wind up using more space on the ground. Space can be at a finest in numerous Indian homes.

Front-loading machines – Precautions to take

Now, you know the benefits as well as drawbacks of using front-loading washing machines. Consequently, you should also be aware of the defences to take to attain maximum competence.

  1. It is always a good idea to use High Efficiency (HE) soap and that too in the right amount. These machines use lesser water than the top-loading machines. In case you use more soap to create a lather, it can source the needless build-up of soap, thus causing servicing glitches. It also upsurges the odours and marks the washing performance.
  2. You should always leave the front door open when the machine is not in use. Consequently, you evade the founding of moulds and mildew and keep the machine sniffing renewed continually.
  3. These machines come with a rubber coating on the doors to make sure against water leakage. One should shower them at regular intermissions to prevent mould creation.

Comparison between Top Loading and Front Loading Washing Machines


Top loading washing machines are much cheaper than front loading washing machines. So the initial cost of buying a washing machine is less in a top-loading washing machine. Most of the brands have energy efficiency as a feature and top-loading machine further reduce energy bills as top-loading machines have more space for clothes and so more clothes are washed in one cycle.


Generally speaking, the top-loading and front-loading washing machines of the same capacity when compared, top-loading machines take much lesser space as compared to front-loading machines.


High-efficiency top-loading machines require very less detergent. Also, a lot of different detergents can be used in a top-loading machine, but very few types of detergents can be used for front-loading machines


In some cases, top-loading machines use half the water that is needed for front-loading machines. This is very convenient for people all over the world as water is a limited commodity in most places on the planet.

Overall there are many benefits to buying a top-loading washing machine as compared to a front loading option. When buyers buy washing machines, they need to assess the type of model, the features, the brands available and the affordability of buying the washing machine before making a perfect choice.

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now come to the end of the overall comprehensive review section, we suppose that it would now become fairly easy for our users to choose the top-load washing machine that matches their requirements and preferences. Moreover, keeping the budget of different people in mind, we have listed the top fully automatic washing machines from every price point so that everyone has a model under their belt. Further, irrespective of the top-load washer you choose for your home, we assure you of the utmost durability and unmatched washing performance.

Best Front Load washing Machine


However, in case even after going through our detailed analysis and reviews some of the users are finding it difficult to select a fully automatic front-loading washing machine for their home, going with our personal recommendation would be a smart decision. The Fully Automatic Front-Load Washing Machine that we would suggest our users purchase is the Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine, which has been loaded with a variety of features to enhance the overall washing experience and deliver unmatched convenience whilst managing laundry at home.

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