The Best 6 Egg Boilers Online in India 2020 – Reviews & Top Brands

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Boiling eggs might not require any specialty or professional training but getting the job done perfectly can solely be performed by the regulars. On occasions, the eggs may be overcooked whilst there are times when they could be undercooked. The thing to note here is the precision required to strike the correct balance. Hence, today we have aligned the Best Egg Boilers in India to help you prepare perfectly boiled eggs at home for a quality breakfast.

Eggs are considered to one of the best protein sources fortified with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. An egg boiler is going to help you boil the eggs without any hassles and keeping the nutritional value intact. To boil the eggs using an egg boiler, you won’t require keeping them inside the vessels filled with water.

Moreover, these devices can accommodate around 5 to 7 eggs at once to serve the whole family. Additionally, coming with a compact design, the egg boilers are user-friendly and can be stored easily inside any cabinet after use. There is a wide variety of egg boilers in the market, which is the reason why we have listed solely the top-end models to make the purchase relatively free from hassles.

What are the Differences between Hard, Medium, and Soft Boiled Eggs?

Talking about the nutritional value, all these egg preparations won’t differ suggestively. The egg boilers come with the measuring beaker, which will help prepare all these types of eggs perfectly. You just need to transfer water from the measuring glass and get the eggs cooked for the definite time.


The hard-boiled eggs have the hard white part and a stable yolk. To prepare the hard-boiled eggs, you need to cook them for around 12 minutes and plenty of water that the other types. But, you have to make sure that the eggs don’t get overcooked or their nutritional value will be lost.

Medium Boiled

Coming to the medium-boiled eggs; they have a partially cooked yolk along with an average egg white. These eggs need relatively more water than the soft boiled eggs and are cooked for nearly 8 minutes. If you want boiled eggs in their healthiest form, medium-boiled eggs are the way to go!

Soft Boiled

Lastly, there are soft boiled eggs that have a softer egg white and a smooth yolk. In comparison to the other kinds of boiled eggs, these need lesser time and water and hence, are tough to peel. When preparing these eggs, ensure that they are properly cooked or else they could carry salmonella that gives rise to bacterial infection.

Best Egg Boilers to Buy Online in India – Reviews 2020

Simxen Electric Egg Boiler

Are you in the search for an affordable countertop egg boiler for your kitchen? Get yourself the cost-effective and functional Simxen Electric Egg Boiler, which will allow you to boil 7 eggs at once! This multi-function egg cooker can boil the eggs in the way you like. Coming with the automatic shut-off feature, this egg boiler will switch off as soon as the water gets boiled dry. As a result, it keeps away the chances of accidents and makes it safer to use. Crafted from the high-quality ABS plastic, this egg boiler is both durable and safe to use.

best egg boiler


Top Highlights:

  • Comes with 7 slots to boil several eggs at once for convenience
  • Crafted using the high-quality ABS plastic for added durability
  • Designed having a compact and lightweight body for suitability
  • Features the automatic shut-off function to ensure your safety
  • Provides the water measuring cup and steaming bowl for ease

GEZRIL Electric Egg Boiler

Boiling the eggs precisely in the manner you like could never be easier than using an electric egg boiler. Having the GEZRIL egg boiler at home, you can effortlessly prepare 7 eggs at once from the hard-boiled to the soft-boiled in a single batch. Moreover, this egg boiler lets you prepare the eggs consistently without using oil or fat for a healthy breakfast. Further, the egg cooker’s lid comes with the mini egg-shaped handle to allow for easy opening and avoiding accidental burns. Additionally, there is an automatic shut-off feature to ensure the safety of the user and avoid damages.

best egg boilerAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Features a compact and lightweight design for easier storage
  • Comes with the automatic shut-down function for apt safety
  • Comprises a transparent lid with a handle to avoid the burns
  • Delivers a hassle-free egg boiling experience on every occasion
  • Allows you to prepare 7 eggs at once in the manner you prefer

SOFLIN Plastic Mini Electric 7 Egg Poacher Steamer

Here comes another reasonably-priced countertop egg boiler to deliver perfectly cooked eggs on the breakfast table. The SOFLIN Electric Egg Steamer has been crafted out of high-grade stainless steel heater and boils your eggs in a jiffy. Coming with the measuring cup, you can add water according to the total number of eggs you would like to cook. Moreover, this egg boiler isn’t going to harm the nutritional value of the eggs and makes sure that they are cooked perfectly. Further, boasting a compact and lightweight design, this egg boiler is quite portable and travel-friendly.

best egg boilerAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Allows you to prepare 7 eggs at once without using fat or oil
  • Comes with the automatic shut-off function for proper safety
  • Takes only 10 minutes to boil the eggs for a nutritious breakfast
  • Features a compact and lightweight design for effortless storage
  • Comprises a transparent lid with a handle to avoid possible burns

Kent 360 Watt Egg Boiler

Boiling the eggs without letting them break proved to be difficult if you don’t have the skill or experience. Hence, we have come up with the KENT Egg Boiler-W that happens to be the perfect appliance for the beginners! Perfect for boiling eggs, this egg boiler comes with 3 cooking modes to prepare hard, medium, and soft boiled eggs with the button control. Boasting a compact and lightweight design this egg boiler is quite travel-friendly and can cook 7 eggs in a single batch. Moreover, there is a transparent plastic lid on the top to avoid the accidental burns from dripping water.

best egg boilerAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Comes with the stainless steel heating plate for faster boiling
  • Has the capability to prepare soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs
  • Appropriately boils 7 eggs in one single batch for apt convenience
  • Boasts the automatic shut-off function to deliver added safety
  • Provides 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Glen 3036 500-Watt Egg Boiler

Next, we have an advanced egg boiler coming from the house of Glen, which is known to manufacture top-quality kitchen appliances. Featuring a compact design, the Glen 3036 Egg Boiler allows for soft to hard boiling of eggs without any sort of hassles. Boasting the flat heating plate and stainless steel body, this egg boiler can prepare up to 8 eggs in a single batch in a matter of minutes. Moreover, there is a steaming rack and 4 poaching cups to allow for effortless cleaning. Further, there is an egg-ready indicator onboard to deliver further convenience.

best egg boilerAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Allows you to prepare soft to the hard-boiled eggs effortlessly
  • Boasts the egg-ready indicator to facilitate convenient usage
  • Comes with the automatic cut-off feature for added safety
  • Comprises the steaming rack to guarantee painless cleaning
  • Provides 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Kent 360-Watt Instant Egg Boiler

Here comes another countertop egg boiler from the house of KENT, which is an all-new kitchen to help boil eggs conveniently. Equipped with the flat heating plate, this egg boiler allows you to get the eggs boiled quickly. By keeping the nutritional value of the eggs intact, this egg boiler helps you to maintain a healthy diet even in the hostel or dorm. Moreover, there are 3 boiling modes onboard to help the user boil eggs in 3 distinct ways that are soft, medium, and hard. You just need to pour the apt quantity of water and let the egg boiler do the rest.

best egg boilerAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • A user-friendly egg boiler offering the one-touch operation
  • Offers 3 cooking modes to cook hard, soft, and medium eggs
  • Comes with the stainless steel body to deliver added durability
  • Comprises a flat heating plate to get the eggs boiled faster
  • Provides 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Egg Boilers – Buying Guide

In this section, we are going to discuss the major considerations when buying an egg boiler:

Egg Capacity

Boiling eggs on the stove can be quite messy at times, which is one of the reasons why we choose the egg boilers. However, when buying an egg boiler, you need to consider the capacity to match the needs of your family. A majority of egg boilers can house around 5 to 7 eggs at once. You should prefer buying an egg boiler with more slots so that you can enjoy the convenience.

Cooking Modes

The egg boilers come with three cooking modes to get the eggs boiled in 3 different ways that are hard, soft, and medium. The egg boilers allow the user to decide the cooking mode through the level of water.


At first, we need to understand the fact that the larger boilers aren’t always the best. The egg boilers help the user boil eggs perfectly and simultaneously keep you kitchen muddle-free. Hence, we suggest you bring home an egg boiler to keep your space neat & clean. Moreover, you can opt for the 2-layer egg boilers can help save a lot of space whilst doubling the capacity. Further, you need to check the trays, power cord, and measuring cups before the final purchase.

Types of Egg Boilers

On the market, you can find 2 types of egg boilers that have been described below:

Microwave: This type of egg boilers aren’t self-operating but necessitate a microwave oven. The microwave egg boiler unit needs to be placed inside the microwave oven. Additionally, these units take relatively lesser time to boil the eggs. These boilers can be cleaned easily, which is the advantage it has when compared to the countertop boilers. However, they don’t come with a separate temperature setting and the eggs are boiled having the same consistency.

Countertops: These egg boilers are self-sufficient, user-friendly, and consume lesser space in the kitchen. The countertop egg boilers help you prepare the eggs in distinct ways. Moreover, you get advanced features such as keep-warm, digital timer, and cooking modes, which makes them an ideal choice.


When buying an egg boiler, you need to consider the boiler material, which tells you about the unit’s durability. Generally, the boilers are crafted out of plastic or aluminum and a few are made using both these materials. Further, you can also find boilers coming with the non-stick coating.

Plastics: Primarily, we would suggest you keep away from the plastic boilers owing to their toxic nature. Apart from their affordability, they can be placed inside the dishwasher, but their placement needs to be performed carefully. These boilers shouldn’t be placed on the top rack as the heat can damage the egg boiler.

Stainless Steel: They are the most durable egg boilers you can find in the market. The stainless steel egg boilers tend to retain its shine for an extended period and are dishwasher-safe. These egg boilers are premium-quality models as they offer added advantages compared to other models.

Aluminum: These egg boilers are also reasonably-priced but may not be as durable as their stainless steel counterparts. Additionally, they aren’t dishwasher-safe, which adds to your work and hassles.

Lid Material

Steel Lid: The stainless steel lids are quite durable and completely non-toxic. But, these lids aren’t transparent, and hence, you cannot keep a check on the eggs.

Plastic Lid: These lids are transparent and help you keep a check on the preparation of the eggs. However, the plastic lids aren’t that durable and need to be handled carefully. Moreover, the toxic nature of a majority of plastic lids can’t be ruled out.

Power Consumption

Before you make the final purchase, you need to check the power consumption of the egg boiler. A majority of times, faster cooking gives rise to the added consumption of power. Hence, you need to prefer the egg boilers with lower power consumption so that you can save energy whilst boiling the eggs perfectly in a mess-free manner.

Personal Suggestion

As we have concluded the comprehensive product review section, we anticipate that choosing the Best Egg Boiler isn’t going to be exhausting anymore. Further, we have reviewed every type of egg boiler on our listing for matching the requirements and preferences of different users. Moreover, there are egg boilers from different price points so that our users can find a model that matched their budget!

On the other hand, if you still haven’t been able to choose an egg boiler that would match your requirements, preferences, and budget, we suggest you go with the personal recommendation. The egg boiler that we would recommend to our users is the Kent 360 Watt Egg Boiler, which is an affordable unit and provides you with all the essential features for a hassle-free egg boiling performance.

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