The Top 10 Drilling Machines for Home Use in India 2020 – Best Reviews & Brands

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These days, a majority of people tend to perform their home repairs by themselves owing to the prevailing trends of DIY. But to perform such tasks at home, you need to have the essential tools as well! Hence, having a best-rated drill machine for home could be a good investment. Thus, today we have come up with the Best Drilling Machines on the market, which would turn mending and repair works at home quite easy and effective.

A drilling machine is a powerful tool that is commonly used in the industry of construction and building. They are available in distinct types and sizes and might as well be utilized as a compelling home enhancement and repairing instrument. In this comprehensive product review, we would be providing the detailed descriptions about the top drilling machines that you may purchase online particularly to use at home for different kinds of repairs.

A drilling machine might be utilized for some DIY project that implicates drilling holes into the concrete walls or any sort of surfaces made up of metal. It may assist in assembling the furniture in addition to acting as an effective screwdriver for any sort of screw driving requirements.  You may consider any sort of surface; it is going to help in repairing and organizing anything. Thus, investing in a quality drill machine would be a cool decision as it will help save both money and time.

At the present time, the drilling machines broadly vary in size, type, and performance. The latest models have dumped the outdated lead batteries and rather come with lifelong lithium-ion batteries, twin battery support, improved charger, easy to grip and light-weight designs for added convenience. Moreover, with plenty of choices on the market and several aspects to keep an eye on, being a beginner you may get confused. Therefore, this line-up of the Best Drilling Machines is going to assist in narrowing down the choices as per your budget and requirement.

Correspondingly, we have also come up with the ultra-affordable drilling machine options as well to help every user find a model that falls in their price range. So, read through our comprehensive review section to choose a drilling machine for home as you won’t go wrong selecting any one of them.

Top 10 Best Drill Machines (Corded & Cordless) in India – Reviews 2020

Black & Decker KR554RE 550-Watt 13mm Drill Machine

Are you searching for a top-quality drill machine that would assist you with the building tasks or household repair? Here we have the Black + Decker Reversible Hammer Drill Machine which would prove to be the perfect tool to get over with any task. The BLACK+DECKER KR5554RE isn’t a high-maintenance unit yet doesn’t negotiate as far as the performance is concerned. Coming with an ergonomic grip and a lightweight design, this variable speed hammer drill machine makes it easier for you to use it for extended sessions.

It comes with the drilling and hammering modes, which permits the user to swiftly and powerfully drill through masonry, wood, and steel. In case you are fervent about power tools, this 550-Watt drilling machine is the one for you as it would allow you to perform a variety of DIY projects at home.

best drill machines in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Suitable for home drilling with the 2-meter long power cable
  • Offers ultimate finger-tip control owing to the variable speeds
  • Moves past masonry, steel, and wood through hammering mode
  • Comprises a lock-on button to allow for uninterrupted usage
  • Comes with an ergonomic design to enable optimal gripping

Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit

Are you a professional repairman? If yes, having a top-quality tool kit would come really handy. The next pick on our listing is the two-in-one professional tool kit from Bosch, which is ideal for both professionals and beginners. Irrespective of the task at hand, this drilling machine is going to be your favorite tool as it comes with several accessories to make sure you never require calling the repairman any longer.

Being the most compact drill machine in this price range, this unit comes with an ergonomic design that is effortless for professionals and beginners alike. Equipped with a 500 W powerful motor, this drilling machine delivers an appropriate amount of support and power that you would require in finishing tasks in and around your household.

Best drill machines in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comes in a portable tool kit form for premium functionality
  • Comprises 100 accessories made up of long-lasting material
  • Lightweight and compact design to allow for easy maneuvering
  • Appropriate drill machine to perform repairs in smaller spaces
  • Offers an apt amount of power and support with 500W motor

KHADIJA Powerful 10mm Simple Electric Drill Machine

Require buying a drilling machine to accomplish different home tasks? Here comes an ultra-affordable option from Khadija, which would help you get over the repair works and organization at home. The range of power tools from Khadija has been aimed at commercial and domestic usage. This combination of a dominant 350W drill machine and high-quality drill bits would allow for the utmost convenience and versatility. Being a user-friendly and ergonomically intended drill machine, this power tool from Khadija would deliver easy maneuverability with better efficiency and handling.

This drilling machine has been equipped with 350W – 2600 RPM durable copper motor for well-organized and influential drilling performance. Coming with a 10mm chuck, it makes for an ideal tool for home drilling chores and the vents allow for effective cooling.

Best drill machines in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • A convenient drill set combo option for effective operations
  • Offers a 2600RPM copper motor to deliver dominant drilling
  • Comes with an ergonomic grip handle for comfortable operation
  • Allows for simple operation with the single consistent speed
  • Effective wall drilling action owing to the diamond drill bits

iBELL IBL ED06-91 420W High-Speed Electric Drill

Have anyone of you ever been in a constricted spot whilst drilling at home? Such hard-to-reach spaces could be a pain and problematic whilst you attempt drilling or tightening a nut. It is going to be convenient if you have a tool to get over each task! Here we have the iBELL Electric Drill Machine comes with the lightweight and compact design along with a 6.5mm chuck capacity to perform a majority of home DIY tasks. Equipped with a 420W – 4200 RPM dominant motor, this drilling machine would assist you in performing the tasks that give you a tough time.

Top-notch performance necessitates a bulky design is solely a myth since the iBELL driller is enormously dominant with heavy-duty functionalities but has a portable compact design, which takes up lesser space and might be taken wherever you want.

Best drill machines in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Offers 420W power to deliver a dominant rotary speed for drilling
  • Speeds up the task completion with the 4200RPM swift motor
  • Equipped with a comfortable grip handle for easy functioning
  • Take on any challenge with the lightweight yet sturdy design
  • Comes with the forward and reverse switch for added suitability

Cheston 10mm Powerful Drill Machine

Do you require buying a drill machine just to get your home tasks performed effortlessly? Bring home this powerful drilling machine from the house of Cheston, which would come in handy whilst you require drilling a hole into masonry, steel, or wood at home or anywhere else. This drilling machine has a semi-metallic body so as to deliver top-notch performance and unmatched durability.

Designed ergonomically, this powerful drill machine from Cheston allows offers easy handling along with an effective cooling system to allow for extended drilling sessions at home or outside. This drilling machine also comprises a power lock button so that your fingers aren’t tired when using it for an extended period of time.

Best drill machines in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Appropriate for effective drilling into masonry, wood, and metal
  • Equipped with a 350W – 2600RPM motor for a dominant drilling
  • Offers an ergonomic handle to deliver unmatched support & comfort
  • The efficient cooling system doesn’t allow the equipment to heat
  • Comes with a 6-months manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

CAMEL BRAND 10mm 350W Drill Machine

Now puncturing holes in the wall for hanging pieces of art or your family photographs, or bathroom mirrors won’t be a tough task owing to the all-new powerful CAMEL CD10 Drilling Machine. You may utilize this toll for drilling the pilot holes for driving the nails and screws into the tough surfaces such as wood or masonry. This drilling machine would allow you to perform drilling in the hard-to-reach area and corners wherein a standard drill machine won’t perform effectively. This drill machine’s pistol-grip handle has been ergonomically intended to make sure that the grip is firm and comfortable to allow for steady and ideal drilling.

Comprising the Jawed Chuck, this drilling machine is effective for a variety of drilling applications since it is compatible with a majority of drill bits on the market. Crafted with the advanced German technology, this drill machine confirms zero vibration offering a charming drilling experience.

Best drill machines in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Comes with a 10mm high-precision drill chuck for reliability
  • Allows you to drill hole as deep as 20-25mm on a wooden fence
  • Offers unmatched durability with the copper winding armature
  • Equipped with a 300W motor for drilling through metal & concrete
  • Provides a locking on the button to allow for continuous drilling

BLACK+DECKER EPC12K2 12-Volts Cordless Drill

The cordless drills tend to offer the benefit of suitability and safety since there aren’t any wires in use that come in your way. The BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill is the tool that you need if you often perform drilling at work being a professional or at home for DIYs. Featuring a trigger, this 12V cordless drill delivers the required versatility in a majority of drilling and fastening tasks and is suggested for the DIY aficionados.

Coming with a compact carry case, the user won’t require worrying about taking the unit from one place to the other. Offering the spring-loaded slide pack battery arrangement, changing the battery won’t be a problem and the secure fit doesn’t let the battery move inside.

Best drill machines in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • The appropriate tool for drilling holes into wood, plastic, or metal
  • Comes with an effective set of accessories for various applications
  • Comprises a compact case to allow for advanced portability
  • Provides effective torque-speed control with multi-torque clutch
  • Suffices all your projects effortlessly with the 12V Ni-Cd battery

DeWalt DWD014-IN 10mm 550-Watt VSR Drill

If you are a repairman and require using a drilling machine on a daily basis, purchasing the best-rated model would be a good choice. Hence, the next option on our listing is from DeWalt, which is a pioneer in designing power tools and accessories. The DWD014-IN from DeWalt comes with a 10mm chuck capacity so that it is well-attuned with a majority of drill bits available on the market. Equipped with a speed-dial, you may easily regulate the functioning speed to get the ideal results.

Whilst performing the repetitive tasks, the lock-on button comes in really handy as it won’t let your hands get tired. Being a compact drill machine, this 550W VSR model would certainly help you find the perfect size to power ratio.

Best drill machines in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • An impeccable powerful drill option for optimum functionality
  • Comes with the 10mm chuck key for managing the drill bits
  • Comprises a variable speed dial switch for unmatched control
  • Offers a lock-on button to help you perform incessant drilling
  • Provides an improved sealing to ensure maximum protection

Makita M0801B 16mm Heavy Duty Hammer Drill Machine

When you want to perform the heavy-duty drilling tasks, choosing a dominant hammer drill machine is a smart option. Thus, we have also listed the Makita M0801B Hammer Drill Machine that is apt for performing the tough drilling jobs and projects. Equipped with the 500W high power motor, this hammer drilling machine offers an enhanced performance without any glitches. Coming with an ergonomically designed handle, this drilling machine offers a firm grip to allow for a steady drilling experience.

Additionally, this drill machine comes with a variable speed feature so that you may change the speeds at per your requirement for precise results. Comprising the chuck key, side grip, and handle, this hammer drill allows for manifold holding positions whilst you are drilling. The forward and reverse rotation feature of this drilling machine helps you loosen and tighten the screws on a metallic plate or wooden surfaces.

Best drill machines in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • An appropriate power tool for performing heavy-duty tasks
  • Provides an enhanced performance with the 500W power
  • Offers a comfy yet firm grip with the ergonomic handle
  • Comes with variable speed feature to deliver precise results
  • Delivers a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty against defects

Foster FHD 2-26 DRE 26mm Rotary Hammer Drill Machine

Wonder how a rotary hammer drill machine functions like? Don’t you worry! We have you covered as the final drill machine model on our listing is the dominant triple mode hammer drill machine. Extensively used by the professionals for household and commercial usage for piercing holes into metal, wood, and masonry. The Foster 26mm Hammer Drill Machine comes with the softer grip and variable speed feature to provide an impeccable performance.

Moreover, this 850W rotary hammer drill has been fortified with the top-grade metallic keyless chuck with the lock-function to avert the drills from slackening whilst use and for replacing the drill bits effortlessly. This powerful drilling equipment comes with an ergonomically intended handle that offers a firm hold to permit stress-free working. Moreover, you might as well utilize the reverse switch whilst you require unscrewing or retracting the drill bits.

Best drill machines in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights

  • Equipped with the 850W power for a dominant performance
  • Comes with the carrying case to allow for effortless transport
  • Offers the triple-mode action to deliver utmost versatility
  • Advanced control for all uses with the variable speed trigger
  • Crafted with an insulated shock-proof body for added safety

What are the Types of Drilling Machines in India?

Cordless Drill Machine

This type of drilling machine is apt for performing the DIY projects at home or garage. The cordless drills are equipped with a rechargeable battery to deliver the added convenience. However, these drilling machines can be less dominant than the corded units, but are user-friendly, lightweight, and safe. In case you are performing any time-taking project, you must consider the second drill or battery option that offers the rapid change function. This feature is going to make sure that you don’t require waiting till the battery is recharging.

When compared to the corded drilling machines, the cordless models offer superior flexibility and offer apt functionality. They might as well be used in the spaces that are tough-to-reach; hence, the cordless drills may be a decent choice for domestic usage.

Corded Drill Machine

The corded drilling machines are appropriate of the people who are experienced campaigners whilst performing the industrial work. These drill machines offer superior torque and power, different from their equivalents. These are apposite for regular usage inside the factory or workshops.

Moreover, these machines tend to deliver amazing features when compared to the cordless units. Whilst you are using a corded drill, you don’t need to worry about being stuck amidst a project and are commonly used to perform the jobs such as masonry.

Drilling Machines – Important Features

The features offered by a drilling machine tend to describe its quality and the durability, which are quite important when buying one. Hence, we have listed down the features that you can consider to catch a hold on a top-quality drill machine for home:

Variable Speed

This is an important feature to have in a drill machine if you often need to drive screws at home or at work. Even if you don’t, you still need to have the variable speed feature as it would help you clean up the holes since different types of materials require distinct bit speeds.


The reverse movement feature helps to eliminate the bits that get stuck and proves to be a good utility even if you don’t have to drive screws regularly. The keyless chuck has a default reverse setting as you won’t find any other method to get the drill bit removed. Hence, you require being careful regarding the reverse feature when purchasing a keyed drill.

Torque Clutch

This is also an essential drilling machine feature in case you need to drive screws regularly. Using this clutch, you would be able to set the max torque level following which the drill machine would stop. It assists in avoiding the screw overdriving into any material. The torque clutch feature might prove to be an actual life saver when you aim to drive hefty number of screws.

Speed Settings

Finally, we have the speed setting option that is a quite critical feature to have in a drill machine as kit helps to perform various projects effectively. Using this feature, you would be able to drive the screws with no trouble even at the lower bit speeds.

Personal Recommendation

These were the top drill machines options that we finalized on merit so as to make sure that our user gets nothing but the power tool for use at home. As the comprehensive review section has been concluded, we suppose that it would now become fairly easy for our users to choose the drill machine that would allow them to move past any kind of surface for piercing holes. Additionally, all the drill machines that we have introduced and lined up in our review have been chosen following detailed research and analysis. So, irrespective of the drill machine you choose, value for money is guaranteed!

best drill machines in indiaAmazon

On the other hand, if there are a few users who haven’t been able to finalize the drill machine that would match your set of requirements and budget, choose to go with our personally suggested drilling machine to make a smart choice. The drilling machine that we would recommend our users to purchase is the Black & Decker KR554RE 550-Watt 13mm Drill Machine, which has been intended to deliver the best performance and unmatched maneuverability whilst use. Moreover, it comes with features like variable speed and reversible action for added convenience and the best control whilst you are drilling any metallic, wooden, plastic, or concrete surface.

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