10 Best Dog Cage /Kennels in India 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Dogs are a very precious part of thousands of families out there in the world. These beautiful creatures need love, care, and affection, so maintaining them is a big deal. They must live in clean and safe places to ensure the best of their care. Dog cages are part of these caring accessories and can help you maintain and train your dog for lots of purposes. Even you can prepare your dog for its feeding habits and toilet control in a strict manner using these cages. These cages ensure your dog’s security so that they are safe from strangers and other organisms around.

Buying a cage for your Dog can look easy, but it is a lot more complicated than it seems. There are many points which you should look for and have in your mind before buying one of these cages. Dogs are susceptible animals, and cages are a very complicated thing when you see that it will contain a living organism. To solve your problems, we have a list of points and the essential facts you will have to look upon before buying the perfect cage for your little one.

Your Dog’s size

This is the most important fact you need to have in your mind before buying a cage for your Dog. In any case, the size is not measured correctly, and it can cause you many significant problems. Your Dog might get hurt if the size is not big enough. You can’t take any risk with such a complicated matter, so be very accurate in measuring your Dog and further order.


Dog cages are mainly made up of two materials. The first one is metal, or basically, iron, and the other one is plastic. The metal one will provide you with greater strength, and hence you can trust the material while the other one is good with comfort. But plastic is not good enough in giving strength, so there might be problems. At last, it comes to your choice.


Most of the bases of a dog cage are made up of plastic and other strong fibers, and they are attached so that you can easily remove them and clean the base off. Choosing a suitable material is essential as your Dog would be lying on the base for most of the time, so grab the cage, which makes your Dog very comfortable.


People also buy these cages just to keep their dogs and transport them to different places. This portability is a significant factor because if you don’t have a cage enough to keep your Dog comfortably and take it to other places, then the entire concept of having a dog cage is a waste.

The number of locks

There can be multiple possibilities in which your Dog can escape the cage and another land up in a dangerous place if the security to your cage is not good enough. The best solution to this problem is locking up the cage with a good lock. Many cages enable you with double locks. 


There are two doors in most of the cages. One lets the Dog in easily, and the other lets your pet out of the cage swiftly. There are also options with one door, but a two-door cage is always better to go for.

Best Dog Cage /Kennels in India – Reviews

AmazonBasics Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

One of the best dog cages available in Indian markets is the Amazon basic To Door Top Load Pet Kennel. You can be sure of the quality and the material as amazon never lets its brand name down. The top door is very flexible, so you can rest ensure that it doesn’t hurt your dog while you place it into the cage. Even there are two doors attached to the cage, so the cage’s opening becomes easier and more comfortable. You also get addition on screws over the top load, which can help you a lot if you need a cage for frequent traveling with your pets. The excellent and durable plastic makes it healthy so that you never find it fragile.


Key Features

  • The top door of the cage is flexible.
  • Comes with great strength.
  • Very good and efficient for traveling.
  • The primary latch has a spring, which ensures smooth opening.
  • The dimensions are 23*15*13 inches.

  • Two doors.

  • Great brand value.

  • Warranty of a year.

  • Excellent material.

  • Not suitable for big dogs.

MR OREO Powder Coated Iron Cage with Removable Tray for Dog

MR Oreo gives you one of the most fantastic Dog cages with attractive looks. The most incredible feature of this dog cage is the durability of the cage. It is made up of iron and is painted blue, giving it both strength of the material and eye-catching attractive looks. As the name suggests, the cage has a removable tray for the dogs making it very easy to clean. There are many such other features, which makes it very close to the amazon basics in quality. Even it can be transported and folded in the same way as Amazon’s product does. 


Key Features 

  • The primary dimension of the cage is 36*22*26 inches.
  • They are made up of strong iron.
  • Can be folded easily and transported.
  • The removable tray makes it easy to clean.
  • The attractive blue color gives it a very classic appearance.

  • Comes with two doors.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Attractive in looks.

  • Iron makes it strong.

  • No warranty.

AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Cage

If you have a comparatively large dog and are looking for a more convenient dog cage than others mentioned above in the article, you can opt for this cage. This amazon essential is longer, and hence you can make room for your dog conveniently. The cage has two side bolts, so the security becomes doubled up. The doors are made in such a way that your dog will find it easy to get in and come out within no time. It is perfect for training purposes and looks decent to all the others mentioned. 


Key Features

  • The dimensions are 48*30*32.5 inches.
  • There are two-sided bolts on the door.
  • Walls can easily be folded.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The walls are easily foldable.

  • Large.

  • Stylish

  • Lookout is brilliant.

  • Big Brand Value.

  • Still, giant dogs don’t find a space.

Smarty Pet Paws For A Cause Metal Cage

Smarty Pet Paws are another company providing suitable quality materials and attractive cages. They make their cages most like the Mr. Oreo one, and hence the finishing is a point to talk about. The finishing and the upper coating of the cage are attractive, and therefore you can get a sparky look in all the weather. The length is 30 inches; hence you can have a comfortable fit for puppies and other such animals. There is a removable base made up of plastic, which makes it very easy to clean and hence is excellent to use in quick sessions.


Key Features

  • A blue-coated cage with attractive looks.
  • Specially made up for small puppies.
  • The dimension is 30*19*22 inches.
  • It has two doors making the movement smooth.
  • Wired protection is suitable for teething pets.

  • Excellent for toilet training.

  • Attractive.

  • Small and cute looking.

  • Specially wired boundary.

  • Lacks brand value.

Jainsons Pet Products Black Cage

This one here is very different in the upper coating than all the mentioned cages in the article as you get a special back paper coating with round corners with this cage. This ensures that you have protection for your pets on the corners to get them scratched while taking them out of the cage. The steel cage is enamel coated, so it provides a smooth look all over. You can accommodate dogs like Boxers easily in such cages. The special construction of this metal cage can help you with providing cross ventilation to your pet.


Key Features

  • The basic dimension is 36*22*26 inches.
  • Good fit for medium and large dogs.
  • It has an enameled coating.
  • Comes with special round borders.
  • As a normal cage, it has two gates.

  • Ideal for small dogs.

  • Strong cage.

  • Round borders.

  • No Warranty

Pets World India Fibre Flight Dog Crate (XL)

Coming up to the next cage, this one is a big designed dog cage just to keep your dog in a spacy and comfortable spot. You also get a food bowl attached to the Fibre crate. Even the wire steel walls provide you with good ventilation. The company has kept its focus on making the cage comfortable for dogs when they have to travel. It is easy to handle, and the design is very collapsible with excellent ease of storage.


Key Features

  • The basic dimension is 40″x 28″ x 26″.
  • You will find it easy to carry and use.
  • The complete setup is very fancy.
  • Comes up with a food bowl.
  • The boundaries are made up of very strong plastic.

  • Comfortable for dogs.

  • Long-lasting.

  • Excellent quality.

  • The product’s size is great.

  • Not good for length more than 38 inches.

Foodie Puppies Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Cage with Paw Protector

If you are looking for a small cage with minimal cost, then this is the one to go for. The first feature itself is its size, which is 18 inches, so be sure before buying the product. The cage has a single door and comes up with an amazing price. The outer boundary and the metal rods are painted blue so that the looks are attractive. It is specially made up for puppies and has given promising service to a wide range of dogs. The material used for construction is very strong and sturdy, providing excellent security. 


Key Features

  • The basic dimensions are 18 inches in length, but you can get even larger variations.
  • You get a single door design.
  • The color is blue, so you get a good appearance.
  • The construction is amazing. 
  • You always have a clear view of your puppy.

  • Cute and attractive.

  • Strong.

  • Good with ventilation

  • Portable.

  • Cheap.

  • Not at all for big dogs.

Futurekart Single-Door, Folding Metal Dog Cage with Paw Protector

Futurekart Single-Door, Folding Metal Dog Cage with Paw Protector, is an amazing product with quality service making your dog secure and fully protected. The cage is a single doored cage with a sparkling design. The metal construction is very strong and firm, so you can find it easy to take your pet to different locations. There is an optional divider panel, and the complete cage is foldable, giving you amazing benefits. It is a secure and comfortable place for your pet to rest in. 


Key Features

  • You get foldable materials making up the cage.
  • The basic dimensions are  60.7 x 43.9 x 8.7 cm.
  • The cage is also good for other small pets like cats.
  • It gets a single entry door.
  • There is a presence of an optional divider panel.

  • Spacious.

  • Good for strong pets.

  • Beautiful.

  • Good in size.

  • The gap in the cage could be more than you expect.

The Pets Company Double Door Folding Metal Dog Cage with Paw Protector, for Medium Dogs, Large, Blue

This one again is a must-try product for dog cages. This cage is customizable, and you can order according to the need you have. There are two doors, both with a safety latch and spring based mechanism, which can help you to get your pet in and out of the cage safely. It can be folded easily and made flat, so you can take the cage to places. The lower tray is removable, and one can reuse it after cleaning the base easily. 


Key Features

  • The basic dimension of the cage is 42x32x27 inches.
  • The paw protector is very efficient.
  • You have a cage with a blue color.
  • It is very easily portable.
  • You can have a wide range of sizes.

  • Washable.

  • Durable 

  • Stylish

  • Easily Portable

  • Lacks brand value

Royal Pet 24-inch Iron and Plastic Cage with Removable Tray for Dogs and Rabbits

A specially designed cage just for small dogs and rabbits. The cage keeps the distance between two rods small to keep the small pets inside the cage. There is a single door for entry with a broad base. You will have a cleanable shelf which can help you to get rid of excess dust easily. The two-bolt security adds up to a secure environment. 


Key Features

  • A single door is present.
  • It is specially made for dogs and rabbits.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The size is basically 24 inches in length.
  • Comes in a decent blue color.

  • Stylish.

  • Double security.

  • Good for small dogs.

  • Attractive.

  • The product is not strong.


Dogs are among the favourite pets globally, and people do love to take care of these special animals. Dog cages are among the most important accessory in maintaining dogs and providing them a comfortable place to live in. In the above list, we have mentioned some of India’s best Dog cages, and it’s never a bad idea to go with any one of these. Just make sure your dog feels happy and safe in there.

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