Top 6 Best Baby Walkers Online in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Making your child take his first step and start walking on his or her own could be a bit tough. Hence, a baby walker can make it somewhat easier for both parents and the child to start walking. With the best baby walker, the little one can comfortably sit on the cushioned chair whilst learning to move their feet and legs for walking. But, choosing a top-quality baby walker for your child could be a touch tricky with the flurry of choices on the market. Thus, today we have lined up the Best Baby Walkers in India to help you make a decent choice for your little one!

On the market, you can find a variety of baby walkers coming from different price ranges. The budget baby walkers tend to cater to the basic needs, but the advanced models provide the baby with some additional gags and frills. Some baby walkers are equipped with the musical toys in the front to grab the attention of your baby whilst several models are foldable to allow for effortless storage. Relying on such factors and features, the price of a baby walker tends to differ.

Why Do We Need a Baby Walker?

For enhancing the baby’s strength along with the growth, you can find a variety of baby products in the market. One of those products or gears is the baby walker, which helps the baby start walking on their own without any sort of support. To make the experience even more exciting, the baby walkers comprise accessories such as music, lights, toys, etc. to keep the baby going without any boredom. Hence, if you want to make the baby start walking earlier than expected without any hassles, a baby walker becomes quite important.

Baby Walker – Advantages

A majority of baby walkers tend to engage the baby with a variety of toys attached to the baby walker. As a result, the baby is can enjoy for some time whilst the parent can get the much-needed rest. Having said that, it would be worthwhile to have an activity center for the baby instead as it won’t make you come across the disadvantages of using a baby walker.

If you live in a nuclear family, a baby walker can prove to be a lifesaver for moms. With the baby walker at home, you can perform your daily household chores while the baby can enjoy his time with the toys and the baby walker.

Moreover, if your house doesn’t have any steps or stairs nearby the main portion, a baby walker would be a decent choice to make your kid enjoy his or her time independently.

Top 6 Best Baby Walkers to Buy Online in India – Reviews 2020

Sunbaby Butterfly Walker (Pink)

Are you looking for an affordable baby walker for your little one? Gift your baby the colorful and sturdy walker from the house of Sunbaby, which will surely grab the attention of your child. Recommended for the babies in between 6-12 months of age, this baby walker has been crafted out of top-grade plastic, which makes it last for a longer time. Coming with the 3 levels of height adjustment, you can set the walker as per the baby’s convenience. Further, the walker’s seat is quite comfortable owing to the soft cushions to support the child. Moreover, there are musical toys on board to keep the baby entertained.

best baby walker onlineAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Crafted out of strong & durable materials for longer usage
  • Offers maximum support to the baby’s back with cushioning
  • Comes with 3 height adjustment levels for added convenience
  • Allows for easy movement with the 360-degree rotating wheels
  • Equipped with the musical toys to keep the baby entertained

Luvlap Sunshine Baby Walker (Red)

For all those looking for an advanced baby walker for their little one, choosing the Luvlap Sunshine Baby Walker would be a remarkable choice for sure. With this baby walker, you don’t need to stress about the control as it comprises the press-down vacuum stoppers. Offering 3 height adjustment levels with safety lock, you can easily set the baby walker as per the height of your baby. Further, if the baby isn’t moving on his or her own, there is a push bar on the back so that the parents can maneuver the walker easily. Moreover, there is a toy tray in the front featuring attractive toys with music and light.

best baby walker onlineAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Equipped with 360-degree rotational wheels for easy movement
  • Appropriate for the babies aged 6-18 months with 18Kg capacity
  • Comprises a detachable push handle for effortless maneuvering
  • Comes with the detachable cushioned seating for easy washing
  • Offers a detachable toy tray that will stimulate the baby’s senses

BAYBEE Smart Witty Plastic Round Baby Walker

Here comes another high-quality baby walker from the house of Baybee, which features a U-shaped design to ensure the little one’s feet are safe when walking. The Baybee Smart Witty Walker comes with a foldable design that facilitates easier storage at home and carriage in a bag when traveling. You don’t have to worry about buying a new walker with the growing baby as this baby walker comes with 3 levels of height adjustment. Moreover, this baby walker has been certified with the EN 71 standards, which makes sure that the baby is safe at all times.

best baby walker onlineAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Equipped with the small 360-degree wheels for easy movement
  • Comes with the foldable design to allow for effortless storage
  • Easily adjusts to the height of your baby with 3 levels of variation
  • Comprises a cushioned seating for the baby to feel comfortable
  • Designed having a U-shape structure to keep the baby’s feet safe

Sunbaby Hot Racer Musical Height Adjustable Baby Walker (Yellow with Orange)

If you don’t have enough space inside your house, here we present the foldable baby walker from Sunbaby for easy storage when it isn’t being used. Comprising the backrest and the cushioned seat, this baby walker offers ample support to the baby whilst maintaining proper hygiene being washable. Further, this baby walker features the 3-stage height adjustment to add to the convenience of your little one. The Sunbaby Hot Racer has been crafted using comfortable and soft fabric so that the baby enjoys sitting inside the walker. Moreover, it has been made out of high-quality plastic to ensure longevity.

best baby walker onlineAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Comes with the easy push bar to control the baby walker
  • Comprises cushioned washable seats to ensure hygiene
  • Manufactured having a sturdy design for ample support
  • Equipped with the 360-degree wheels for easy movement
  • Offers different toys on the front to grab baby’s attention

ODELEE Musical Baby Activity Cat Face Foldable Baby Walker (Blue)

What could be a better way to enhance the baby’s motor skills than a baby walker? The Odelee Musical Activity Walker can prove to be a quality product to ensure the early development of the baby. Coming with the elevated seat back, this baby walker offers added comfort and support to the baby to recline. Additionally, the cushioned seat is detachable and washable in the machine to ensure proper hygiene. Made using polyester, the seating pad is secure, breathable, and lightweight to allow the baby to enjoy seamlessly. Moreover, this activity walker comes with the foldable design to offer effortless storage.

Best Baby Walker OnlineAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Crafted using the premium-quality material for durability
  • Comes with the cushioned seat to ensure max comfort
  • Offers a foldable design to allow effortless storage at home
  • An affordable baby walker to keep away the budget worries
  • Equipped with the 360-degree rotating wheels for movement

Goyal’s My First Step Baby Activity Walker (Red)

The final baby walker on our listing is another budget-friendly model coming from the house of Goyal’s. The First Step Baby Walker comes with a sturdy and colorful design to keep the baby engaged whilst offering ample support when walking. Also, this activity walker comprises a detachable center, which has been offered to inculcate educational and interactive learning skills. Moreover, there are 4 textured wheels at the bottom for easier movement together with the easy gripping handle to facilitate easier usage and avoid slipping.

Best Baby Walker OnlineAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Comprises a foldable design to ensure effortless storage
  • Suitable for growing babies with 9 to 18 months of age
  • Comes with the interactive center at the front for activities
  • Crafted using non-toxic plastic to ensure proper hygiene
  • Offers an innovative broad base to deliver added stability

Best Baby Walker in India – Buyer’s Guide

So, if you have been finding it tough to choose a baby walker for your little one, have a look at the features discussed below to ensure you buy nothing but the best:


When buying a baby walker, firstly, you need to make sure that it is capable of holding the baby’s weight without any toppling. The fragile lightweight walker is going to make the baby a bit doubtful and uncomfortable whenever he or she tries to walk. Moreover, with such baby walkers at home, you would experience that the baby won’t like sitting in it and would often cry.

The lightweight walkers are going to make the baby vulnerable to injuries owing to the accidental twisting and toppling. Hence, refrain from buying the sub-standard baby walker as they would just not solve the purpose of buying one in the first place.


In case you leave the baby unattended, the baby walkers may also become dangerous. As the safety of the baby comes first, you need to ensure purchasing a baby walker that makes the baby feel safe inside. Bring home the string and durable baby walker, which could hold your baby properly and keep away from the ones that could break or topple easily.

The purpose behind asking you to keep an eye on the baby is because the baby becomes excited when placed inside a walker. Consequently, he or she starts walking fast and may collide with something in their way to give rise to accidents. Furthermore, the baby walker might as well make the baby access dangerous objects if you leave them unattended.


You should purchase a baby walker that offers ample support and comfort to the baby for encouraging them to begin walking on their own. You need to keep in mind that the babies are tender, and thus anything intended for their use must be comforting in nature. Make sure you buy a baby walker that comes with a comfortable cushioned seat so that they can walk without any problem.

The baby walker’s seat must be crafted out of soft and comfortable materials so that they feel at ease and can walk for a longer time. Moreover, comfortable walkers avoid the baby from becoming fatigued early.

Collapsible or Foldable

Preferably, you should opt to buy a baby walker, which can be folded to allow for easy storage. The baby walker that tends to fold flat without any parts coming out would be a decent choice. This type of baby walker would help you keep your space less cluttered as they can be stored with ease. Additionally, the foldable baby walkers are suitable for the people who often travel with their babies.


Refrain from buying the baby walkers whose height can’t be adjusted or else you will need to buy one walker after the other with the baby growing. Hence, buying a height-adjustable baby walker would be a cost-effective purchase in the long run. With an adjustable baby walker, all you need to do is adjust the height according to your baby for comfortable walking.


A lot of parents tend to initially consider the price of the baby walker without anything else, which is the wrong track. Buying a baby walker will not require spending a fortune as you catch hold on an affordable one on the market. When buying a baby walker, you need to keep the budget in mind and buy the model, which isn’t going to bring a hole in your pocket. But, make sure that you don’t negotiate on the material’s quality as it matters the most.


Whenever you hit the market to buy a baby walker, choose the one that doesn’t restrict the baby’s movement. The baby strollers are equipped with the multi-directional wheels, which tend to serve the actual purpose. However, if you purchase a baby walker that is easy to maneuver, make sure that you don’t leave the baby unattended at any moment. Such baby walkers would encourage the little one to move faster, which could be dangerous if the baby isn’t monitored.


Coming to the strength and sturdiness of a walker, you should choose the one that is sufficiently durable to allow for extended usage. Long-lasting baby walkers avoid the little one from rolling over and injuring themselves. Thus, you should choose a baby walker crafted from durable ABS plastic or wood, which are quite comfortable and helps the baby move properly.


In case you want your little one to use the baby walker for a prolonged time, it needs to be equipped with some toys and accessories to grab his or her attention. The toys and music would keep the baby busy and well-entertained so that they look forward to sitting inside the next day. Such types of accessories are going to help the child enhance the motor skills in addition to the hand-eye coordination.

Supplementary Features

When buying a baby walker, there are many other aspects or features you can consider. Such features would help keep the baby safe at all times. You can look for a walker with anti-slipping pads, a wide base, and stoppers. With the wider base, the baby is properly supported while being inside the walker whereas the anti-slipping pads will avoid the slipping of wheels. Hence, your baby isn’t going to experience any injuries when walking. Moreover, the stoppers help the parents to stop the baby walker from moving whenever they feel like.

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