The Best Baby Carriers to Buy Online in India 2020 – Reviews & Comparison


Baby Wearing is not in relation to one particular parenting attitude, nor is it regarding any particular carrier. It is concerned with establishing a secure and fit environment for your little baby. It might be experienced by a broad range of care providers which comprises of dads, moms, grandparents, nannies, or siblings – essentially everyone who takes care of your baby, infant, or kid.

There exist a few secure and efficient baby carrier choices for each and every budget and feel. Hence, here we are going to review the Best Baby Carriers in India to help you take you baby along for the outings. Every mom and dad all over are carrying their babies in an exceptional diversity of baby carriers that are adaptable sufficient to wear in front while your tot is small or in back as they’re a bit older or heavier.

So, I would recommend that you must try and roam like Santa carries the Christmas presents on his back. Below are some carriers which you may consider buying for holding your kid in a unique manner.

Should We Opt for a Baby Carrier or Baby Stroller?

The principal problem that is faced by a majority of parents is whether to go for a baby stroller or a baby carrier. In reality, if you have them both at your home, this question still tends to come up whenever you need to take the baby out along with you or performing other tasks at home!

Coming to the baby strollers, you need to understand that not every country around the world have the appropriate arrangement to ease the utilization of a stroller. On the other hand, irrespective of the part of the world you are in, an ergonomic high-quality baby carrier is going to defend your little one whilst keeping the stress on your hands at bay. Consequently, anywhere you need to go, having a baby carrier would prove to be a worthwhile purchase.

Best Baby Carriers to Buy Online in India – Reviews 2020

LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier (Dark Blue)

When a newborn comes into your life, there are several stories that tend to bloom whilst you experience the excitement of parenthood. Hence, LuvLap has always attempted to craft these beautiful stories by means of their line of baby products. Similarly, this Elegant Baby Carrier from LuvLap has been made whilst keeping child safety in mind and is packed with several convenient features. Having this precisely designed carrier, your baby will surely realize the world without experiencing any discomfort. Providing 4 distinct carrying positions, this LuvLap Baby Carrier will make things way more convenient. Moreover, the parent isn’t going to feel stressed even after prolonged carrying with the advanced lumbar support.

best baby carrier in india


Top Highlights:

  • Offers decent baby support with the cushioned armholes
  • Comes with the horizontal feeding position for suitability
  • Ensures safety with its adaptable side-opening buckle
  • Comprises a front-pocket to help you carry the essentials
  • Provides 4 distinct positions to carry the baby with comfort

Luvlap Baby Carrier Blossom Black

Are you looking for a baby carrier for your little one with 6 – 15 months’ age? Get yourself this LuvLap Baby Carrier, which has been crafted using hard-wearing material for a 12kg carrying capacity. This carrier has been fortified with the baby seat, which bears soft-cushioning together with the padded leg opening and armholes. Hence, this baby carrier is going to make traveling comfy for you and your baby alike. Additionally, you can carry your little one facing both outward and inward according to your preference. To maintain a decent level of lumbar support, this baby carrier features the cushioned waist and shoulder belts.

best baby carrier in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Comprises 2-padded shoulder belts to allow for easy carriage
  • The leg and armholes have been cushioned to comfort the baby
  • Comes with the 12Kg carrying capacity apt for 6 to 24-month baby
  • The shoulder belts are wide and easily adaptable for utmost ease
  • Provides a utility pocket at the front to carry small baby essentials

R for Rabbit Upsy Daisy Smart Hip Seat Baby Carrier (Green)

If you are looking for a high-end baby carrier for unmatched comfort and safety, choosing the all-new R for Rabbit Upsy Daisy would be a decent bet. This baby carrier is quite easy to wear irrespective of the time and place you need to use it. Featuring the convenient shoulder straps and waist belt, this baby carrier makes the experience much more comfortable that regular mode of carrying the little one! Moreover, this ergonomic baby carrier might be utilized for a prolonged time without much stress on your back or shoulders. Adding to the emotional-quotient, this baby carrier assures that you are in close contact with the baby to establish a fond parent-child bond.

best baby carrier in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Suitable for the babies in between the 3 to 24 months’ age
  • Features an ergonomic design to allow for effortless usage
  • Designed quite smartly to deliver both style and relaxation
  • Offers unmatched comfort and ventilation with 100{de95aeaeed850f4a8a4e84b9fc990b632fe1f84bc9a86948cdf61d489c0ed8fe} cotton
  • Provides a hip seat to allow the mother to relieve the pressure

TRUMOM (USA) 3 in 1 Baby Carrier

Here comes another top-of-the-line baby carrier from the house of Trumom. Intended to house a baby equal to 9Kg weight, this baby carrier can help you carry your 0 – 36 months’ little one. Featuring a shoulder, this baby carrier conveniently distributes the weight of your baby to deliver effortless prolonged carrying. Moreover, the baby can be moved in and out using a single hand for added convenience. Boasting a detachable bib, this baby carrier is going to help you keep the clothes unstained whilst you feed your little one. Further, there is a smart pocket on the front to store some of the tiny baby essentials.

best baby carrier in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Offers 3 different carrying positions for superb convenience
  • Crafted out of breathable fabric to allow for ample ventilation
  • Delivers a soft luxurious feel to your baby on every occasion
  • Makes baby carrying much more comfortable for the parents
  • Provides an extra-wide seat for supporting the whole body

Mee Mee Light Weight Baby Carrier (Light Navy Blue)

With a baby carrier, taking your little one out becomes fun! Similarly, this Mee Mee Baby Carrier helps you take your baby on an outing without having any sort of problems. This lightweight baby carrier will allow your baby to discover the environments securely whilst being warmly secure near you. Crafted using the high-quality breathable material, this baby carrier tends to grow with the little one! Featuring the adjustable seat and height, you can always ensure that the baby is comfortable and safe. So, now you can carry your baby even whilst you need to go out and meet your friends.

best baby carrier in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Crafted using the premium breathable fabric to suit the baby’s skin
  • Relatively easier to wear and put off owing to the adjustments
  • Delivers comfortable headrest cushioning for the baby’s sensitive neck
  • Intended using top-rated materials to ensure durability and safety
  • Provides 4 distinct carrying positions to deliver added suitability

Ineffable Baby Carrier (Dark Blue)

If you need a budget-friendly baby carrier for your little one, the Ineffable Baby Carrier would prove to be a smart buy. This baby carrier is quite effortless and comfortable to use for a prolonged time. Crafted out of durable yet soft cotton material, this carrier takes care of both comfort and support. Boasting an ergonomic design, this baby carrier is comfortable for both parent and baby for a convenient outing every single time. Moreover, this baby carrier helps you prosper the multi-tasking capabilities at home or outside even whilst holding the baby.

best baby carrier in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Provides 4 distinct carrying positions for superb suitability
  • Comes with the adjustable straps to keep the baby snug
  • Available in different colors to conform to your preference
  • Ensure both comfort and safety with the ergonomic design
  • Offers a small utility pocket in the front to carry essentials

Smilecasters Adjustable Hands-Free 4-in-1 Baby Carrier (Maroon)

Searching for a baby carrier that delivers utmost safety and comfort to your baby? With the Smilecasters 4-in-1 baby carrier, you can effortlessly get the baby out or in using the adaptable side openings. Comprising the properly cushioned holes for arms and legs, the baby is supported in the best possible manner. Manufactured using durable & breathable material, this baby carrier helps keep the little one at ease. Moreover, there are adjustable straps and buckle to make sure the baby remains feels snug to the parent’s body. There is a headrest that can be shifted down or up to facilitate proper baby posture.

best baby carrier in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Ensures optimum safety with the adaptable side-opening buckle
  • Provides 4 different baby carrying positions for added support
  • Can be used to conveniently carry babies below 15Kgs of weight
  • Comes with the cushioned armholes and leg openings for comfort
  • Comprises the padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying

What are the Types of Baby Carriers in the Market?

For purchasing the Best Baby Carrier, being familiar with the baby carrier types is essential. Hence, we have discussed a few important types of baby carriers:


The slings are the single-piece baby carriers crafted out of different fabric material, which permits you to take the baby along. These are appropriate for the newborn babies as it makes them easier to carry on the shoulder.

Ring Sling

These baby carriers have 2 rings linking the either sides of a lengthy soft cloth at a single end. Customarily, the ring slings are ideal for breastfeeding for newly born babies. One more exciting thing about these carriers is that they help you carry the infant facing outward.

Fabric Wrap

This type of baby carrier is apt for the newly born babies as they help in keeping the baby near to mother’s chest. This baby carrier’s broad portion of fabric gets wrapped around the baby and the mother. Hence, it turns out to be easier for the new mothers to carry the baby for an extended time.


The backpack baby carriers help you easily carry the baby on the back.

Soft-Structured Front Baby Carrier

This baby carrier comprises the waist sash and shoulder straps. Different from a sling or baby wrap, this baby carrier isn’t appropriate for breastfeeding your baby without any hassle.

Mei Tai Carrier

This baby carrier resembles the SSC but is equipped with buckles as opposed to straps. As a result, these carriers offer a custom-made fit faultlessly.

Baby Carrier Buying Guide


Even though safety is the most important aspect, which you need to consider when buying a baby carrier come what may! The baby carrier should provide a comfortable seating to your newborn along with sufficient hip support. The baby’s hips needs to be supported whilst they fall indeed to the sides whilst there is a slight bend in the knees. Moreover, you should keep away from the baby carriers that make the legs drop down straight.

Baby’s Age

Similar to the other types of baby gears like the strollers, carry cots, and booster seats, the baby carriers also comes with a maximum and minimum age or weight limit. Hence, you need to ensure that you consider your baby’s weight and age before making the final purchase.

Fabric & Styles

In the market, you can find a wide range of baby carriers crafted out of different fabric material and designed differently. So, before picking the final baby carrier, make sure you consider who’s going to be carrying the baby more often (mom or dad) to choose an apt design or style.


This is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration by the parent who’s going to carry the baby frequently during the outings. So, before anything else, you need to concentrate on the comfort factor and the carrier’s practicality whilst selecting the final option.


A majority of baby gears and products are quite expensive; hence, you need to be extra careful when choosing one for your baby. This is going to help you keep away from sustaining needless costs. After taking important aspects into consideration, choose the baby carrier that suits your budget whilst being comfortable for both you & the baby.

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