6 Best Angle Grinders in India for 2022

If you are one of the regular metal workers, then the angle grinder would prove to be a run-of-the-mill tool that you would utilize quite often. Whenever you work with wood, stone, or metal, having the best angle grinder makes the job easier. A majority of professional workers tend to use the multipurpose handheld angle grinder. Be it sanding, cutting, and shaping anything, these tools turn the project effortless and perform it effectively. However, choosing one could be somewhat tricky, which is the reason why today we have aligned the Best Angle Grinders in India on the market.

Moreover, if you tend to consider the budget when making the final choice, we would like you to know that the handheld angle grinders are not that expensive as you would think. On the other hand, every single angle grinder you find would look the same. Hence, you may hasten to pick the cheapest angle grinder there at your disposal. Additionally, the angle grinders aren’t the same as the drill machines, and hence, can be used easily owing to the modest working mechanism.

Before you begin using it, you will have to make manifold passes on the workpiece to ensure better results. Hence, you will have to prefer the angle grinder that guarantees durability and caters best to your requirements. Furthermore, you require choosing the angle grinder, which offers the appropriate power or wattage that can aptly perform the types of projects you often work on.

What are The Different Types of Angle Grinder Wheels?

The first and foremost aspect that you consider when buying an angle grinder is the size of its wheel, which is the primary working component. Suitable for different types of works and projects, you can find different kinds of angle grinder wheels you can choose from:

Cut-Off Disc: This type of angle grinder wheel is employed for cutting different types of materials such as cutting metal rods, pipes, bolts, wooden pieces, etc.

Silicon Carbide Wheel: Such angle grinder wheels are primarily utilized to sharpen different kinds of objects. They can be employed to shape the metal tools such as Hoes, Axe, etc. together with grinding down the welding portions, making the edges of metallic pipes smooth, and other projects.

Sanding Pad: The sanding pads are going to be employed for making the rough surfaces uniform and smooth. Additionally, these pads can be used for surface planning, removing the old paint, and the coarse/fine sanding projects in different spaces.

Grinding Disc: Another angle grinder wheel is the grinding disc that can be utilized for rapidly shaping the edges and performing the sharpening of different kinds of metallic tools.

Diamond Cutting Blade: There are Diamond Cutting Blades on the market, which are the angle grinder wheels employed majorly for cutting past the concrete walls, hard bricks, tiles, stones, and other tougher surfaces or objects.

Wire Brush Wheel: Then, there are wire brush wheels that are capable of cleaning and eliminating the old paint, rust, metallic surfaces to ensure enhanced conduction of heat or electricity.

Flap Disc: Comparable to the wire brush wheels, the flap discs comprise flaps in place of the wire. These discs are employed to deliver top-grade polishing or finishing of different types of materials.

Top 6 Angle Grinders in India for 2022

1. Bosch GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder (Blue)

Bosch GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder (Blue)

Starting from the most remarkable angle grinder on the market, we have the professional angle grinder from the house of Bosch, which is a leading brand in the power tools category. The power tools from Bosch are prominent for their after-sales service, quality, and durability. Coming to this angle grinder, this proves to be a powerful machine being equipped with the 660W brush motor. Featuring a compact and lightweight design, this angle grinder helps deliver fatigue-free longer sessions of working and hence, eliminates the risk of injuries and accidents. Moreover, there is a handguard and side handle to allow for safer maneuvering of the power tool.

Top Highlights:

  • Equipped with the 660W brush motor for powerful working.
  • Features a lightweight design to offer better maneuverability.
  • Comes with a handguard for avoiding the risk of accidents.
  • Comprises the replaceable carbon brushes for added suitability.
  • Provides a 6-months manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


2. STANLEY STGS6100 600W 100mm Small Angle Grinder (Yellow and Black)

STANLEY STGS6100 600W 100mm Small Angle Grinder (Yellow and Black)

For all those looking for an affordable angle grinder packed with the essential features, choose to buy the Stanley Small Angle Grinder. Appropriate for average-duty applications, this compact angle grinder is a quite dependable and versatile power tool. Moreover, the Stanley angle grinder is a pro-grade power tool, which features spiral bevel gears, which allow for lesser vibrations when working. Hence, there is a lower noise when working on different projects to ensure enduring functionality. Equipped with the spindle lock, this 600W angle grinder facilitates the easy and rapid installation of distinct accessories.

Top Highlights:

  • Appropriate to perform a variety of cutting and grinding projects.
  • Offers superior ergonomics with a comfortable gripping handle.
  • Features a durable carbon brush for extended endurance levels.
  • Comes with the spindle lock for easy replacement of attachments.
  • Comprises an easy on/off slide switch to deliver one-hand control.


3. DEWALT DW801 850Watt 100mm Heavy Duty Small Angle Grinder

DEWALT DW801 850Watt 100mm Heavy Duty Small Angle Grinder

Here comes another top-grade professional angle grinder to deliver the best cutting and grinding results. Equipped with the durable and powerful 850W motor, the Dewalt Heavy-Duty Angle Grinder delivers superior power and speedy grinding every single time. Featuring the Advanced Fan Arrangement, this angle grinder offers maximum airflow to ensure an extended life expectancy of the motor. There is a sealed toggle switch, which helps protect the unit from the filings and dust to extend the life of the switch. Moreover, this angle grinder offers a comfortable grip for better maneuverability.

Top Highlights:

  • Features a compact and lightweight design for better usage.
  • Crafted out of top-rated plastics to deliver added durability.
  • Offers external brush access to facilitate further suitability.
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle for stress-free longer sessions.
  • Equipped with the powerful 850W motor for top-quality results.


4. Generic DW801 Heavy Duty 850W 100mm Angle Grinder (Yellow)

Generic DW801 Heavy Duty 850W 100mm Angle Grinder (Yellow)

In case you tend to use your angle grinder less frequently, choosing a budget angle grinder would be a decent choice. Hence, we present the Generic Heavy-Duty Angle Grinder, which features the 850W motor to deliver a power-packed performance. Bring a corded angle grinder; you won’t require stressing about keeping the battery charged now and then. Moreover, this angle grinder also features a spindle lock so that changing the disc becomes simple and effortless. Also, the adjustable handguard offers added convenience for both left and right-handed operations.

Top Highlights:

  • Helps you perform cutting and grinding jobs without any problem.
  • Equipped with the powerful 850W motor to perform heavy projects.
  • Comes with an advanced fan system to enhance the motor’s life.
  • Features the spindle lock mechanism for effortless disc changing.
  • Provides a 6-months manufacturer’s warranty on the armature.


5. HiKOKI PDA100M 4-Inch 715W Angle Grinder

HiKOKI PDA100M 4-Inch 715W Angle Grinder

For all those looking for top-quality grinding performance and better functionality, choosing the HiKOKI Angle Grinder is going to be a perfect choice. Equipped with the 715W top-rated powerful motor, this angle grinder doesn’t let your compromise on power and delivers a supreme performance on every single occasion. Boasting excellent overload durability, this 4-inch angle grinder from HiKOKI is well-suited for heavy-duty projects and jobs. Moreover, this angle grinder has been crafted with a double insulated body so that you don’t experience any sort of shock for advanced safety.


Top Highlights:

  • Features a compact & lightweight design for apt maneuverability.
  • Comes with a spindle lock mechanism for easy disc replacement.
  • Comprises an ergonomic handlebar to ensure stress-free operation.
  • Offers amazing durability against overloading for longer life.
  • Equipped with the double insulated body for a shock-free experience.


6. Makita 9553NB 4-Inch 710W Angle Grinder

Makita 9553NB 4-Inch 710W Angle Grinder

Looking for a compact yet dominant one-hand angle grinder? Featuring the smaller circumference barrel grip, the Makita Angle Grinder allows for easier handling. Additionally, the product is well-protected against the debris, trimmings, and dust owing to the Labyrinth construction. Moreover, the armature has been coated with the shielding zigzag varnish and the field coated with the powdered varnish to defend the motor against the wire breakage and dust. As a result, this angle grinder makes sure you get all the durability you need to perform the masonry cutting.

Top Highlights:

  • Equipped with the 710W motor for a powerful performance.
  • Features the small circumference barrel grip for apt suitability.
  • Defends all the ball bearings from dust with Labyrinth framing.
  • Appropriate for projects like metal grinding and stone cutting.
  • Provides a 6-months manufacturer’s warranty against the defects.


Angle Grinders Buyer’s Guide

On the market, you can find angle grinders with the same design but the specifications tend to differ. Hence, we have come up with the top aspects to consider when buying an angle grinder so that it can suit your type of project and works:

1- Power Source

On the market, you can even find the battery-powered angle grinders, which prove to be quite handy. On the other hand, you might as well go for the corded or wired and even the compressed air-driven grinders. But, you require considering the power source before making the final choice. There are cordless angle grinders that are pricey since they allow you to reach the tougher areas. But, they tend to deliver limited usage owing to the battery capacity. In case the battery dies or drains, you would have to bring your work to a pause for numerous hours whilst the battery gets revitalized for working again.

On the other hand, you have corded or wired angle grinders that can function as long as you want with a regular supply of power. Unquestionably, the working area or maneuverability becomes limited with the cord itself. The corded units tend to restrict the ability to find the power supply outlet and the range of motion as a whole. Hence, every single type of angle grinder comes with some advantages and disadvantages and none of them seems to be better than the counterpart. The decision simply relies on the nature of projects you handle frequently and preferences.

2- Disc Size

The angle grinder’s wheel or disc tends to signify the tool’s overall capacity and power. You can find the bigger discs that prove to be more powerful than the others. Whereas the minor discs are generally more functional as far as the focused projects are concerned or where precision matters the most. Whenever you need to choose the size, you need to consider the kind of projects you handle and the materials you need to use the grinder on.

In case you need to work on the smaller spaces and tight spots, then the compact angle grinder is going to suit your requirements aptly. However, if you tend to perform high-volume projects, the bigger discs are going to assist in producing the smoother finish in a jiffy. Further, you’ll find plenty of variation as far as the disc size goes. Thus, you need to consider the disc size, which tends to range in between the 4 to 9 inches segment.

3- Power Rating

The power rating or the wattage of the angle grinder tends to indicate the grinder’s level of power. As a whole, the angle grinders with a higher wattage are going to be faster, but this won’t be the case with every unit. The higher wattage signifies that the motor is well-equipped to endure heavy usage, extreme friction, and other types of conditional stress, which a power tool can come across when performing different tasks.

4- Speed

The speed of the angle grinder is an important aspect to consider as it will give a clear picture of its performance. The angle grinder’s speed would range between the 5000 to 10,000 RPM mark. With faster speeds, you can quickly get the preferred results when utilized by an experienced metal worker. On the other hand, if you don’t have ample experience with using an angle grinder, you could end up wasting the workpiece using a rapidly operating tool.

On the market, you can also find the angle grinders coming with the variable speed settings, which would help address the situation. The grinders with this functionality help you select the favorable speed for different users and projects for optimizing the tool for better operation. However, if the grinder doesn’t offer this feature, look to choose the angle grinder that has a working speed, which is easier to handle on your part.

5- Ergonomics

Any power tool or appliance is considered to be ergonomic only if it fits the human hand aptly to offer the perfect grip. The tools that feature an ergonomic grip tend to be rather comfortable to employ as far as different projects are concerned. As a whole, these tools are going to make the usage comfy so that you don’t experience stress injuries with longer sessions of operation.

The major power tool manufacturers tend to market their tools come with an ergonomic grip for better handling. But, you just can’t take things for granted here! In case, a comfortable grip is important for your kind of work, ensure that the tool you select comes with the ergonomic grip before making the purchase.

6- Price

Finally, the price needs to be considered since the angle grinders are available in different price segments. The matter of fact is that the angle grinders are comparatively less expensive than other power tools you find in the market. Since the pricing of the corded angle grinders is generally cheaper, even the ones who have a limited budget can own a top-quality model.

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