The 10 Best Air Coolers Online in India 2020 – Reviews & Comparison

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In the Indian subcontinent, the summer season marks its arrival with hot and scorching dry winds that makes take the ambient temperature to a whole new level. Not just outside, but the rooms inside our house tend to get heated even if there are several windows for better ventilation. Since the pedestal fans or solely the ceiling fans aren’t able to beat this heat, today we would be reviewing the Best Air Coolers on the market for home use. All the air coolers on our listing would help you keep the heat at bay all throughout the upcoming summer season or long-lasting comfort at home and office.

A decent quality air cooler would act like a welcome relief at the time of summers when the temperatures are going to soar and the dry winds would make us sluggish and subdued. Both the online and offline market provides us with plenty of choices when you make up your mind to buy an air cooler and want to choose one from the line-up of top models. The room that you want to cool in addition to the weather conditions in your area is going to be the significant factors whilst buying one.

The air coolers are equipped with the cooling pads that require being cleaned on regular basis so as to offer reprieve from the hot and dry winds blowing throughout the summer season. There are 2 primary kinds of coolers whilst you search for the ideal air cooler for your house or office. The general categories are namely the personal room coolers and the desert coolers. Coming to their application, the desert coolers are suitable for the regions where you experience extremely hot weather conditions, whereas the personal room coolers are proposed for the smaller rooms for delivering modest cooling at home.

Top 10 Best Portable Air Coolers in India – Reviews 2020

Symphony Touch 55 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)

Sense the cooling sensation all summer with a single touch with the Touch 55 Air Cooler from Symphony. This air cooler delivers inspiring cooling innovation begin equipped with the up-to-the-minute features. The undeniable energy of this top-quality cooler is has been manufactured to revitalize your body with the unmatched cooling experience. This air cooler comes fortified with the 6 aspen pads, completely closable louvers coupled up with the cassette-type detachable pads, which is a rare combination found in the market. Coming with the spectacular design and the cooling pads of four sides are destined to offer dominant cooling owing to the dual blower.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Comes with the fan-speed control knob for effortless usage
  • Equipped with the high-efficiency cooling pads for high coverage
  • Comes with the handle and power cord winder for convenience
  • Releases all the excess water with the suitable Overflow Outlet
  • Ensures quick and effective cooling owing to the double blower

Blue Star DA35LMA 35 Litre Desert Air Cooler (Beige)

Blue Star has long been manufacturing cooling solutions such as deep freezer, air conditioners, and water coolers. Now, it has introduced its all-new range of Desert Air Cooler, which has been loaded with the top-notch features to offer the best performance. Coming with the UV protection coat, this air cooler has been destined to serve you for an extended period of time. With the thermal overload protection, safety and security of the user has been given top priority. The castor wheels have been fixed at the bottom for superior portability and the ice chamber would help deliver cool air all throughout the summer. Moreover, the cord winder of this air cooler would assist in keeping the power cord safe from any damages.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Superbly energy-efficient air cooler that works on an inverter
  • Equipped with the anti-microbial honeycomb pad for cooling
  • Comes with 35-liters water tank capacity for a longer function
  • Comprises an ice chamber to provide the coolest air delivery
  • The thermal overload protection helps keep the users safe

Crompton Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler (White/Grey)

Now, keeping cool and comfortable whilst keeping the energy bills down is really easy! Bring home the Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler, which comes with a 75-liters water tank capacity for a longer operation. Equipped with the 190W powerful motor, this air cooler is quite energy-efficient and has been fully-loaded with some of the most sensational features to deliver an ideal cooling experience. It features a discrete Ice Chamber, Uniform Flow Dispenser, and the Motorised Louvers that make it stand out amongst the rest of options available on the market.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Equipped with honeycomb cooling pads for superior cooling
  • Offers air-speed control to help you get an adapted experience
  • Comes with a water tank capacity of 75L for prolonged usage
  • Comprises castor wheels for moving the unit from place to place
  • Provides 1-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)

Embrace yourself to experience the most dominant cooling performance from the all-new Symphony Siesta 70L Air Cooler. This powerful desert cooler from Symphony has been specially intended having a front grill to offer supreme air delivery, matchless aesthetics, and a bigger 70L water tank capacity for long continuous cooling performance. To allow for easier mobility of the air cooler from one place to the other, the Siesta comes with strong wheels attached at the bottom. Moreover, equipped with a 16-inch fan, this air cooler has an air throw and air delivery to admire. The Symphony 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product won’t let you stress about any faults or defects.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Offers unmatched air-throw with the uniquely intended grill
  • Delivers effortless transportation with the caster wheels
  • Equipped with a 160W powerful motor for dominant cooling
  • Comes with eye-catching aesthetics to match your interiors
  • Provides 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Maharaja Whiteline Frostair 40 CO-138 40 L Air Cooler (White and Grey)

Make the upcoming summer season more satisfying with the Maharaja Whiteline Frostair 40L Air Cooler. This air cooler comes with an excellent 1000 m3/hr air delivery coupled up with a 25-feet air throw capability to make sure that every corner gets optimum cooling. Functioning on a minimal 125W power rating, this air cooler isn’t going to make the electricity bills go sky high like an air conditioner. Offering a 40L water tank capacity, this air cooler would help you feel comfortable all throughout the night and keep the frequent tank filling at bay. Further, the honeycomb pads utilized in the form of cooling media along with the 1450 RPM rating, this air cooler guarantees a decent cooling experience.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Comprises an anti-bacterial tank to evade microbial growth
  • Offers a prolonged performance with the 40L water tank
  • Equipped with honeycomb pads for superior water absorption
  • Comes with the castor wheel to facilitate easier transportation
  • The air cooler’s body is completely shock-proof to avoid accidents

Crompton Honeycomb 88-Litre Desert Cooler (White/Grey)

Bid adieu to heat this summer season with the all-new Crompton Honeycomb Air Cooler, which is a feature-packed offering for a superb cooling experience. Equipped with the easily removable honeycomb pads coupled up with an ice chamber, this air cooler is going to keep your house cool whenever you desire. Coming with the water level indicator, you can now keep a check at the remaining volume of water inside the tank. Credits to the castor wheels, this air cooler can be easily transported from one room to the other. As this air cooler doesn’t consume a lot of electricity, you may also run the unit using the inverter during power failures as well.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Comprises a motor-overload protector to avert any damages
  • Comes with the 4-way air deflection for all around cooling
  • Equipped with the 190W powerful yet energy-efficient motor
  • Offers an air-speed regulator to deliver customized usage
  • Provides a water-drain plug to extract the surplus water

Bajaj MD2020 54 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White)

Now you can generate a comforting environment inside your house or office by varying the temperature using the all-new Bajaj MD 2020 Air Cooler. Featuring a stylish and sleek design, the personal air cooler from Bajaj is an appliance to buy this summer season. This air cooler also comprises an automatic water level indicator, which allows you to keep a regular check on the water inside the tank. Moreover the humidity controller is going to keep the room crisp and cool. The easily detachable cooling pads would turn cleaning fairly easy, averting the mosquito breeding. In addition, the fine material assures you of a long-lasting and unmatched cooling experience.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • An inverter compatible air cooler for incessant cooling
  • Offers 4-way air deflection to deliver all-around cooling
  • Comprises 3-speed control for a personalized experience
  • Equipped with a 54L water tank capacity for longer working
  • The wood-wool cooling medium delivers better absorption

Cello Artic 50 Ltrs Window Air Cooler (White)

Next we have a desert cooler that is powerful yet consumes lesser power to deliver a longer cooling experience at home. The Cello Arctic Air Cooler is comes to be effective even in the most intense summer weather but doesn’t consume a lot of energy. The turbo cooling and oscillating louvers tends to deliver unmatched cooling in every corner. All this cooling performance has been coupled up with the low noise level that offers a sound sleep in the night. This air cooler would allow you to experience the chilly winter in the peak summer months. Offering a superior 50L tank capacity, this air cooler offers profound cooling without making the energy bills upsurge.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • International styling and design to match any interior décor
  • Provides a rear-side water inlet to deliver added convenience
  • Offers a larger water tank capacity of 50L for longer operation
  • Equipped with an 18-inch dominant fan-blade for superb cooling
  • An inverter compatible air cooler that works during power failures

Bajaj DC2016 67 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White)

In case you won’t be able to afford an air conditioner for your home, prefer buying the affordable air coolers that would provide you with a cool breeze during the summer season. Presenting the Bajaj DC2016 Air Cooler that would keep away the summer’s humidity with its 67L water tank capacity to revel in invigorating cool air during the course of the day. Coming with the 800 sq. ft. cooling capacity along with the 90 ft. air throw, this air cooler delivers cool air for unmatched comfort. The thermoplastic body makes this air cooer lightweight along with the superior fatigue properties for bearing the bigger deflections. Moreover, you may effortlessly transport the Bajaj Air Cooler from place to place owing to the castor wheels mounted at the bottom.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Operates in any situations being an inverter-compatible unit
  • Makes the warm nights cool with the superior air delivery
  • Customizes the air throw level with the 3-way speed control
  • Offers a quiet cooling experience to deliver a sound night’s sleep
  • Provides 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP3501H 35-Litre Personal Cooler (White)

The final air cooler choice on our listing is the trendy and stylish air cooler from the house of Orient Electric. Offering a dominant cooling performance, this Smartcool Dx CP3501H can be considered to be the most convenient portable air cooler on the market. Comprising a fully-purposeful touch pad along with a remote control, this air cooler has been intended to offer hands-free functioning. Moreover, the rust-resilient body of this air cooler makes it hard-wearing and improves life expectancy of the unit. This personal air cooler also comes with an ice chamber to allow for an improved cooling effect.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Allows for quicker cooling with the inbuilt ice chamber
  • Comprises the motorized vertical louvers for 4-way cooling
  • The dust-filter is going to restrict the particles to move inside
  • Equipped with the 3-speed motor for custom air delivery
  • Furnished with DenseNest Honeycomb Pads for better cooling

What are the Different Kinds of Air Cooler Pads on the Market?

The material used for crafting the cooling pad might play a really vital role in the performance. The warm air is primarily passed across the cooling pads. The cooling pads that have previously absorbed the cold water are all set to handover the cooling to the air being pushed inside the room with the help of a fan. Below we have discussed both the types of cooling pads available on the market:

Aspen Wool-Wool Cooling Pads

These cooling pads are crafted out of the wood trimmings or shavings coupled up with synthetic fiber and actually look like dead grass. The most significant facet about the Aspen cooling pads is that they are very economical and low-priced. Owing to this price deviation, the air coolers that are equipped with these cooling pads are reasonably-priced. The sole difficulty with the Aspen cooling pad is the fact that they require a higher level of maintenance.

You require cleaning the Aspen cooling pads pretty often. Additionally, they aren’t very durable and you require replacing them regularly. It has been perceived that the Aspen cooling pads are reasonably proficient in cooling. Simply put, the Aspen cooling pads aren’t that effectual when compared to the honeycomb cooling pads.

Honeycomb Cooling Pads

These cooling pads are crafted using cellulose. The honeycomb cooling pads are pretty effectual in cooling and need lesser cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, they are pretty durable when compared with the Aspen cooling pads. Owing to this reason, a majority of the expensive air coolers make use of the Honeycomb cooling pads.

Generally, the desert air coolers utilize the honeycomb cooling pads owing to their effectiveness of cooling down efficiently on a larger scale. The only drawback of these cooling pads is the fact that they might be expensive, which is the main cause why the honeycomb cooling pads are generally utilized solely in the high-range desert coolers and aren’t present in the cheaper personal air cooler models. The Aspen cooling pads, as well as the honeycomb cooling pads, are provided in every single kind of air coolers such as desert air cooler and personal air cooler.

What are the Different Components of an Air Cooler?

To know more about your air cooler and its working, the user needs to have an idea about its components or parts. Therefore, below we have briefly discussed the parts of an air cooler:


These are the openings provided in an air cooler across which the cooled air flows into your room. A fan is positioned close to the vents to improve the flow of air. At the time of warmer weather, you might be able to regulate the settings to the vent-only mode to directly cool down the air and diminish the consumption of energy.


The distributor fetches the water out of the tank and allocates it to the cooling pad for evaporation. The flow of water inside the distributor waterways is regulated by the motor and the pump.

Water Tank

It is the container that is filled with water so that the distributor is able to wet down the cooling pads. In a few air coolers, you might as well add some ice cubes to turn the air even cooler and comforting.


You may refer the motor as the air cooler’s heart, which regulates the overall action of this cooling appliance. The performance and the working speed of the motor diverge from one model to another.

Cooler Pump

The cooler pump is responsible for forcing the water to reach the cooling pads through the distributing channels. The performance and specification of the water pump rely on the model you purchase.


The other indispensable accessories comprise tubing, brass fittings, cooler leg kits, drain kits, blades, side grill, adapter, cover, float valve, and fan blades.

How Can We Maintain our Air Cooler?

You can enhance the life-expectancy of your air cooler if you perform regular maintenance, which includes:

  • Oiling the pump and motor on a regular basis
  • Cleaning the water tank from time to time
  • Check if there are any loose connections
  • Make the hose pipes clean and fresh
  • Substitute the cooling pad with new ones yearly

Personal Recommendation

As we have now concluded the comprehensive review and analysis section, we suppose it would have now turned fairly easier for our users to select the air cooler that they would like to purchase for their home or office. The air coolers that we have reviewed above would surely cater to all your cooling requirements throughout the summer season without consuming a lot of energy, which is the case with the air conditioners. Furthermore, purchasing an air cooler would prove to be a fine investment in the longer run since the maintenance won’t be a matter of grave concern.

best air cooler in indiaAmazon

On the other hand, if even after going through the product reviews of every air cooler on our listing, there are a few customers that haven’t been able to choose the unit matching their set of requirements and budget; we would suggest them to go with the personal suggestion. The air cooler that we would recommend our users to purchase is the Crompton Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler, which is a feature-loaded air cooler coming with the 75-liters water tank capacity to facilitate a prolonged functionality and long-lasting cooling experience without any sort of a problem.

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