The Best 10 Professional Hair Dryers in India 2020 – Affordable Picks & Reviews


Nowadays, you need to take care of your overall grooming to make your appearance felt whether you are at the office or going to any party or gathering. As looks certainly matter, the way you carry yourself and dress-up will surely help you catch the eyes of the people in your surroundings. If you are a girl or a woman, your hairdo and hairstyling are as important as the dress you choose for your next outing.

Hence, to assist you in making your hairs look ravishing and get an overall dapper look; today we are going to review the Best Hair Dryers in India, which would keep the extended natural hair drying periods at bay and deliver a hairstyle that conforms to your outfit and type of outing.

For a majority of people, hair dryers tend to be a vital part of everyday routine. They would help you diminish the time for hair drying by nearly 80%. Since there is a lot more than solely hair drying, these gadgets can assist in styling your hair too be it curling and straightening. A good-quality hairdryer requires being lightweight along with being effortless and efficient to use.

However, it would upsurge the crimp and turn the hair shafts delicate. Moreover, finding a decent one from the plentiful options both online and offline might be difficult. This is the reason why we are presenting the best options so that the purchasing process turns out to be a breeze.

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers for Women in India – Reviews 2020

Philips BHD006-00 Hair Dryer

Searching for a dominant yet compact hair dryer for everyday usage? The Philips Essential Care Hair Dryer is here to deliver the essential power and care and has been intended for silent drying. With the Philips BHD006-00 Hair Dryer, you may enjoy a commanding and relaxed experience even on the go. This hair dryer would help you get stunningly styled hair with the 1600W mild drying performance.

Moreover, with 3 adjustable speeds and ThermoProtect temperature settings, this hair dryer gives you a personalized experience. Additionally, this hair dryer’s folding handle would allow for effortless storage and packaging for travel. The lengthy 1.8m power cord facilitates supreme flexibility whenever you want to style your hair at home or other places.

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Top Highlights:

  • Intended to deliver smooth and quiet hair drying for ease
  • Comprises a folding handle to allow for comfortable storage
  • Equipped with the 1600W element for milder hair drying
  • Comes with the cool shot feature to evenly set your hairstyle
  • Provides 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against defects

Hesley 2200W Aria Professional Hair Dryer

Owing to our busy schedule, it might turn out to be fairly tough to dry the hair and get the hairstyle before we move out for any outing or gathering. Having a standard hair dryer, it is quite probable that your hair might become rough and unmanageable. However, with the Hesley Professional Hair Dryer, you can easily perform hair drying at home in no time deprived of making your hair rough.

Intended with the cutting-edge heating technology, this Hesley hair dryer can deliver salon-like hair styling at the comfort of your home. It would make sure that your hair’s natural moisture is reserved whilst offering superior styling and shine. Coming with the cool shot knob, this hair dryer helps you easily set your hair in the style you need for the upcoming party or workplace.

best hair dryer in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Delivers a superior salon-like performance with 2200W power
  • Allows for precision styling on smooth hair with concentrator
  • Comprises a hanging loop on the handle for effortless storage
  • Comes with the cool shot knob to facilitate easier hairstyling
  • Provides 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Havells HD3101 1200W Compact Hair Dryer

Here comes another compact hair dryer from the house of Havells. The Havells HD3101 Hair Dryer has been fortified with the honeycomb inlet, which averts any sort of hair tangling whenever you desire to style your hair. This lightweight hair dryer offers easier maneuverability and can be packed effortlessly when you travel. Equipped with the 1200W hair dryer is going to deliver an ideal hair flow coupled up with a soft, shiny, and gorgeous texture.

Offering 2 adaptable temperature settings will provide you with warm to hot airflow, which makes it appropriate for every type of hair. With this optimum airflow, this hair dryer from Havells is destined to deliver long-lasting results. Equipped with Heat Balance Technology, the hairdryer ensures even heat distribution to evade any hair damage after use.

best hair dryer in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Comprises a lengthy 1.6m power cord for easy maneuverability
  • Offers a honeycomb inlet to evade the tangling of hair whilst usage
  • Comes with a storage hook to allow for the ideal hair dryer storage
  • Delivers powerful hair drying at 1200W for smooth and shiny hair
  • Provides 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Lifelong LLPCW08 1600W Professional Foldable Hair Dryer

For all those who want to purchase a professional hair dryer for home usage and everyday styling, we are here with an affordable unit that can handle it all. The Lifelong Hair Dryer can offer the finest airflow level for mild drying power, for gorgeous results on every occasion. Now you can make every look likely without any profound effort irrespective of the type of outing. Moreover, the cool air shot feature delivers low-temperature airflow that can be utilized to fix-up your hairstyle following the drying session to offer durable results.

Thus, it has now become easier to get any hairstyle with a smoothly softer and glossy finish. This hair dryer comes with a foldable handle that permits easier storage and carrying whilst you are traveling. Further, in the 3-heat and 2-speed settings, this hair dryer is all set to deliver customized results to the user for the best experience and results.

best hair dryer in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Generates the optimal airflow to allow for gentle hair drying
  • Offers a folding handle for storing the hair dryer effortlessly
  • Comes with the 2-speed setting to provide the best experience
  • Comprises a concentrator to deliver best touch-up and styling
  • Provides 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

VEGA X-Style VHDH-17 1200W Hair Dryer

The next hair dryer option on our listing has been manufactured by the prevalent styling brand named Vega. The Vega X-Style Hair Dryer is a device that has been aimed at the contemporary and modern-age women. This hair dryer comes with an ideal blend of quality and style and has 2 distinct heat settings to deliver both faster and gentle hair drying as per your convenience. Moreover, the cool shot setting has been provided to get the perfect style for a prolonged time.

This hair dryer can also perform at a comparatively cool temperature; hence, quite appropriate for the summer season. Comprising an anti-slip and ergonomic grip handle, using this hair dryer is as convenient as it can get and the removable nozzle is there for precision styling as well.

best hair dryer in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Performs faster hair drying with the 1200W element
  • Offers 2 distinct heat settings for low & high temperature
  • Comprises a cool shot setting for setting your hairstyle
  • Comes with the auto cut-off feature to evade overheating
  • Provides 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against defects

AGARO HD-1214 1400-Watt Premium Hair Dryer

Here we present a top-quality hair dryer with the 1400W motor to deliver a dominant airflow that allows you to set your hair. The AGARO hair dryer is quite gentle on your hair and doesn’t make your hair rough. Coming with the twin speed setting coupled up with 3 temperature settings to get your preferred hair styling. This hairdryer spontaneously shuts down whilst overheating to deliver prolonged usage whilst keeping your hair protected.

Further, this hair dryer’s cool-shot button is going to offer a gush of low-temperature air for locking in the hairstyles for the ideal hairstyle throughout the day. Moreover, the concentrator nozzle functions by directing the airflow from the outlet onto precise areas. The hair dryer’s 2m jumble-free power cord upsurges the device’s range for comfortable usage.

best hair dryer in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Comprises a foldable hand and hanging loop for convenience
  • Offers a premium cool-shot button to lock-in the preferred style
  • Comes with the concentrator nozzle to deliver precise styling
  • Delivers 2-speed and 3-temperature settings for added suitability
  • Provides 2-yeara manufacturer’s warranty against the defects

Wahl 5439-024 2000W Super Dry Professional Hair Dryer

For all the people looking for a professional hair styling tool for their home, this hairdryer is the best that you can get. With the Super Dry performance, this hair dryer has been crafted to deliver superior control on the shape, frizz, and hairstyle. Equipped with the Ionic technology, this 2000W hair dryer is going to provide a smooth, sleek, & glossy outcome on every use.

Using this hair dryer’s concentrator, you may blow-dry and get the desired hairstyle effortlessly & the diffuser would supplement the hair’s volume from the roots. At last, we can surely assert that this hair dryer would provide your hair with the best equipment that it deserves & make arrive in style for any type of outing. Moreover, with the 7 distinct heat and speed variations, this hair dryer is a class apart for sure.

best hair dryer in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Delivers both cool and warm hair drying for convenience
  • Equipped with Ionic Technology to lock-in the moisture
  • Comes with a cool-shot button for setting the desired styling
  • Offers 7 distinct heat settings for a personalized experience
  • Comprises the professional AC collector motor for durability

Remington D5000 1875W Hair Dryer

The next hair drying tool on our listing is a compact yet powerful unit coming from the house of Remington that turns to style and drying fairly speedy and effortless. The Remington D5000 Chrome Hair Dryer is the ideal device to pack in your baggage for the weekend trips and vacations or for the people that prefer to preserve a slight counter space.

Equipped with the Ionic Conditioning Technology, this hair dryer won’t make your hair rough as it locks in the moisture of your hair for a smooth and glossy look. Comprising 2-speed and 3 distinct temperature settings, this hair dryer is going to deliver the salon-like drying experience without any sort of a hassle. Moreover, it has been fortified with the energy-saving economic setting to help save power.

best hair dryer in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Offers faster hair drying results with the 1875W motor
  • Equipped with an energy-saving eco setting for suitability
  • The Ionic Conditioning Technology to lock-in the moisture
  • Comes with 2-speed and 3-temperature setting for ease
  • Provides 2-years manufacturer’s warranty against defects

CARRERA 631 2400W Professional Hair Dryer

Looking for a hair dryer with a thin styling nozzle for the finest hairstyling? Equipped with the long-lasting AC motor, this hair dryer from Carrera has been manufactured to last for a prolonged time; hence, you can save both money and the environment. Whilst this hair dryer’s 2400W turbine slurps in the air and presses it out from an extra-thin nozzle for styling, the outcome is an airspeed of 190 km/h. This would surely appear to be like sticking out your head from a car’s window.

Moreover, the grilles having modest surfaces distract the airstream to generate the heat spots that might harm your hair. But, the Carrera 631 comprises ceramics that deliver a standardized airstream for a smoother and uniform distribution of heat.

best hair dryer in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • A top-quality AC hairdryer with the Argan oil and Keratin
  • Smashes the damp hair with a strong airspeed of 190km/h
  • Crafted out of ergonomic rubber elements for the perfect balance
  • Equipped with Ion generator to deliver frizz-free smooth hair
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects

Panasonic EH-ND11-W62B 1000W Hair Dryer

At last, we are presenting the compact and dominant hair dryer from Panasonic to match the specific requirements of any individual. With this 1000W hair dryer, you can get the salon-like hair styling even at your house with the adjustable settings and top-notch features. This hair dryer allows you to prepare even the most complex hairstyles with a whole lot of ease. This Panasonic Hair Dryer comes with the dual-speed and temperature settings to deliver precise results for distinct requirements.

Using this hair dryer, it becomes easier to change over from one mode to the other by solely flicking the button given on its handle. Further, this hair dryer comes with an efficient turbo mode that produces constant and commanding airflow that might dry your hair commendably in a breeze. The high-speed setting of this hair dryer might be utilized to lock-in the tresses and offer dominant drying.

best hair dryer in indiaAmazon

Top Highlights:

  • Delivers salon-like hairstyling for a frizz-free experience
  • A compact and portable hair dryer for effortless storage
  • Comes with an ergonomic design to ensure easy handling
  • Offers dual-speed and temperature settings for suitability
  • Provides 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects

Personal Recommendation

So, there were all the top hair dryer choices available on the market that can deliver the performance that you had long been waiting for! Coming to the price range, we have aimed to deliver a hair dryer option from every single price point so that every single user finds a model that matches their set of preferences. Furthermore, be it an affluent hair dryer or a budget one, we have made sure that irrespective of your choice, you get a hair dryer that offers the best bang for your buck.

On the other hand, if even after going through the detailed analysis and comparing all the choices discussed above, some customers haven’t been able to find the perfect match, we would like them to go with our recommendation to end up making a smart decision.

best hair dryer in indiaAmazon

The Hair dryer that we would suggest our users to purchase is the Remington D5000 Hair Dryer, which is a feature-loaded device capable of offering salon-like professional results at the comfort of your home. Moreover, having a compact design and equipped with the Ionic conditioning feature, this hair dryer would prove its worth in the long run for sure.

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